Redsessions Presents Armin van Buuren @ Zouk KL

ARMIN FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

That’s right people, current 2008 World #1 DJ Armin van Buuren came to Zouk KL on 10th of January 2009 and spinned like crazy~!!

As expected from Armin, the room was sardine packed and the queue at the entrance was so long that it hit the roadside already..

Lucky that I’ve gotten the ticket in advance and the queue was somewhat shorter if compared to the door-sales line..

*The long queue*

*The happening crowd even before Armin enter the room*

Around 11.20pm, Armin entered the door and everyone screamed and cheers when Armin was walking to the DJ podium..

Everyone was shouting “Armin! Armin! Armin!”..I was like wow, what a crowd..

*Armin van Buuren the man*

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Nike Football – Ignite Legend

Here’s another new video from Nike Football, featuring Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo again..

I guess when a footballer became the first English Premier League to be named FIFA World Player of The Year 2008, he’s the talk of the world..

It’s no surprise that he’s in another football advertisement..

Check it out now..The funk soul brother right about now..


You:nique Credit Card By Alliance Bank

The other day, I went to the launching event of Alliance Bank’s brand new credit card called You:nique..

As the name goes by, you can actually expect something very unique from it..

A rough idea of the uniqueness is to personalize your credit card..Yes, personalization as in you getting  a hand on your card to make it what you want it to be..

Well, as most people know, all credit card looks almost the same, color and shape wise..

Most colors are gold, silver, or the colors of the respective banks..Straight away you will know it is from whichever bank it is..

This new You:nique credit card gives you an opportunity to give your card a whole new look, that represents yourself, your own personality..

I’m even thinking that to have a You:nique credit card is deemed cool, stylish, and even versatile..Why I say so?

*A sample of how you customize your card*

By signing up with Alliance Bank, you can personalize your card design by using the images from Alliance Bank library or upload your favourite image as the skin for the card..

But do bear in mind that Alliance Bank DO review every card..Your skin cannot contain copyrighted imagery, provocative or sexual content, celebrities, violence acts, or socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior..

Alliance Bank reserves the absolute right to DECLINE any image that is deemed illegal as according to their T&C..

I wonder if they would accept my design if I were to make mine as below..

Well of course, I myself snapped those pictures and it’s copyrighted by me..

So, I don’t think there’s any issue on copyrights unless Petronas wants to sue me for using Petronas Twin Tower as the background..But how likely is that, eh?

Now I’m praying that Alliance Bank will not sue me for using its card layout on my crappy photoshop..Hahaha..

Their website is now ready to accept application. apart from the library of nice images to choose from, you can of course upload your own as well.

You can customise your card in the website, download its application forms and get your card application done, everything online..

Customizing the skin of your card is just one of the many new features of You:nique credit card..

You can also choose the packages that you want to accommodate your credit card usage..

Yes no kidding..You don’t have to listen to those nonsense credit card agents in shopping malls, flocking you like bees for its honey, explaining to you their card packages and they explained with the speed of Blackbird..

Now you can sit down quietly at home, browse through the monitor online, and check out the packages one by one..

*Alliance Bank benefits*

You:nique provides these 3 great benefits, they called it the 3Rs..

  • Rebates up to 2% for ALL retail purchases
  • Rates of flat finance charge of ONLY 9% per annum
  • Rewards of two times reward points for ALL local and overseas purchases..

Although You:nique can be applied via online, the usual Terms & Conditions still applies, such as the minimum monthly wage and age limit of 18 year old and above to be qualified to be an applicant..

By the way, even a sub-card can be customized..How cool is that..Hahaha..Now I wish to have a You:nique card..

I heard the card is now launched! So get yours today! Think you should start personalise your credit card as well ;)

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Gee

Oh my god this is like the least thing ever would happen on me wtf..

For god knows why, I can speak Korean like nobody’s business but seriously, I hate watching Korean drama..

And for god knows why, suddenly Korean dramas emerged like a long lasting erection and many people hooked up on it ever since Winter Sonata..

