DGMB Old School Party – Part 2, Food and Toys

After we have introduced the people of the 80′s in Part 1, it’s time to introduce the food and toys of 80′s!

Well we have to scrutinize our closets, cupboards, paper boxes, etc etc..

And we even roamed the wholesaler hypermarket nearby my house for some old skool food, namely Tora, Ding Dang, MiMi, Choki Choki, NiNi, Hiro, Black/White Bubblegum, Poli Pongs, and many more..


*The toys*

*Hsu Jen with Ding Dang and Pam with Poli Pongs*

*More toys*

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DGMB Old School Party – Part 1, The 80′s People

It’s old school (read : skool) people y’all..That’s absolutely right..

We organized an old school party in conjunction with Halloween, but one week in advance of course..

So the cue was we’ll reminisce what we had been doing in the past, what we had eaten, what we listened, and what’s whatever we did in when we were in primary school and so forth..

And of course, for a better crowd control, this event was opened to invited guests only..

Introducing, the chocolate starfish people from the early 80′s, and mid 80′s as well..

*Nigel and Kelz*

The old skool rocka Nigel with his old skool Adidas jacket..He was the in-house DJ for the night too..And he put on great pushes mixes with awesome old skool songs..

Kelz the polite good girl pengawas (but why pengawas not blue shirt one ah?) who punished errant students wtf..

*David and Hsu Jen*

David the rugged pengawas who has his own style, for loosen tie, unbuttoned shirt, and didn’t tuck-in his shirt as well..

Hsu Jen the, I don’t know what she was..A school girl with lacy sleeves blouse and also short pants wtf..LOL..

*Jenifer and Jentz*

Jenifer the transfer student from the Land of The Rising Sun but with limited command of the mother tongue..

Jentz the always-ponteng-student..See that Ninja flowery shirt? He always keep that in his bag for his truant conveniences..

*Sheon and Sharin*

Sheon the student of private school Ralph Lauren Fashion (see his badge?)..I guess he got a culture shock when he arrived Subang, the land of nothing else matters wtf-I-don’t-know-what-I’m saying..

Sharin the REALLY old skool person because we planned an 80′s themed party and she came in 60′s and 70′s hippies kinda fashion..That’s old skool y’all..

*Chung Lern and Stephanie*

Chung Lern the tits-cover-up-rapist-drop-out-rapper wannabe..

Stephanie the private school student from no where..Just happened to passby and gatecrashed wtf..

*Me and Joshua*

I’m the primary school student but with my secondary school badge from the 70′s and also a Ketua Kelas (Class Monitor) badge from my Form 6 era..

Joshua is, nothing that you can imagine coz he’s more than meets the eyes wtf..


Now this is more than meets the eyes..See those popping eyes? Now this is Aaron, the school representative in sports..Why? See that Milo shirt? Only school athletes can get those shirt okay..

*Pamsong and Thomas*

Pamsong the Leo Club Lion-wannabe with her oh-so-heavy blazer with lots of I-don’t-know-for-what badges..But it doesnt matter coz the blazer belongs to Kelz..LOL..

Thomas the bookworm-cum-geek wannabe, who definitely need to be punished for wearing a polo T to school..

Next Up we’ll get to see the preparations of the old school party..

Movie Outing – My Best Friend’s Girl

Last Sunday, 26th October, Thomas and Pam organised a movie outing at Cineleisure..

It was quite a sudden decision and hence the bad turn out and all..We were like expecting near to 30 people..But we only managed to get 11 people..

So we had lunch at Teh Tarik Place at The Curve, situated behind Kenny Roger’s..It’s a mamak kinda place with cafe kinda price..

Anyway, these are the attendees..

*Thomas (L) and Sheon (R)*

*Pam and Ah Beng*

*Chris Tock Tocktock and Joshua*

*Jan-e and Benny Benassi*

*Me and Mandy*

*The 11 movie tickets*

*Group pic before enter the hall*

Well Aaron arrived just ON time when we were taking group photo..Then we entered the hall #9..

