LapSap VS SexInvaders @ Palate Palatte

LAPSAP FUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

After Hsu Jen’s birthday dinner at Brisik, we headed to Palate Palatte for a happening night of LapSap VS SexInvaders..

As usual, LapSap’s theme has always been retro and funky, where you get to see colorful decorations, muriels, and of course the right attire..

It was about 12-midnight when we reached Palate Palatte and that’s when the party getting started..Lots of familiar faces there..

Get ready with a total of 20 awesome photos~!! Photos contributors are Nigel, Kelli, and yours truly..

*LapSap aka Rubbish in Cantonese*

*The crowd moving to the groove*

The top left pic, you can see one fella with both hands up..That’s our Cooler Club President Fuzz doing his thang..

Other than the Cooler Clubbers, we bumped into Bryan, Amanda, and ThiaThia..I also met my ex-schoolmate Edward with his bunch..

*L>R – Pamsong, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Joshua, Me, Josephine, Thomas‘ cheek*

*Kelli and Pamsong getting kinky*

That’s Xu Tag of LapSap wtf..Well I don’t know what’s that means but that’s what he called himself on Facebook..

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Hsu Jen’s Birthday @ Brisik, Jaya One

Last Friday, 19th of September, Hsu Jen celebrated her 21st birthday at Brisik in Jaya One..It’s another fusion restaurant, combining cuisines from Malaysia and Indonesia if I’m not mistaken..

It’s a bit hidden though..If you know where’s Brussels, you can definitely see Secret Recipe..It’s just next to Secret Recipe..

All photos contributed by Nigel, David, and yours truly, as what you can see in the watermarks..

*Brisik’s entrance*

*The decos and furniture*

And to our surprise, Hsu Jen reserved the whole indoor dining area just for the party and the food is buffet style..

Hsu Jen didn’t make it big and only invited those that she felt close to which made up of some blogger friends and some coursemates..Awww I felt so honored..

Well nothing much to complain and nothing to praise about the buffet..I guess the ala carte could’ve been better..

On the side note, I love the ambiance of the restaurant and considering the food that they serve, it’s not anything pricey and I guess it’s worth a try if you are bored of Westerns..

*The buffet*

*The people of bloggers and coursemates*

*David with Hsu Jen and Hsu Jen’s sis, Hsu Ann (I suppose?) and Mom*

*Jen’s coursemates who I don’t know their names*

*Now that’s us and some others*

Well nothing much happened really..Since it’s a buffet, so we ate and talk and ate and gossiped and ate and camwhored..

After the eating and it’s the right time for birthday cake session..So there was the cake and all..Nice looking delicious birthday cake by Cake Indigo..

*Birthday song and camwhoring*

*Jen up on the chair and that’s the nice birthday cake*

*Jen cut the cake and that’s David with the flower*

While Jen was cutting the cake and all, David secretly bought the flower and handed it over to Jen and it was so sweet that any girls can die..

Okay girls can die..But I’m not so cruel..I won’t do that because I don’t want all the pretty girls to die wtf XD

*Happy birthday Hsu Jen and the oh so sweet couple*

*Sheng Mae is oh-so-act-cute here wtf XD*

*The bloggers-cum-DGMBians*

Honored invited bloggers are Aaron, Joshua, Nigel, Thomas, Pamsong, Kelli, Sheng Mae, and Josephine..

After all the group photo session and all, it’s time for individual photo session for the coursemates..

Well sorry coz I can’t remember their names coz we barely talked that night..I only know one of them was Eiling‘s sis, Yiling..




Once again happy belated birthday to Hsu Jen and thanks for the invitation..Hope you happy always wtf..

*David with Jen’s beloved Spongebob and Jen with her present, a Roxy bag*

After that we proceeded to LapSap + Palate Palatte..

More on LapSap in the next entry..

Get Good Stuffs At Mudah

Well, for some reasons, one of my favourite free ads sites is Mudah. Mudah is more like eBay or Amazon where you can trade your stuffs and vice versa.

I’ve always prefer to look for stuffs that I like in Mudah instead of other sites because I found that those people selling mobile phones in Mudah offers tremendous cheap price that you can’t imagine.

Close friends always know I’m a Nokia user. Just look at the price of these Nokia N70, N76, and N91.

The price is a STEAL!! Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. They don’t look like a China set to me. It’s Zitron set for some of it. Don’t you love it?

Who knows iPhone is selling slightly more expensive than N-Series? Here’s what I got.

A lot of people selling it, be it a new set or second-hand. And the price, umm, a little bit out of budget. Think I’ll stick back to Nokia.

I’m not even fond of Sony Ericson due to its button and all, although SE offers fabulous sound quality.