Being a close friend, many know I don’t like Koreans, maybe because of their rude-sounded language..

Of course I also hate the fact that lots of girls nowadays find that Korean guys having single eyelid and slit eyes (aka mata sepet) are handsome wtf..

BUT, I am amused when Belle introduced this song to me, after Louis introduced it to her, namely Gee, a new single by a 9-members girl group, called Girls’ Generation or So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), directly translated as Shaonu Shidai in Chinese..

First, I found it quite annoying, yet catchy..Then, I started to listening and watching the MTV over and over again on Youtube..But honestly, the rhythm and tune do sounds good actually..Just that, it’s in Korean wtf =.=


For a guy like me who hates pop groups such as Spice Girls, DBSK (TVXQ), S.H.E, Cookies, Twins, etc etc, I find myself in a self-contradicting issue now..

Perhaps, one of the catch is, the MTV itself..Although it’s well-known that Koreans have a different kinda face features and more than half of the populations do go for extreme makeover, they are still cute young energetic pretty girls wtf..

If I heard of this song on the radio, without watching its MTV, it will definitely irk my ears and mood..But now, I think I’m in love again wtf..

I especially like the girl in 2:12 wtf >.< And I found out her name is TaeYeon..She’s the leader of SNSD..BEST~!!

Just watch the video..Gee gee gee gee gee..Panjjak panjjak wtf..

*Official MTV*

*Live performance*

I don’t know why but the live performance seems to be lesser oomph than the MTV..Shit..Now I regret watching the live performance wtf..

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Gee

Aha Listen Boy
My First Love Story
My Angel
And My Girls
My Sunshine
Oh Oh let’s go

Neomu Neomu Meotjyeo Nuni Nuni Pusyeo
Sumeul Moshigeso Tteollineun-keol
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

oh Neomu Pukkeureoweo Chyeodabol Su Eopseo
Sarang-eh Ppajyeosseo Sujubeun Keol
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

(Eotteoke Hajyo) Eotteokajyo
(Teollineun Naneun) Tteollineun Naneunyo
(Tugeun x4) Tugeun Tugeun Keoryeo Pame Chamdo Monirujyo
Naneun Naneun Pabon-gabwayo
Keudae Keudae Pakke Moreuneun
Pabo Keuraeyo Keudae Poneun Nal

Neomu Panjjak Panjjak Nuni Pusyeo no no no no no
Neomu Kamjjak Kamjjak Nollan Naneun oh oh oh oh
Neomu Chari Charit Momi Tteolyeo gee gee gee gee gee
oh Cheojeun Nunbit (oh yeah)
oh Cho-eun Hyankki (oh yeah yeah yeah)

oh Neomu Neomu Yeppeo Mami Neomu Yeppeo
Cheot Nuneh Panaeseo Kkok Chibeungeol
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

Neomuna Tteugeoweo Manchil Suga Eopseo
Sarang-i Twiboryeo Hukkeunan Geol
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

(Eojjeomyeom Chowa) Eojjeomyeon Chowayo
(Sujubeun Naneun) Sujubeun Naneun-yo
(Molla x4) Molla Molla Hamyeo Maeil Keudaeman Keurijyo

Chinan Chin-gudeureun Mal-hajyo
Cheongmal Neoneun Cheongmal Momallyeo
Pabo Hajiman Keudael Poneun Na

Neomu Panjjak Panjjak Nuni Pusyeo no no no no no
Neomu Kamjjak Kamjjak Nollan Naneun oh oh oh oh
Neomu Chari Charit Momi Tteolyeo gee gee gee gee gee
oh Cheojeun Nunbit (oh yeah)
oh Cho-eun Hyankki (oh yeah yeah yeah)

Maldo Motaeneun Geol Neomu Pukkeureoweo Haneun Na
Yonkkiga Eopneun Keolkka Eotteokaeya Cho-eun Keolkka
Tugeun Tugeun Mam Chorimyeo Parapogo Inneun Na

