Bloggers Gathering Season 2

Now people..Here’s a bloggers gathering at Marche, The Curve on 21st of November, Friday at 8.00pm..Come early..

Sorry I know it’s a bit too late to tell you guys but yeah..

You can check out Season 1 HERE..The first one was meant to be a Christmas gathering where we did Secret Santa kinda thingy..

But we decided to make it earlier this time around coz everyone is getting busy and busier when year end comes..

*Bloggers gathering*

Feel free to check it out at Evelyn’s blog or you can RSVP through me..Just leave a comment will do..

Better still if you leave your primary email and I’ll give you my contact, just in case you couldn’t spot any of us..

Free Pasta @ Italiannies

FREE LUNCH FUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *put your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Yes people..Head over to One Utama Italiannies on Friday, 21st of November 2008 and get FREE PASTA..

Applicable only at 12noon til 2pm..Take away ONLY..ANYONE also can go..GO~!!!

*Italiannies galore!!*

Too bad I’m working in KL..One Utama damn far okay..

Timeout KL Present : On The Up

PEOPLE~!! Let’s support our local music scene on Wednesday, 19th of November, at 8.30pm..It’s the On The Up event organized by Timeout KL..

Now, I’ve been supporting local scene since early 90′s where we listen to 4U2C (like wtf??? Yeah, a local boyband back then wtf), KRU, Amy Search (the Isabella fame), and ofcoz indie pioneer OAG..

OAG top the local English charts with 60′s TV and many more..Then came Butterfingers, Nice Stupid Playground, Jason Lo, Juliet The Orange, etc etc..

And now, I’m in love with Alaling and The Kaya Koks (literally means kaya puffs)..No not because they are Chinese..

Their songs are awesome and I think I’m in love ever since Nokia IAC event at Zouk back in May 2008..

Well it’s a shame for me to say that this is my first time ever to pay for a music nightout, local one that is..

I’ve paid to Linkin Park back in 2003 and Eason Chan in 2006..Actually I would love to attend local gigs especially the annual year-end PanGlobal Rocks gig, or is it Rock The World Series?

But anyway, this time around Alaling and The Kaya Koks will be performing alongside singer-songwriter Rendra Zawawi, emo acoustic group An Honest Mistake, and newly formed trio, The Bassment Syndicate at No Black Tie..

I’ve never been to No Black Tie before but, it’s said to be located next to Palate Palatte..

Now entry fees are RM20 BUT….Just prinout this RM10 coupon and you will half price discount..How’s that eh..

*Timeout KL Presents On The Up RM10 coupon*

Well, no matter what I’m definitely going for this..Are you joining me?

Europlus Lock

The other day my father bought a pin-number-secured pad lock in Pasar Pudu, the big wet market in Pudu..

The so-called brand name of the pad lock is called EuroPlus, but it’s not so Euro after all..I reckon that it’s from China after all, the land of melamine..

*EuroPlus my ass*

The Engrand is a very the powderful that I didn’t understanding a single sentences of all..

Look, now my Engrand also got infected that I don’t want to know what I’m saying..Did you understanding me?

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club – Part 2, The People And Sadako

After I’ve introduced some of the people there..Let’s get the party started with me and the people there..

Now first of all, a photo of me and myself again..I damn like this photo..

*My one-eyed pic and full face when I was eating*

This one-eyed pic is totally my favourite pics of all..It looks damn scary right..Muahahaha *devilish laughs*..

Well actually that night I couldn’t really recognize people coz my hair was covering my face (which I purpose did it to add to the Sadako effect)..

Of course, the very first person I couldn’t recognize was TockTock, especially with his half mask on..

*Optimus Prime, me, and Bleach character Gillian*

*Me and two other Japanese ghosts, Jolyn and Ame*

Both of them were quite scary too..Being a bit short and walking around in blood-tainted baju kurung sekolah wtf..LOL..

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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club – Part 1, The People

I’ll show you guys what kinda characters that we have at Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party..

It’s damn awesome coz we were late to celebrate Halloween Day and yet all people were with costume..

*Anime character Dr Black Jack and Austin Power’s Dr Evil and Mini-me*

*Kelz as Angel of Death, Hsu Jen as the Undead Keira Knightley from POTC and Jolene Lai as Slutty Nurse Joker*

*OP of the night as Undead Bruce Lee with real nunchaku*

Well I don’t know how and don’t know when but it seems that staying in the US and died, would make a Chinese corpse became an undead Ang Moh..

*The Undead Hitler, stupid Korean hunk Rainman, and Mummies*

It’s a bit political but I like his mustache..LOL..And I don’t know why KY went as Korean hunk Rain..I hate Rain..

That’s me on the left side covering my crotch just in case Jolyn felt horny and have a grab on it wtf..

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