Comic Fiesta 2008 @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

COMIC FIESTA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Last year’s event was the bomb..So I was hoping something as interesting as in 2007..Check out my CF07 entries in Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5..

Went all from Cheras to Sunway Pyramid, 2 days in a row..Sounds gung-ho, but not really..LOL..

But anyway, before I entered the Convention Centre, I met up with Tzia and had lunch with her, and her friends..

*Shinyee and Tzia*

*Tzia and me in my car comwhoring wtf*

Sent her back after lunch and I headed back to Sunway for the event..

Well, not that I’ve watched all of the available animes or mangas but I just love to see the cosplayers walking around in their work of art, costumes and make-up..

*Cosplayers lurking around the hall*

More cosplayers and figurines up ahead..

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Heineken DJ Quest Regional Final 08 @ Zouk

This happened like 2 weeks ago and long story short the winner was DJ Anowl of Malaysia..

All I care is just the booze and all..LOL..And we have like crazy shits of don’t know many bottles of Heineken..

*The new Mainroom*

I was late for the event and the battle just started like around 9.30pm..So means it started late anyway..

All I did was grab a bottle of Heineken when I reached there and I was tipsy by the 3rd bottle already..

*Count yourself*

All we did was drink Heineken, and a few glasses of mixed whiskey, damn kaw ones..

I can’t really stand straight at about 10.30pm already, and the night was still early..Goddamnit..

Being in a club with whole bunch of guys would make you feel a bit unproductive and also it makes you drunk faster as well..

*Kelson and a pinoy if not mistaken*

Don’t know how and don’t know why, we befriended with this pinoy and he was all alone wtf..

We dared him to go downstairs and pick up some girls because he said it was a bit bored when there is no girls around..

And good enough he went downstairs and brought up 2 unknown girls, one is a Singaporean and another from China..

They said they came to Malaysia to work..Yeah right..

*Hikaru, Jamie, and me*

Then we bumped into Jamie and Jason..All having great time..

*Raymond and friends*

*The drunk effect*

Yeah..All people got drunk..You can see shadows of Stephenie, Chung Lern, Aaron, David, and Hsu Jen..

*Joshua and Hikaru*

*MengYuet-or-something, me, and Samantha*

Then we got to know this 2 girls in Phuture..By the way, I’m starting to like Phuture more and more and more..Nice~~

LYN Bloggers Gathering

On the very same day as PC Fair, I went to Starbucks KLCC for the Lowyat-dot-net Bloggers Gathering..

And I was late for the gathering so I’ve missed all the discussions and all..

So this is just a re-cap on the attendees..

*Photo collage credits to Danny*


  1. cassplayer guy
  2. powerfox guy (who met us at Pikom)
  3. dylanchan1688 guy
  4. aaron1kee guy
  5. freezefrost guy
  6. Jenkin_Yat guy
  7. akiraceo guy
  8. jayhan guy
  9. etsuko guy
  10. Mikkiz guy (no blog)
  11. heavenhell90 guy
  12. IcedNyior girl (Finally!)

Guess there will be another one coming up..Look out for it guys..

Nuffnang Kakiis @ MOS Euphoria, Sunway

There was this event called Nuffnang Kakiis last Saturday 13th December 2008 at Ministry of Sound, Euphoria, Sunway..

It was an interactive event where invited bloggers were allowed to play games such as foosball, Nintendo Wii, and few other Fear-Factor-based games..

Well I reached there late thanks to PC Fair so I missed most of the fun games..

So all we did was just camwhored and all..

*Firdy (L) and Pinky*

*Mellissa and Kelvin*

*Wendy, Me, Mellissa, and Robb*

*A group pic with something Yeehou in sight*

Then we proceeded to play games..Most of the games were quite fun though we didn’t get to play all of it..

*Bucket full of ice cubes*

So the game required us to pick the alphabets and spell Kakiis..Well it was easy but with those ice cubes, it’s damn cold ok..And it’s making my foot numb..

Congratulations to Nigel for winning the Macbook Air..Well IMHO Macbook Air is not really a good thing for its price..

Overall I had fun and a lot of attendees brought their “Kakiis” along while my group was short of one Kaki..

Lots of prizes were given out..Lots of 16GB pendrives were given out, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Nokia phone, and few Sony digicams..

I should have entered the contest wtf..Sigh..See all you Kakiis busuk in the next event, hopefully..

PC Fair December 2008 Under The Blue Sky

The most sought after fair, PC Fair is here again~!!

Most guys people goes to PC Fair for its showgirls cheap hardwares and many other products..

And as usual, for the N-th times I’ve said this, I’ve never ever missed any PC Fair ever since they held it in KL Convention Centre..

And every time I’ve never missed to snap photos of the showgirls there..

But this time, let me intro a couple of photographers’ jewels..We tagged along and they have SLR..So I kept my PnS instead wtf..

Great photos by Aaron and Daniel..

*Eva (L) and Sammi (R)*

*G-Cube babes*

*AMD babes?*

Yes..That’s is..Surprisingly I didn’t snap any ofthose babes this time..Not even one..While people shooting girls with their BIG ass DSLRs, I was standing at the corridor savoring my own lust and fetish..

Okay I lied..I did snapped one, the one and only..And she’s so hot, spicy, pedas, and whatever it is..

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Last Comedy Thursday of 2008 @ Little Havana

Yeah guys..On 4th of December 2008 was the last day Timeout KL presents Comedy Thursday..You know why?

That is because Comedy Thursday is on every FIRST Thursday of the month..That’s why is was the last one..Hahaha..

*Look at the crowd..It’s full house again*

*Zac and Chi Ho*

Well, Zac was the last minute replacement for Yugi coz he wasn’t feeling well or something..

Perhaps it was quite last minute so he didn’t really prepared well? I don’t think his jokes were funny that night but I know he had tried his best..

Chi Ho, regarded as the team leader, didn’t quite pulled it off in the beginning with his slight racist joke..

I think he has this spontaneous thinking and all, he was able to change his route and rocked the house down with laughter everywhere..

His impersonation of an Ah Beng helped a lot in realizing his role..And I especially like his Michael Jackson don’t know how to dance joke..LOL..

*Davina Goh*

Right after Chi Ho was Davina Goh..If I’m not mistaken she joins theater play as well and I heard she’s quite good in acting?

But I was utterly disappointed with her..Yes her acting was very good that she almost made a fake cry during her performance..

But I found her performance was very very irritating as she kept screaming on the punch lines..The punch lines are the important essentials in making people laugh but, she screwed it BIG time..

Then the Stand-Up Team gave her a somewhat surprise belated birthday celebration..And the gestures that she made and all was overreacted and I don’t think I want to see her on stage anymore?

However, that’s her first performance..Perhaps she will do better if given a second chance?

*Kavin and Jimmy Hendrix*

Then came Kavin who joked about condoms, bananas, Indian guys’ eyes, Facebooks, and a bit of Indian culture..It was very funny indeed..I love the condom flavors joke..LOL!

Canadian Jimmy, a regular stand up comedian who travels around the world and I definitely love his I Hate Singapore song..It was so funny..I think he is of a different league coz he did stand-ups in The States for quite a number of times..

Check out the edited video at Nigel’s blog..Although it’s somewhat a summary but that’s what you can expect in 2009..

*Timeout KL Comedy Thursday*

Good bye 2008..HELLO 2009~!!!