Get Good Stuffs At Mudah

Well, for some reasons, one of my favourite free ads sites is Mudah. Mudah is more like eBay or Amazon where you can trade your stuffs and vice versa.

I’ve always prefer to look for stuffs that I like in Mudah instead of other sites because I found that those people selling mobile phones in Mudah offers tremendous cheap price that you can’t imagine.

Close friends always know I’m a Nokia user. Just look at the price of these Nokia N70, N76, and N91.

The price is a STEAL!! Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. They don’t look like a China set to me. It’s Zitron set for some of it. Don’t you love it?

Who knows iPhone is selling slightly more expensive than N-Series? Here’s what I got.

A lot of people selling it, be it a new set or second-hand. And the price, umm, a little bit out of budget. Think I’ll stick back to Nokia.

I’m not even fond of Sony Ericson due to its button and all, although SE offers fabulous sound quality.

Then out of curiosity I searched for kuih bulan coz it’s the Mid-Autumn Festive now, and thinking that Mudah is a Malaysian site, Malay word is quite apt ain’t it?

I laughed out loud coz it’s not even near to mooncake. Oh well, I searched again with the word mooncake.

Now that’s what I wanted to see. Hahaha~!! But I think I had enough of mooncakes this year. All thanks to friends and family friends and many others.

I couldn’t even finish those and I still have it on my dining table. Maybe I should sell them on Mudah too. Hmmm.

Now that I’m having short sem in uni, everything will be ended at the end of October and I have to do my co-op (a.k.a industrial training) starting 1st of November til 31st of December 2008.

Thought I give a shot on the job vacancies. Well I admit that I’m not a good engineering student, being lousy in theories and all.

This Sales Engineer job sounds like a good deal to me. The bad thing is the office located at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Sigh~

As usual, it’s hard to find vacancies nearby my house in Cheras. All engineering companies are either in Petaling Jaya, or Sunway, or Klang.

Since Mudah acts as free ads, I’ll just register at Mudah and post an ad of myself to self promote. Who knows some nice companies might offer me a job =P

10 thoughts on “Get Good Stuffs At Mudah

  1. lol, i wish. then i got limitless supply of mister potato! can rip off friends who are craving mister potato in school some more!! untung banyak weyh~

  2. Basically, I’m good at communicating to groups of people and I know my stuff . Check out the training page for more of that. In my experience, we are all capable of getting good at anything we want to, and it’s so much easier not to go it alone.

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