Christmas’ Eve Booze Party @ Sri Cempaka Service Suite

Yeah baby..It’s Christmas’ Eve and it’s booze party again..In 2007 we had a secondary reunion by getting ourselves drunk at Nicholas’ house in Templar’s Park..

Check out our crazy antiques in Part 1, 2, and 3..

This time around, we decided to rent a service apartment so that we won’t cause any nuisance to any neighbourhood..

*KL view before midnight*

*Our boozes*

Those are Absolut Vodka, Absolut Kurant, Smirnoff with 50% alcohol, and White Label Dewar’s..We have 2 bottles of Dewar’s actually..

*Chor Tai Di*

Party people, Hikaru, Deral, Nicholas (Bowling), Ryan (Landoo), Junn, Petrol,  Kelson, Kianhow, Jenifer, Kate, and Apple..

*Some warm up sessions before the real deal*

Yes, some warm up sessions are needed before you head for the real deal, the drinking game..

Well, if you have attended my few previous booze parties, you would know my version of drinking game..It’s absolutely¬† for the win..

But this time around, we skipped all the thinking and hassle..We played by luck..

Read on to see what luck-drinking game that we have..

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One Some Cafe @ Connaught, UCSI

Been studying in UCSI for 2 years and honestly I’m not a fan of cafe for my lunch..Some of it are overpriced and the food is so so only..

But, One Some Cafe is a bit different..Its menu are of different kind, well not really THAT different but yeah..Not bad I would say..

They have changed management during the semester break but fret not the food quality is still the same..

Read on and check out more as promotion is being offered for the new year of 2009~!!

*One Some Cafe*

One Some Cafe is just located on the first floor, above Beautrium Saloon, next to the yellow signboard mamak, Al-Barkath..

*The interior*

The interior is nice and simple..Quite ample of space..And it’s no smoking! How good is that..

*The nice drinks and the menu*

The white one is Honey Milk and the yellowish one is Honey..Both are quite nice..

It has varieties of dishes for you to choose from..Their signature cooking style to fried rice to noodles..

Noodles wise, they have claypot, varies from Tom Yam, Lou Shu Fun, and Soup..They also have XO Fried Bee Hoon Seafood Kuey Teow..

Fried rice, they offer Yong Chow, XO, Vegetarian, Thai, and Tom Yam (Siam)..

As for their signature dishes, they have Butter style, Kam Heong, Golden Salty Egg, Sweet & Sour, Ma Mik (Marmite), Lemon, Dried Chilli (Kong Pou), and Thai Style Mango..

For the signature dish you can choose chicken, fillet fish, or prawn..So yeah..It is somewhat halal here..

Oh, they also have steaks, fish fillet and chicken chop..Flavor wise, they have mushroom, black pepper, and creamy sauce..

Some snacks are offered too, like fried chicken wings, fried sausages, sotongs, prawns, spring rolls, and seafood tofu..

*Thai Fried Rice and Thai Style Mango Chicken Rice*

*Thai Style Mango Chicken Rice*

*Butter Chicken Rice and Tomyam (Siam) Fried Rice*

*Salty Egg Chicken Rice*

*French Fries*

All food are at affordable price ranging between RM5 – RM7.50 for rice and noodles..Steaks are all priced at RM9.90..Snacks are priced at RM3.90 – RM10.90..

Drinks are priced at RM1.50 – RM4, varies from smoothies to tea (Jasmine, Green Tea), and few others..

Now they are having New Year Promotion~!! Just print out the following discount voucher, flash it there, and you will get 10%..How’s that for a new year? Niceee~~

Of course, it is accountable for one receipt only..And actually it doesn’t matter if you separate it..It’s still the same anyway..LOL..

Opens at 10am – 1am on weekdays..11am – 1am on Saturday..Closed on Sunday..

The promotion valids only in January 2009..Download the voucher HERE..

*Right-click on thumbnail and view image for larger image*

Nicholas’ Surprise Birthday Celebration, Nuffnang Style @ Redbox Plus, Pavillion

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICHOLAS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Well, another Nuffie’s birthday and it was quite a wicked plan..It was Christmas’ Eve, 24th of December 2008, where it was quite a tradition for Nuffnang to work somewhat half day..

Then the Boss have a plan in mind, to throw Nicholas a surprise birthday party..Not really the exact date though..His is on 28th of December..

