DGMB Pot Luck Party – Part 4, Blog War and Me Pee-ing

Yes, we, so-called bloggers had war, personally and mentally..Not any bullshit sitting in front of the monitor and scold and critic people anonymously..

You want a war? We’ll give the real shit, no hesitation, no turning back..

Be prepared with several videos of the whole process of blog war~!!


Yes, that’s me and Aaron filling up some water balloons in the toilet and everyone was waiting out there for the plan to kick start..

Then we gave the green light to the guys out there to pin down Hwei Ming in the middle of the yard..


That’s when Hwei Ming really got busted and got wet in the pants..

*Hwei Ming all wet*

Some of them, Thomas, and Sheng Mae, retaliated and fought back the manly way against the mastermind, Aaron..

Oh, not to forget..I cursed spoke in Korean in the following video..A must watch if you want to learn Korean..


*Aaron attacking Sheng Mae*

*Combo pic of Sheng Mae PWNED~!!*

*The fun and all*

By the way..I got wet in my pants too..


Yes, that’s me pee-ing and you can see my foreskin wtf..

Now how’s that for a blog war, and pee-ing in public..

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