Neomu Panjjak Panjjak Nuni Pusyeo no no no no no
Neomu Kamjjak Kamjjak Nollan Naneun oh oh oh oh
Neomu Chari Charit Momi Tteolyeo gee gee gee gee gee
oh Cheojeun Nunbit (oh yeah)
oh Cho-eun Hyankki (oh yeah yeah yeah)
(Nuni Pusyeo~)

Neomu Panjjak Panjjak Nuni Pusyeo no no no no no
Neomu Kamjjak Kamjjak Nollan Naneun oh oh oh oh (Tteolyeowa)
Neomu Chari Charit Momi Tteolyeo gee gee gee gee gee (Tteolyeowa)
oh Cheojeun Nunbit (oh yeah)
oh Cho-eun Hyankki (oh yeah yeah yeah)


Lyrics by eBlog..


Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 1, Pre-Party

Okay I know this is a super delayed entry but what the heck..I’m just sharing my moments in my blog so it doesn’t matter when I post it right?

After all, my schedule is a bit packed now..No thanks to the new sem in my uni..All things screwed up..Sigh..

Anyway, here’s a bit intro of my 2008 New Year’s Eve celebration party..It’s a joint-celebration of NYE and Aaron’s birthday, which falls on 31st of December..

Like in 2007, Aaron rented a room in Duta Vista and it was quite a havoc..

In 2008, it was quite a different crowd but things were still happening..LOL~!! We are all crazy bunch wtf..

A little of preview what we had in Duta Vista before the havoc began..

*A duplex apartment*

*The many many things before havoc starts*

*Lots of food for cravings*

Now, for about 30 plus people, we had 4 barrels of KFC, don’t know how many sticks of satay, don’t know how many pairs of chicken wings, a whole big bowl of fried linguini, a plate of sandwiches, a plate of cocktail sausages, and some junk food..

Drinks, we had around 10 bottles of Coke, more than 5 bottles of Sprite, about 3 bottles of Kickapoo, more than 1 carton of mineral water, and about 10 packs of ice cubes from 7-11..

Alcohol wise, whole carton of Heineken beers, , 2 bottles of Black Label, 1 bottle of Chivas, 1 bottle of Smirnoff, 1 bottle of Bacardi Apple, 1 bottle of Absolut Kurant, 1 bottle of Absolut Vanilla, and about 3 more bottles which I’ve forgotten what are them, and a bottle of red wine..

*Eat and play games*

*Chor Tai Di*

As usual, we played drinking games and few of them got tipsy-ed at about 11pm, and I reached that place at about 10.30pm..

But of course, I held myself back to not get drunk THAT fast this time, after a bad experience on Xmas’ Eve at Sri Cempaka..

I kept on eating KFC until about midnight, and I had a total of 4-5 pieces in just one hour..And yes, I had my dinner at home before i went there..

*The shuffler*

*Mini electronic Domo-kun*

*Me and newly wed couple Zeo and wife*

The newly wed husband and wife were more anticipated this in 2008, compared to 2007..LOL~!!

But of course, they didn’t had any alcohol in the games..All they had was just mineral water and soft drinks..Very resistive I must say :P

Anyway, more to come on Part 2..

Stormtrooper Dance By Danny Choo

I know a lot of people, especially otakus, already know about Danny Choo, what’s more being featured and interviewed in AXN and Anime News Network for many times..

As for me, I don’t really know bout Danny Choo, until I saw his Stormtrooper Dance on Youtube..

Okay cut that shit out of your mind by playing around with Danny Choo’s name..

Indeed, he’s the son of Dato’ Jimmy Choo, London-based fashion designer best known for his hand-made women’s shoes..

Yeah like you will ask why Jimmy Choo would have such a son? You don’t mess with the Danny Choo..

Danny’s father might be well-known in fashion world, but Danny’s is no foreigner in otaku world..

His website draws millions visits, perhaps even millions unique visitors every month!

Talk no more..Check out the awesome video he shot in Shibuya district in Japan..