Le Tour De Klang

Yes people..It was a hectic Sunday for me..Last Sunday, 23rd of November, Aaron and I went to Kapar, Klang to attend a friend’s wedding..

Initially Earl and Wingz supposed to join us so we went over to his place at Pandan Indah..

Then Earl got an urgent call and couldn’t join us for shit while Wingz fell sick and didn’t pick up my call at all..

And it proves it’s real shit for us because Earl is the only who one knows the way to Klang and the only one with GPS..So we Google-Mapped..

*Kampung Tok Muda, Kapar, Klang*

So, for those who have noticed in my Plurk, I traveled a very long journey, just to visit our friend’s wedding..

*My whole journey*

But of course, the whole journey was quite worth it..At least now we roughly know the way to Kapar, or at least Klang..

And the most important, Aaron and I got to attend our friend, Zeo‘s wedding but we were way too late..We reached his place around 4.45pm..

Most of the guests left the place already..But, we had some personal time chatting with him coz earlier on he was busy with his wife with all the bersanding stuffs..

Then we left at about 7pm..On our way back, we got lost, hence the long journey back to KL from what you saw in my Plurk..

Anyway, congratulations to Zeo and his wife..

*Zeo, Aaron, me*

By the way, I’m damn proud to be his friend because he is one of the very rare person with a site of PR7..KanaSai also lose okay..

Congratulations to the newly wed couple once again..

FREEDOM Elite @ Bukit Kiara

FREEDOM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

At last, here’s the update on FREEDOM Elite event from me..Many bugging for it already..

Okay, FREEDOM Elite is a closed event just for invited guests only..But to get the invitation, it was easy yet difficult..

It was on 22nd of November, last Saturday at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club..

The very same place as Hennessy where they brought Flo Rida and Machi few months back..Check out HERE, HERE, and HERE..

The first 5,000 registered on FREEDOM website gets to attend the event as invited guest..You pay nothing for it, and you get unlimited alcohol and international DJs..

Yes everything is free..Enough said..

*FREEDOM Elite Passport aka invitation letter*

*The entrance, freaking packed*

*Crowd is getting wild*

Clockwise from top left :

1. You can see all the people queue-ing up like mad to get free boozes..

2. Look at the stacks of Tiger beers behind the bar staff*

3. Place to hangout in front of the bar..It’s definitely convenient to get drinks and get drunk..

4. Havoc everywhere..

Yes, they gave out free flow of boozes, consisting Heineken, Tiger, 42Below Vodka, Coke, and mineral water..

All straight from the cans, no more diluted booze!!

I bumped into my friend Adrian, who was working as bar staff, he said the drinks were more than enough and I didn’t doubt that at all..

*Jacklyn and Mandy*

There I bumped into Jacklyn when I was about to enter..And inside I bumped into Mandy..It’s been at least half year the last time I saw her..

*The early crowd*

*Nice lightings*

*Even nicer lightings*

More pics up ahead..

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Bloggers Gathering Season 2 @ Marche, The Curve

On Friday, 21st of November 2008, we had our Bloggers Gathering Season 2 at Marche, The Curve, yet again..Check out the first one HERE..

Well the reason we chose Marche is because of its billing system..Everyone has its own ticket so you only have to pay for your own food..No arguments no anything..

The amount of people who turned up was better than expected, considering at least 3 quarters of the bloggers from Season 1 could not make it due to tight schedules and busy-ness..

Good news is we have new faces this year..LOL..

*My chicken spaghetti with carrot + banana juice*

These plate of spaghetti and  carrot + bana juice not nice..

*Me and co-host, Calvin Teh*

He’s been so busy and yet he tried to make use of his little free time to promote and invite people to this gathering wtf..

*Me and Nkwai, Icednyior, and co-host Evie*

Evie the funny getting-married-soon girl, Nkwai my ex-primary schoolmate all the way to secondary classmates..IcedNyior I’ve seen her very active in LYN..

Me and Eileen, the Season 1 co-host*

This year she a bit the lazy and this gathering also she told me she knows about it at the very last minute..

*Me and Eric aka Anston*

*Me and Chen Seng (L) and Jason Lim*

The new faces, all the way from Penang..

L>R – Hsu Jen, David, Chee Ching*

These 3 were the senyap-est of them all..Almost ignorable wtf..LOL..

There were 3 others whom I didn’t managed to snap their pic, namely Aaron, Chung Lern, and Stephanie..

*Evie, Maegen, and Bernice*

The 3 crazy girls, Evie the getting-married soon  lady who need some marriage fund, asking for funds for her marriage..

Maegen and Bernice were holding the fund box and a box of Durex condoms, asking for donations..

And the bad thing was they walked around Marche and asked for donations from other patrons as well..It then alerted Marche management and gave them a warning that they might be disturbing the customers..

But then, the person in-charge gave them a chance and told them to back off if there is any customer that feel uneasy or uncomfortable bout it..