The whole office had MSN conference without him knowing it, despite sitting beside Pinky with the monitor facing him..LOL~!!

During our conversations, everyone was like held themselves from laughing because the conference was a bit spammish rather than a master plan to topple Chee Ching’s surprise birthday celebration, masterminded by Nicholas..

We waited for the Boss’ signal and we went starving coz it’s 2pm and we haven’t have our lunch yet..And the Redbox reservation was at 3pm-6pm..

So Boss dragged Nicholas to Pavillion and tricked him that they need to search for a Xmas gift for KY’s Xmas’ Eve Party later on that night..

They walked and walked and walked and I’m not sure whether they bought anything or not..

But we had a bad experience with Pavillion’s Redbox Plus..We reserved our room at 3pm for check-in, yet we were still waiting in the waiting corner at freaking 3.15pm..

*The whole commotion, from waiting to makan coz starving*

We complained this and that and in the end they only let us in around 3.30pm..Then I texted Boss says we got the room and cake readied..

Then, there comes the birthday boy..Okay, the video is a bit dark..Set your monitor brightness to higher specs or something..


So yeah, our plan went off very well..Muahahaha *devilish laughs*

*Birthday boy Nic-Chay*

More of the karaoke sessions..Nice~

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DGMB Christmas Dinner @ Desa Park City, Part 2, Playground and Exchanging Gifts

After a wholesome dinner and some crappy havoc we did inside, we invaded the playground and literally scared some kids away..LOL~!!

And actually the equipments at the playground is not for ordinary kids..Us, grown up “kids” can’t even take it..It’s too dangerously to stay healthy wtf..

Well at least this so-called high cost housing area has a playground, instead of promoting tech gadgets like PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, and motorized bicycle..

Photos credit to David and Aaron..

*The playground*

*Merry Go Round*

First, we tried the Merry-Go-Round..It is a very dangerous equipment and please don’t do as what you see from the pic..

All actions were done by professionals with proper trainings wtf..

*Swing, swing, swing*

This is no ordinary old school 2-metal-chains-hanging-a-metal/plank-and-swing-front-and-back swing..

The chains are centralized so that the seat/swing can be swung in any other direction..


More extreme games from the modern playground..Don’t play play, not literally..

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DGMB Christmas Dinner @ Desa Park City, Part 1, Kay’s Cafe

Ho ho ho! It’s year end and it is Christmas again..

This year around, I had an early Christmas dinner on Saturday, 20th December with my Definitely Gang Maybe Bang (DGMB) friends..

And so we went to this high cost housing area of Desa Park City, somewhere in the middle of Kepong and Bandar Manjalara..

Desa Park City is actually some kinda high-class community place for the residents to dine in, light shopping, and even yamcha..

The set up is very much similar to Peel Road’s Queen’s Park, a smaller version of Jaya One, KLCC park with its outdoor restaurants, etc etc, you get what I meant..

They have shops/restaurants like Secret Recipe, Kluang Station, Starbucks, etc etc..

One of them is Kay’s Cafe, a restaurants that serves what a normal cafe would serve, minus the cheese-baked rice..

It is located on the First Floor of the so-called park/city, facing the car park and playground in the backyard..

Photos credit to to David..And thanks to Joshua for suggesting and offered to reserve a table here..

*Kay’s Cafe*

*Most of the people*

*Michelle, Dillon, Hsu Jen, and David*

*Kelli, Aaron, and me*


From top left, Michelle, Thomas, Pamsong..Middle row from left, Stanley, David, me..Bottom row from left, Hsu Jen, Nigel, and Kelli..

More about food and crazy bunch..

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I Want F&N Party For The Win

If you all have noticed in Innit, Huai Bin and Pamsong have been having war to fight for the FREE F&N PARTY~!!!

Yeah you heard me..IT’S FREE~!!!!!!!!! And the winner’s budget is allocated for like 26 people only..

Now Huai Bin, I’m helping you here to promote and giving you my support..So in turn, you know lah, must invite me okay? :P

It all started when he saw the ads in the newspaper or something..

Check out his crazy attempt when he bought like don’t know how many hundreds of cans of F&N drinks..

*Pics stolen from*

Then his last minute preparation to ensure himself really gets a place in the finals or something..

All the best and remember to invite me okay..