Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club – Part 2, The People And Sadako

After I’ve introduced some of the people there..Let’s get the party started with me and the people there..

Now first of all, a photo of me and myself again..I damn like this photo..

*My one-eyed pic and full face when I was eating*

This one-eyed pic is totally my favourite pics of all..It looks damn scary right..Muahahaha *devilish laughs*..

Well actually that night I couldn’t really recognize people coz my hair was covering my face (which I purpose did it to add to the Sadako effect)..

Of course, the very first person I couldn’t recognize was TockTock, especially with his half mask on..

*Optimus Prime, me, and Bleach character Gillian*

*Me and two other Japanese ghosts, Jolyn and Ame*

Both of them were quite scary too..Being a bit short and walking around in blood-tainted baju kurung sekolah wtf..LOL..

*Me with Jess and Mikeyip*

I was surprised to meet Jess there and hell her attire was damn sex-say (read sexy)..

*Me with Vivien the Michael Jackson and Iris the snow lady*

Met Vivien for the first time after chatting for so long on MSN..LOL..And that’s also when the party was about to end only I know it’s her wtf..

*Me, Captain Hook, JoshuaWockeez, fat Michael Jackson, and Keira Knightley*

*Mummy trying to strangle Greek goddess and Greek goddess trying to poke me with satan’s fork wtf*

*Skeleton girl and Gene Simmons with me*

*Slutty nurse joker and dead Barbie (?) with me*

Now Jolene was damn good with that make up and costume..Well I don’t know what Pinky is dressing as but, dead Barbie wtf? LOL..

*Kim as Morticia Addams and Huiwen as Bubbles of Powerpuff Girls*

Kim’s make up was great as well..But it’s still a slight difference from Morticia and I couldn’t guess it earlier on..LOL..

Huiwen’s Bubbles was not very significant if not because she was with another 2 of the Powerpuff Girls..

*Kitmey as Blair Waldorf, and Sherry with me*

Well, this pic is to show the contrast of the person from Gossip Girls got so scared and HELL! Greek goddess not scared at all wtf..

*Zoe and Sue with me*

Zoe’s make up looked so porcelain-ish..It’s awesome! And Sue trying to challenge my hair wtf..How to fight lah?

Now stay tune to what we’ve done after the party..We created havoc in town!

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