Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 3, Countdown

So here comes the counting down part, where we played games and had lotsa fun before the needle stroked 12-midnight..

After cutting the cake we played Bing Bang Wah till I joined in, as I was enjoying my KFC before midnight..

Mind you, I had 4-5 pieces of KFC in less than an hour..LOL..

*Me stalking from the stairs to get some nice views*

Well I was hungry when I reached the place so I savoured myself on the KFCs and other foods..

It’s not good to drink with empty stomach..Always always eat before you drink or, eat while you are drinking..

*We play Bing Bang Wah*

*Everyone having fun~!!*

Here’s how we played Bing Bang Wah and get tipsy shit..Do take note that Zeo didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol at all..


When the needle stroked 11.55pm, we stopped playing and regain consciousness before the countdown begun..

*A toast for new year 2009*

Here’s a short clip that I’ve video recorded the moment when we were counting down..


After that, we continued with our games and everyone got high and dry..

*Some gets really tipsy, and some gets really high*

They were setting up each other to get them to drink..It got a bit havoc at times, it was funny though..

The moment of high and tipsiness got one into blurriness thus making them lagged in their movements..

That’s the time where we can laugh at each other without embarrassment at all..

*Faces of the people before they KO*

We had so much fun but most of them can’t really take it anymore..

Most of them left the place before 2am and that’s the time when I was just about to get energized..

That’s all for second round of games, where the first round was before the cutting cake session..

Next up would be the third round of games where mystery guests arrived..

Timeout KL Presents On The Up @ No Black Tie – January

The every Wednesday of the third week of the month, Timeout KL presents On The Up, a music night at No Black Tie, in Jalan Mesui, next to Palate Palatte..

Again, some of us music lovers were there to support our local acts..All photos credits to David..

*L>R – Aaron, Me, Nigel*

*David and HsuJen*

The night kicked off with 2StoreyHeart, with only the vocalist, George Wong, playing that night..

*George Wong of 2StoreyHeart*

I must say that George is quite a talented composer, although most of the songs are very similar in terms of tunes and rhythms..

The only significant thing that differentiate the songs are the lyrics..Mostly emo songs..

The songs that he played that night were not bad, just that he screamed too much in his songs, although I must say that he controlled it very well..

Although it sounded loud, it didn’t really make my eardrums want to burst or whatsoever..

Perhaps he need to be more creative in his composing, instead of using the same tune for every song..

Then came second act of the night, Broken Scar..

*Broken Scar..Sorry don’t have a photo of the drummer*

Being a veteran in the music industry, Broken Scar definitely rocked the house down, with vocalist  Kevin Teh showed a great showmanship..

The other members of Alda Tan on bass, Paul Chuah (of Qings & Kueens) on guitar, and Alex Ang on drums did a great job too..

They invited violinist, Rohnie Tan to perform with them too..He’s great too! The first time I saw him performed together with Rendra Zawawi..Great job!

*Wonderful showmanship by guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Teh*

I just can’t get enough of Broken Scar after that..They are simply awesome..

Then third act of the night, Izzy Mohamed..Seriously, I thought Izzy Mohamed is a guy, until I saw HER on the stage~!

*Izzy Mohamed*

Izzy was doing great too..Slow melodic tune and together with her collaboration of Alda on the bass (again), a drummer, and also a female pianist..Nice songs..

*Secret Love Affair*

Secret Love Affair plays music of rock fusion..Indeed, I was amazed by their performance..

It gave me a feeling of Jamiroquai fusioned with The Killers, where electronica jazz meets 70′s rock style..

I enjoyed myself with the last act but the vocals were simply plain and under par..They seriously have to improve on the lyrics part..

Overall I am really satisfied with all of the performances, quite a rare case..LOL..

Of course, I’m looking forward to another gig by Broken Scar and the likes from any other veterans..

CNY Day 1

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone FUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

How’s your reunion dinner? How’s angpow collection?

