Random Get Together

A routine Friday lunch outing at Super Kitchen with Wetwetwater and Jason has become somewhat a trend..

From inviting Aaron and David in the first place, then we invited Mike, KY, and suddenly the list go on with Kelli, Hwei Ming, Thomas, and Sheng Mae..

Not to mention, the whole of Nuffnang team were there too..Timothy, Nicholas, Robb, Yee Hou, Firdauz, and even new Nuffie Pinky!!

Additional to that was Su Ann, ChrisTock, and few more people..This is like the most random bloggers gathering I ever had..LOL..

This shows that bloggers are everywhere and anywhere we would like to be..Hahaha..

All of them came from everywhere, PJ, Damansara, Cheras, KL, etc etc..

*Mikeyip and Yapthomas*

*Wetwetwater and Jason on the phone*

*David enjoying panmee, Hweiming, and Kelli*

*Stones Aaron and Sheng Mae*

Didn’t managed to snap a pic of KY coz he was rushing back to office..

Thought of paying the new Nuffnang office a visit but we scrapped it coz it was raining in the late afternoon..

We blew water at Super Kitchen til 4pm..LOL..I can see another trend is coming through =P

14 thoughts on “Random Get Together

  1. Hwei Ming >> next Friday la XD

    J@son >> i’m felt it this morning wtf..

    KY >> LOL ya..dun need XD

    BLue >> must learn to know new people!!

    tom >> you sure ah?

    David >> me, wetwet and jason ok wan..but need to check our timetable for the new sem first :P

    kellster >> LOL..DO IT!!

  2. Firdauz takes 5 >> yaaahh..LOL!

    chris tock >> yealo..i thought wanna take pic of u guys also..but really damn random that i didn’t get prepared with my gear..

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