Then out of curiosity I searched for kuih bulan coz it’s the Mid-Autumn Festive now, and thinking that Mudah is a Malaysian site, Malay word is quite apt ain’t it?

I laughed out loud coz it’s not even near to mooncake. Oh well, I searched again with the word mooncake.

Now that’s what I wanted to see. Hahaha~!! But I think I had enough of mooncakes this year. All thanks to friends and family friends and many others.

I couldn’t even finish those and I still have it on my dining table. Maybe I should sell them on Mudah too. Hmmm.

Now that I’m having short sem in uni, everything will be ended at the end of October and I have to do my co-op (a.k.a industrial training) starting 1st of November til 31st of December 2008.

Thought I give a shot on the job vacancies. Well I admit that I’m not a good engineering student, being lousy in theories and all.

This Sales Engineer job sounds like a good deal to me. The bad thing is the office located at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Sigh~

As usual, it’s hard to find vacancies nearby my house in Cheras. All engineering companies are either in Petaling Jaya, or Sunway, or Klang.

Since Mudah acts as free ads, I’ll just register at Mudah and post an ad of myself to self promote. Who knows some nice companies might offer me a job =P

Yuna Ito – Endless Story (Nana)

I don’t know why..Recently I’ve just watched Nana Live Action movie after it’s released for so long, which is at least 2-3 years ago..

After I’ve watched it, I was deeply in love with Yuna Ito’s Endless Story, which she acted as Reira in the movie, the vocalist for Trapnest..

Nana itself is a very nice movie and together all the amazing soundtrack, it’s definitely superb..Enjoy people..


If you haven’t changed your mind
Soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
Osana sugita no Everytime I think about you baby
Ima nara ieru I miss you
It’s so hard to say I’m sorry

Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
Utaitai kono uta wo
Owara nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
Kesa nai de kono mama don’t go away

Atatakaku toke dashite tashikameru no
Yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
Setsu nai hodo ni I’m missing you
Kasaneta te hanasa naide

Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
Utai tai kono uta wo
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
Utaitai kono uta wo
Owara nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
Utai tai kono uta wo
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

Lyrics taken from Yuna Ito’s site..

DGMB Mooncake Festival Party @ My House

Yes, this is kinda late because I was waiting for the photos from the others..

Then waste a bit of time to edit the photos..Amatuer like me need to spend a tad bit of time okay..

So it was on 12th of September, Friday, where friends came over to my house and celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival in advance..

It was quite a nice coz that’s my very first time to hold a lantern after so many years..I think the last time I carried a lantern was somewhere Primary 3-6..

Photos contributed by David, Nigel, Joshua, and myself as of what you see on the watermark..

*Some of the early bird and slackers*

*Pamsong playing with my dwarf hamster*

*Sheng Mae too but she damn afraid of it..Tikus konon wtf*

*All left Aaron do the candle and old school paper lantern alone*

Then we proceeded to the playground just situated opposite of my block..There are slide, swings, tree, and many other useless things wtf..

*We play at the playground in the housing area*

*Clockwise from left – David, Kelli, Joshua and Aaron, Nigel*

*Hsu Jen and Sheng Mae with their lantern wtf*

After lighting all the candles in the old school paper lanterns, we decorated it on tree branches and on the swings..

*They do the lantern decorations*

Nothing is complete without camwhores and camgigolos..And also playing with fire and using slow shutter with DSLRs..

*Group photo and shadow photo*

*Thomas the flame thrower*

*Thomas showing his kung fu shadow skill*


*Me the lantern arsonist*

Well, that’s why old school paper lantern is not so user-friendly now..It burns easily and fire is not good for children..

With the technology and all, all modern lanterns are now battery-fied with the shape of tanks, rabbit, helicopter and all sorts of stupid stuffs..

Think they’ll come out with the shape of DSLR, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and PSP in the near future..

*Can you see the orb walking past Joshua?*

*Group pic 1*

*Group pic 2*

After all of the decent group photos and on high from all the burning candles and lanterns, why not some stupid pose wtf..

*All on high after all the candles and lanterns*

*Ass photo*

After some wicked and kinky photoshoots, we went back up to my house coz it’s getting a bit late and we didn’t want to make noise and cause furore in the neighbourhood..

*Like I say, they are on high*

Then Hwei Ming needed to leave for the night coz it’s getting late and he’s got curfew..So, we bade farewell to Hwei Ming coz he’s leaving to UK on Wednesday, 17th September 2008..

Yeah..According to him, he won’t be back for the next 7-8 years coz he’ll be taking the CSI-related (Crime Scene Investigation) course in UK..

Yes..He likes all those technologies and bio-chemicals and a potential to be the first Chinese-non-Cantonese-nor-Mandarin-speaking terrorist..