About the movie..

My initial thought about the movie was, it’s just another simple chick flick, just like Definitely Maybe (DM) or Maid of Honor (MOH)..

From the title of the movie, My Best Friend’s Girl, does give a hint that its plot is somewhat like DM or MOH..

BUT..Just as soon as the movie started, I had great laughs from the beginning til the end..And I guess it’s not really a chick flick..I would say it’s a guy flick or whatever you want to call it..

The script is rather funny and I heard lots of “Fuck”-ses..Yeah they didn’t really censor those wordss and I love it..LOL..

Why would I say it’s a guy flick or whatever shit it is, coz I think it has a lot of pick-up lines and that’s what I would love to see in the real world..

I mean, some movies are too perfect to be true..This one is, kinda my taste..I love the scripts..LOL..

*After the movie*

After the movie, all of us went separate ways and left me, Aaron, Joshua, and Tocktock had a light meal at IKEA..Well not quite light actually..We had the somewhat famous meatballs..

Then I got to know from Kelvin that there’s another bloggers gathering at The Curve too..So we went over to check it out..

Well, here I have to say we are sorry if we caused uneasiness or awkwardness towards the people there coz we somewhat gatecrashed the dinner gathering..

But we just wanted to say “Hi” and “Bye” since there were 3 people not from KL area..So it’s somewhat a rare chance for us to meet them..So yeah, we malu-fied ourselves and went to say Hi-Bye..

Anyhow, nice to meet the people there..Been chatting and knowing them from Innit, it’s always nice to get to meet and know them closer..

Kanasai, Innit?

Well, this is quite random and I somewhat had a shock, and still am..

Not being a fan of KanaSai Kennysia certainly pushed me to the limit..

As most Nuffnangers would know, Innit is a blog aggregator powered by Nuffnang, with the power to Nang or Dang..

So if let say, your post got into Innit’s Top 10 entries Board, if you want to Nang, you will have to click on it and open a page just like this..

*A Top 10 entry in a new page*

As you can see from the image above, there’s the yellow Nang It! button and orange Dang It! button..

The #34 is the number of Nangs (almost equivalent to stars/ratings)..And to leave a comment, you have to enter the word shown in the image..

That comment clarification section is what we known as captcha or something like that..

On normal times, you will get the words and you just have to key in the words accordingly you will be able to comment there..

BUT..On Saturday, I’m a bit pissed off or rather annoyed with the captcha..

I thought of leaving some comments in some of the entries, but look what I’ve got..

REMINDER : I didn’t photoshop those pics..It’s hot and real..

*KanaSai KennySia on the captcha section*

Well, I don’t know what has happened but it happened on the laptop I was using..

Moreover, I was quite busy and irritated with some thing at that time being, it’s not good to see his face on the captcha..

And the worst thing was, out of so many photos of him, it has to be this somewhat profile photo..

*Same in another page*

*Another page*

*Another page*

The funny thing was, after I’ve clicked “reload new image“, the photo is gone and the words came out of nowhere..

Well luckily it was early evening the time I was viewing the page..If it was at midnight or before I sleep, I would have had nightmare after that..

Fortunately the photo is no longer there today..I could have a nice sleep..

My Twin Bro? WTF~!!

YES YES YES~!!!!!! I’m done with my exam and guess what..I’m quite tired actually..

I had my last paper at 10am this morning..And all I had for sleep was from 2am til 5am..Then after that I’m awake til now and planning to go for futsal later at 11pm til 1am..

After futsal most likely will go for yamcha session that would last at least another 2 hours at mamak..That will would be around 3am..

Then I’ll be back home to bath and wait for my hair to dry and all, that would be around 5am..And that would summed up to 27 hours of me staying awake..

A new record for myself wtf..The best I had was 25 hours..Now I’m beating it by another extra 2 hours wtf..

But anyway, here’s something I wanted to share with you guys..

