DGMB Pot Luck – Part 1, Food Galore

Now the Part 1 – Food Galore!!

Some of the food that we managed to snap some pictures..

*Some of the seafood and others*

*Fish, chicken, and mini egg tarts*

*Sheng Li and Hwei Ming doing the finger licking good*

*Our main character, pot luck*

*Everyone getting prepared to have a wonderful dinner*

*Hwei Ming is teaching the girls a lesson on how to do pot luck*

Nadia didn’t look happy here but Kelly buat dek jer..

*Hwei Ming, Pamsong, and Amy*

*L>R – Kenny, Karena, Joshua, Nicole, Stanley, Sheon, Yours-truly*

*The balls are ready to be eaten and Sheng Mae is the promoter with Nigel the cameraman*

*Everyone is savoring on hungrily*

Now that I see my hair from the back, it’s so damn fucking long wei..LOL..

*Sheng Mae cutting the bananas into pieces (OUCH~!!) while Pamsong looking on curiously*

*The fondue and mini egg tarts = BEST!!*

*Kelli looking on Pam doing something*

Choose the most suitable phrase that should come out from Pam’s mouth..

A) ARGH my eyes~!!
B) Awwhhh my boobs~!!
C) OH-ME-GOD my hands~!!
D) Cough cough cough..

*Eating combo*

I don’t know why but Joshua looks kebulur here..LOL!

*Wilson and Hsu Jen couldn’t really do the eye contact thing*

Enough of decent food? We even had Hwei Ming and Amy have a taste on insects!!


*Hwei Ming and Amy having a bite on the insect delicacy..Pam poser*

Now that’s what we called eating..Stay tune for Part 2 – Camwhores, Camgigolos, Wishes..

7 thoughts on “DGMB Pot Luck – Part 1, Food Galore

  1. NICE….

    makes me hungry for some pot luck.

    i think Pam was saying “I’m touched by the food…” *sob n cry*… cause she looks like she won the lotery or something.

    u kno what, the picture series above just prooved to me dat its all about location… location… location.

    so far no one else bside, u, me n dandelion has come up to offer their house for any of CoolerClub’s crazy parties… maybe because the word ‘crazy’ is there.

    I need to try of of these random blogger gathering things. maybe the sept get together is a good start.

    see you soon man.

  2. Fuzz >> perhaps yeah..buthen again, some of them live in USJ and PJ also a bit far..and we all know la, most Indian parents are quite skeptical bout boozes..

    ohs wells, we’ll see..

    joshuaongys >> LOL

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