Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 3, Countdown

So here comes the counting down part, where we played games and had lotsa fun before the needle stroked 12-midnight..

After cutting the cake we played Bing Bang Wah till I joined in, as I was enjoying my KFC before midnight..

Mind you, I had 4-5 pieces of KFC in less than an hour..LOL..

*Me stalking from the stairs to get some nice views*

Well I was hungry when I reached the place so I savoured myself on the KFCs and other foods..

It’s not good to drink with empty stomach..Always always eat before you drink or, eat while you are drinking..

*We play Bing Bang Wah*

*Everyone having fun~!!*

Here’s how we played Bing Bang Wah and get tipsy shit..Do take note that Zeo didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol at all..


When the needle stroked 11.55pm, we stopped playing and regain consciousness before the countdown begun..

*A toast for new year 2009*

Here’s a short clip that I’ve video recorded the moment when we were counting down..


After that, we continued with our games and everyone got high and dry..

*Some gets really tipsy, and some gets really high*

They were setting up each other to get them to drink..It got a bit havoc at times, it was funny though..

The moment of high and tipsiness got one into blurriness thus making them lagged in their movements..

That’s the time where we can laugh at each other without embarrassment at all..

*Faces of the people before they KO*

We had so much fun but most of them can’t really take it anymore..

Most of them left the place before 2am and that’s the time when I was just about to get energized..

That’s all for second round of games, where the first round was before the cutting cake session..

Next up would be the third round of games where mystery guests arrived..

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