Remember WCG at Midvalley Convention Centre? Where you can challenge Nuffnang Team on Counter-Strike..

Yes that one..Haha..Well anyway, I wasn’t there at the event..And to my surprise that some people who knows me, but have never met in person before, thought I did go..

I remember one fella told me on MSN, “Eh Yat, were you at WCG today?”..I said no..

Then he told me again, “I saw someone looked like you at WCG..So I went over and asked him – Hi..Are you Jenkin Yatz?”..

Then the suppose-to-be-Jenkin-Yatz said, “No I’m not..And you are not the first person who ask me this question”..

I was like WaTerFish~!!!! I’ve a long lost twin bro or what wtf..

It’s almost impossible for another person to look like me coz I have crazy-shit long hair and I’m somewhat slightly taller than average Malaysian guys..Okay, maybe the normal height of a Malaysian guy..

Okay Albert has long hair like me but we definitely don’t looked the same at all..

*Albert and I back in March or something*

*Albert and I..Taken just recently like, 1 month ago*

And now they claimed the fella who looked like me has almost the same face features as me wtf..

So upon searching and with some other witnesses, yes indeed that fella looks like me, sounds like me, but he’s not me wtf..ROFL~!!!!

So now I introduce to you………My long lost twin brother wtfknnccbbbqsossangatsedapdimakanhinggamenjilatjarikakiwtf..

*The guy on the right*

There you go twin bro wtf..

Well, that’s not all..

Last Sunday,  19th October, Canon launched its new campaign called Canon Goes Green, to promote environmental activities like planting trees and all..

So it happened that my finals were nearing at that time (which was yesterday and today), so I gave the event a pass..

Apparently, some people thought I was there and they even took a pic of me..Shit~!! Caught red-handed..

*That’s him me*

Well that’s not all..A back view is nothing..They even snapped a million-dollar photo of me right in my face wtf..

*How’s that for a portrait photo wtf*

So, please take a good look that my hair is longer than his wtf, at this time being la wtf..

I’ll be trimming my hair after Nuffnang’s Halloween Party..

Now this is MEEEEE~!!

*Me jumping around*

*Me in shitty Barcelona nightout wtf*



People people..I’m heading out for futsal now..Ciao..

Have a nice weekend ahead..

P/S – Don’t simply ask this guy whether he’s me or not..We are NOT twin bros okayyyy..

Hootie and The Blowfish – Let Her Cry

Recently I’ve somewhat a weird interest that shows I’m getting older day by day, year by year..

I’ve been downloading some old songs back from early 90′s..

And so here’s one of the popular songs and bands at that time, Hootie and The Blowfish..

I’m going to share this song, Let Her Cry, the second single taken from their debut album Cracked Rear View, in 1994..

The group has just split on August 27th 2008 when frontman Darius Rucker announced in an AOL Sessions interview..


Hootie and The Blowfish – Let Her Cry

She sits alone by a lamppost
trying to find a thought that’s escaped her mind
She says Dad’s the one I love the most
but Stipe’s not far behind
She lets me in
only tell me where’s she’s been
when she’s had too much to drink
I say that I don’t care I just run my hands
through her dark hair and I pray to God
you gotta help me fly away
And just:
Let her cry:if the tears fall down like rain
Let her sing:if it eases all her pain
Let her go:let her walk right out on me
And if the sun comes up tomorrow
Let her be:let her be.
This morning I woke up alone
found a note by the phone
saying maybe I’ll be back some day
I wanted to look for you
You walked in I didn’t know just what to do
so I sat back down had a beer and felt sorry for myself.
Last nite I tried to leave
She cried so much I just
could not believe
she was the same girl I
fell in love with long ago
She went in the back to
get high
I sat down on my couch
and cried
yelling oh mama please
help me
won’t you hold my hand.


So now I’m officially on hiatus for 2 days coz I’ll be having my finals papers on Thursday noon (2.30pm) and Friday morning (9.30am)..

Wish me lucks people, and I need it alot..

Til then, have a nice day..