*Then we bid farewell to Hwei Ming*

*Well these are a bit gay-ish*

After he left, we proceeded our secret plan..To paste nice nice photos of us on the BIG BIG card we bought him..

The size is damn huge okay..Now that I think back, we should get him a compilation booklet of our photos..Easy to carry and mobilize-friendly..

*Composing the farewell card*

*Taa-daa~~We’ll miss you like mad Hwei Ming*

At about 1am, the people left and headed home coz all of them stay quite far away, from Kepong to Damansara to Subang to Klang..Damn far right?

Yes, I’m done with this already..Can rest now..

History of My Hair – Long Hair

Some of you might have already noticed my lansi-no-smile (KY says) that I’ve generated during my hey days..

See it’s not that I want to act cool or so but that the way I am since like don’t know when..

What do you think about my short hair era? I know I know..A lot said I looked like a nerd..Lucky me..

I’ve already filtered quite a lot of photos of the nerd-er side of me..Those I put are selected ones but still, I’m a nerd wtf..

But anyway, short or long, it all depends on individuals..Some of my friends who got used to my short hair era, said I looked better in short instead of long and vice-versa..

So I guess most of you people prefer to see me with long hairdo? =P

*Taken in early 2005 at Sepang for F1*

My hair only started to grow at shoulder length in 2005..That’s when I was studying Diploma in lala college, TARC..

*Pics taken in late 2005 when I’ve my camphone*

*Taken during CNY 2006*

Then it got a bit longer and some girl friends who got nothing better to do, braided my hair to 2 ponytails..

Well obviously, we were having CNY-routine there and that’s when I got to know Earl-Ku personally, despite him being my senior during secondary school..

*Pics taken in late 2005 and early 2006*

Clockwise from top let :

1. That’s during Bee Yan’s birthday somewhere July 2005 when my hair was still quite in the middle of no where short nor long..

2. That’s during Mei Lin’s birthday somewhere December 2005..

3. That’s somewhere March 2006 when we went to QBar and that night sucks..Yes, I had contact lenses on that time..

4. That’s somewhere May 2006 and it’s my first time at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and that in PJ SS2 with the then gang of mine..

*Taken in late 2005 and early 2006*

That’s Hikaru and me at The Curve counting down to New Year 2006 on 31st of December 2005..

The second pic was taken somewhere April 2006..I know I looked like a girl here wtf..

*Taken at Langkawi Hanging Bridge in 2006*

Went to Langkawi to fresh up my mind after my mom’s death in May 2006..At the trip were Deral, Hiew, Hikaru, and Lipau..

Check out the entries of Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5..And also a greeting from Langkawi..

*Taken in 2006 at Zouk KL*

This photo was taken during Hennessy VSOP event back in August 2006..Yes that’s right..I’ve been attending Hennessy events with the Cooler Club since back then..

Then later on only they’ve re-branded its name from Hennessy VSOP to Hennessy Artistry..

From the name itself you could tell that Hennessy intended to promote its cocktail and I guessed that failed big time..

We must have music and liquor blend together..So then they re-branded it to Hennessy Artistry where they brought in some local and international acts to perform..

Check out for Hennessy at Velvet, Aloha-1 and 2, and Bukit Kiara-1, 2, and 3..

*Taken in 2006 before my haircut*

Back then in November 2006, this was my longest attempt ever before I went for trimming..

*Taken at Cameron Highlands in 2006*

*With my cousin Billy and sidekick Rechelle at Strawberry Farm*

Went to Cameron Highlands for a one night trip in November 2006..Check it out in Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5..

*Hikaru and my joint birthday celebration in 2007 at Wings Cafe*

Thanks to Jen Ni and Jen Ai back then in January 2007, Hikaru and I had a joint-birthday celebration at Wings Cafe..Check it out here-1 and 2..

*Taken in 2007 and 2008*

That was me hysterically head-banging to Muse’s Time Is Running Out tune in a RedBox session during CNY 2007, that’s somewhere February 2007..

Then the second pic was taken at Maison just a week before CNY in 2008..

I know I jumped a lot from CNY 2007 to CNY 2008..LOL..But hey, that’s about it..It’s not that I’ve changed my hairstyle during that interval..

It’s long and black and silky smooth all year long wtf..

Then, came the latest pic of mine which I took somewhere 3 weeks ago..

*How’s the length this time?*

Well, that’s all about my hair from short to long and I’ve no intention to cut it nerdy-short for the time being, unless being compulsory to do so..

Not that my father is annoyed with it..My only concern is in November and December where I’ll be doing my co-op (industrial training)..

Should I work in an engineering firm/company, most likely I’ll have to cut my hair short..

But for now, I really need to find some time and go for trimming..Yeah, I have split ends too, not only girls wtf..

Til then, have a nice day..