I bought one also okay..Now I have a “Together” Durex condom to use..Tralalala..

*Thomas with 2 packs of Durex condoms*

He’s the unlucky one who got 2 packs, while I got myself 1 pack for emergency use..Hehehe..

*The sausages that Thomas had*

Thomas was quite late that night..But that doesn’t mean he has missed out the fun and all..

We were so noisy and like last year, they have to wait for us to leave the place then only can clean up our mess..

Then we proceeded to SS2 Hawker Stall aka Indo Mee..

We talked about funny funny stuffs, from movies to parodies to dramas..It was a fun night though..

Buckle Your Seat Belt

You know, sometimes we walk out for lunch..Sometimes we take LRT..And on very rare occasion only we drive.

So the other day, Nicholas was driving while Kelvin on the front passenger seat next to the driver seat..

*Myvi dashboard wtf*

Then Yeehou and I were practicing on how to buckle up the seat belts for back passenger..I feel more safe and secured wtf..

But Pinky was left alone, sitting between Yeehou and I without any seat belt..

So we did an experiment to ensure everyone in the car have a safe journey..


With cross-buckle, you are safer than ever! So buckle up and cross buckle if you don’t have enough seat belts!

This is a community message brought to you by the one and only Yatz..

By the way people, just a short note..

I just found out from a friend that she received RM150 worth of voucher from IKEA..All she did was find out answers from weekly videos from Samsung’s website at HERE..

Now, she can pay for some stuff for her Christmas present wtf..LOL! What’s more amazing, another BETTER prize, the Samsung Series 8 LCD TV worth RM11k..

It’s all about uploading a video of you with any Samsung products..2 contest in a row, man. Might just be one of lucky Christmas winner for this year. Hehehe..Join it!

Timeout KL – On The Up @ No Black Tie

Last Wednesday, 19th of November, Timeout KL once again organized a music night at No Black Tie, well known for hosting local gigs..

4 bands on the line-up, namely An Honest Mistake, The Bassment Syndicate, Alaling + The Kaya Koks, and Rendra Zawawi, as accordingly..

All photos credits to David and Fuzz..Wonder how is Nigel‘s video recording..

*Our table*

The attendees were David, Hsu Jen, Nigel, Aaron, Joshua, Celine, Fuzz, Dillon, Sue, Dahlia, Josephine, me, and of course Kelli..

Little did I know, most of the guys in my gang that night knows how to play music instruments..And I guess I’m the only noob there wtf..

Lucky we reserved a table there so not much hassle for us, as we heard it’s always packed in No Black Tie..

As expected, the place was quite packed, perhaps due to its big-sized tables and chairs..Hence it’s a bit crammed..

Considering this was my first time and I have no experience about local gigs, still I would prefer a bigger and more spacious venue..It could’ve been better..

*An Honest Mistake*

*Darren on vocals and acoustic guitar*

Well I definitely love An Honest Mistake..Although I’ve not listen to much local bands nowadays, it gives me a feeling of Lifehouse, Green Day, and a bit of Disagree..

I especially like the cute sweet-looking guitarist..Yes, the female guitarist..She’s damn pretty and cute..Plus I love her wavy hair! I so want to get that 4 years ago..

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Chee Ching’s Birthday Celebration, Nuffnang Style

On Tuesday, 18th of November, it was Chee Ching‘s 20th birthday..None of us in Nuffnang knows about it..

That was until stalker Nicholas checked on Chee Ching’s profile and that’s how we got to know about it, at freaking 2pm, after lunch..

So our stalker masterminded a surprise celebration for Chee Ching..Nicholas went out meeting with Yeehou and on their way back to office, they stopped by Strudels Cafe and bought a cake..

And everything was set up when Pinky gave her loads of works just to make her stay coz usually she would leave quite early as soon as her works are finished..

Then, came this part when Nicholas and Yeehou came back to office around 5.30pm..


See we damn nice wtf..

*Firdauz and Yeehou with the birthday cake*

*Okay..Chee Ching is not crying in this pic*

*Our boss is waiting to bash Chee Ching*

*Our bad boy Yeehou trying to bash Chee Ching, and she seems like it wtf*

Okay the bashing part I just made it up..We didn’t bash her lah okay..But, we did bullied her, in a way, funny way..

Watch the video and yes, that’s the working environment in Nuffnang..Stressed yet relaxing wtf..


*Bully session finish*

After we bullied her, everyone was waiting for the cake..The cake was quite nice..But if given more time, could have got a better one..

It’s not complete if we don’t have a group photo..

*L>R – Raff, Nicholas, Pinky, Firdauz, Yeehou, Chee Ching, Robb, Julia, Tim, Kelvin, me*

Actually we have special privilege on our birthday for being a Nuffnang staff..Well that’s for you to find out..LOL..

And from the picture above, you can see that we didn’t slack off from our works..See Robb behind there? He’s attending a client’s phone call..

We are still doing our best to serve the community better even when we are playing wtf..

Til then, enjoy the weekend!