My CNY Eve reunion dinner was great, but angpow collection rather quiet and slow this year..No motivation at all..

*9 dishes for about 10 people and we have 2 tables*

Had steamed fish, roasted duck, fried pork, steamed prawns, steamed white chicken, vegies, mutton curry, stewed mushrooms and pork, and fried prawns with vegies..All home made..

As most some of my friends already knew that I’m an avid gambler during CNY, and my blog gave an impression that I always go clubbing, it’s quite saddening, sometimes..

On the CNY Eve, I’ve texted most of the people in my phonebook a CNY greetings, wishing them win more if they are gambling and stay healthy if they are not gambling..

And so, some of the interesting replies that I received are..

*From Alvin*

This is one interesting one..Get laid more if I get drunk..Hmm..

*From a nice ex-Nuffie, Michelle*

Hmph~Another get drunk message..I don’t always get drunk one okay..You are the one who….Ehehehe..Think I shall not mention it :P

*From ex-colleague, Adeline*

Yeah gambler master just because everyone knows I’m in gambling mood now..I’m still losing now~!!! ARGH~!!!

*From funny girl Jolene Lai*

Okay, once in a while I do bring luck to people okay..LOL~!!

Then came Day One..A quiet one..Got up at 12.30pm and didn’t do much things..Had lunch, rest, then proceeded to cousin’s house..

On Day One, the sky was so blue and nice..

*Blue blue sky*

*Sky high*

Well am not looking forward to angpow collection this year..Maybe I’m getting older already..I’m actually quite surprised how some people of my age still looking forward to that..

Whatever it is..Happy gambling and happy collecting angpoews :D

Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 2, Aaron’s Birthday

Okay, a bit of recap to continue my New Year’s Eve celebration..Yeah I know it’s like damn late as the Lunar New Year is already here..

Anyway, after half of the people got tipsy, we proceeded to celebrate Aaron’s birthday before the clock strikes 12-midnight to celebrate the New Year..

*Aaron’s birthday and the paparazzi*

That’s his birthday cake from Baker’s Cottage and I didn’t get to try it coz while everyone was eating the cake, I was busy eating KFC..LOL~!!

*Some of the people*

*Birthday boy make a Toyota wish*

Here’s a video that I’ve recorded during the birthday song and some crappy birthday bash..


More photos ahead..

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launching @ Pavillion And La Bodega

The whole new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was launched on 9th of January 2009, at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang..

A stage was being set up for performances and it was quite a hugegrand launching event..Media and bloggers were invited and it’s open for public..How’s that eh..

*The center-stage*

*Play, Share, Touch*

They even had a theme for attire and it was stripes, but I didn’t know about it..Oh well, a Nokia lanyard will do :P

That’s Robb, Nigel, Soon Seng, and Aaron on the top right pic..

Nokia had even invited Strike Force, a percussion band from Singapore to perform here in KL that day..

*Strike Force from Singapore*

*Power-pack performance*

Get ready with loads of photos..

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Timeout KL Presents On The Up – January

Yes, it’s the day of the month again, third week of the month and it’s On The Up, music night by Timeout KL, on 21st of January, Wednesday..

Again it’s at No Black Tie in Jalan Mesui, next to Palate Palatte only, starts at 8.30pm..Of course, it’s advisable for you to reserve a table or two if you are coming in group..

After a great night with Rendra Zawawi on my last visit back in November 2008 and I’ve missed the one in December 2008, I’m looking forward to this one..

Why you say? Because of its great line-up of artistes..

They have singer songwriter 2StoreyHeart, followed by acoustic singer songwriter Izzy Mohamed..Then they also have fusion rock group Secret Love Affair..

*Secret Love Affair, taken from their Myspace*

Check out Izzy’s Myspace and Secret Love Affair’s..

And last but not least, Brokenscar is in the house this time~!! The moniker of singer songwriter Kevin Teh, who sometimes perform alone, in a trio setting and a full on band..

The entrance is RM20 and print out your RM10 voucher HERE..