Nicholas’ Surprise Birthday Celebration, Nuffnang Style @ Redbox Plus, Pavillion

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICHOLAS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Well, another Nuffie’s birthday and it was quite a wicked plan..It was Christmas’ Eve, 24th of December 2008, where it was quite a tradition for Nuffnang to work somewhat half day..

Then the Boss have a plan in mind, to throw Nicholas a surprise birthday party..Not really the exact date though..His is on 28th of December..

The whole office had MSN conference without him knowing it, despite sitting beside Pinky with the monitor facing him..LOL~!!

During our conversations, everyone was like held themselves from laughing because the conference was a bit spammish rather than a master plan to topple Chee Ching’s surprise birthday celebration, masterminded by Nicholas..

We waited for the Boss’ signal and we went starving coz it’s 2pm and we haven’t have our lunch yet..And the Redbox reservation was at 3pm-6pm..

So Boss dragged Nicholas to Pavillion and tricked him that they need to search for a Xmas gift for KY’s Xmas’ Eve Party later on that night..

They walked and walked and walked and I’m not sure whether they bought anything or not..

But we had a bad experience with Pavillion’s Redbox Plus..We reserved our room at 3pm for check-in, yet we were still waiting in the waiting corner at freaking 3.15pm..

*The whole commotion, from waiting to makan coz starving*

We complained this and that and in the end they only let us in around 3.30pm..Then I texted Boss says we got the room and cake readied..

Then, there comes the birthday boy..Okay, the video is a bit dark..Set your monitor brightness to higher specs or something..


So yeah, our plan went off very well..Muahahaha *devilish laughs*

*Birthday boy Nic-Chay*

More of the karaoke sessions..Nice~

*Everyone damn hungry*

We couldn’t care anymore coz we were so hungry and it’s roughly 3.45pm the time the surprises and all finished..

So we all makan and no one was holding the mic..Who cares bout the mic..LOL~!!

After eating only we do the real karaoke thingy, sing like nobody’s business and yeah, luckily 90% of us are somewhat bananas, so we get to sing some English songs..Hahaha..

*Firdy seems to be having fun blowing on the mic*

*Vernice the bait and Nicholas the victim*

*The shy one and the quiet one*

*The Pink and the Meltz*

*The emo and the serous*

*The stoner and the gay*

*The Boss trying to bond with his underlings staff/colleagues*

One thing in Nuffnang is that the Boss doesn’t treat his staff as his underlings but trusted co-workers aka colleagues..

So we share everything and anything under the sunlight..Well okay not everything too personal lah..But yeah, anything that you feel like sharing it’s okay with him and us..

*Lastly a group photo*

So yeah, the guys behind there were having so much fun that they didn’t seemed to care bout this group photo..

That basically made me somewhat the female too, with my long hair wtf..

Have fun everyone and New Year is coming..What’s your New Year’s Eve plan? Make sure you have fun alright..

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