DGMB Pot Luck Party – Part 4, Blog War and Me Pee-ing

Yes, we, so-called bloggers had war, personally and mentally..Not any bullshit sitting in front of the monitor and scold and critic people anonymously..

You want a war? We’ll give the real shit, no hesitation, no turning back..

Be prepared with several videos of the whole process of blog war~!!


Yes, that’s me and Aaron filling up some water balloons in the toilet and everyone was waiting out there for the plan to kick start..

Then we gave the green light to the guys out there to pin down Hwei Ming in the middle of the yard..


That’s when Hwei Ming really got busted and got wet in the pants..

*Hwei Ming all wet*

Some of them, Thomas, and Sheng Mae, retaliated and fought back the manly way against the mastermind, Aaron..

Oh, not to forget..I cursed spoke in Korean in the following video..A must watch if you want to learn Korean..


*Aaron attacking Sheng Mae*

*Combo pic of Sheng Mae PWNED~!!*

*The fun and all*

By the way..I got wet in my pants too..


Yes, that’s me pee-ing and you can see my foreskin wtf..

Now how’s that for a blog war, and pee-ing in public..

DGMB Pot Luck Party – Part 3, Group Pics

Enough of food and self-camwhore stuffs..Now we shall proceed to group pics we took in the “grand ballroom”..

Group pics were so fun..If only digicams were introduced during my primary school hey days..

*The girls*

*Sheon the Puff Pimp Daddy*

*Somehow I like the reflection on the floor in this pic*

*Our decent group photo*

Guys from left – Nigel, Kenny, Joshua, Wilson, David, Aaron, Hwei Ming, Stanley, Me, Thomas, Sheon..

Girls from left – Hsu Jen, Amy, Sheng Li, Nadia, Pamsong, Sheng Mae, Kelli, Nicole, Kelly, Karena, Josephine..

Then, we continued we several parody and casual poses..

Decent pose is the old time generation of photos..Now we do it freestyle..

*The girls are roaring and the guys are looking up behind, supposedly*

Due to miscommunication, I looked straight up to the ceiling..Sigh..

By the way, the girls and guys poses weren’t choreographed together..It’s of ideas of girls and guys separately..

*The girls facing behind and guys facing downwards*

*I don’t know bout the girls but us guys supposed to do some Ultraman or Kamen Rider kinda pose*

*The girls here seem to be showing their muscles and us guys are falling to the other side*

*Again some random pose by the girls and us guys supposed to kneel and kow tow*

It was all pure fun and the process of choreographing the poses and moves randomly were all about creativity wtf..

Definitely, us guys, ahem, beat *cough* the girls *cough*..They fail big-time..Talk about drama queen and camwhores..LOL~!!

*Nigel the cameraman and Aaron the balloon man*

This is what you’ll be expecting in the next entry, the long-awaited blog war~!!

DGMB Pot Luck Party – Part 2, Camwhores, Camgigolos, Wishes

Ready to be bombarded with several tens of pictures and a couple of videos..

After the food session we were somewhat having fun with cameras and stuffs..It’s too good to not to take any pic wtf..

And the pics I’m sharing are not even one third of the total..Imagine that..Sheesssh..Bunch of camwhores and camgigolos..

*Everyone having fun*

I don’t know but everyone seems to be high..LOL..

Karena was totally quite attractive, in a way..See how Joshua, Stanley, and Nigel got attracted wtf..LOL!

*L>R – Joshua, Stanley, Sheon, Yours-Truly*

*Everyone busy chatting and eating away*

*In picture – Nigel, Joshua, Pam, David, Aaron, Hwei Ming, Hsu Jen, Amy, Thomas, Sheon, Nadia, Wilson, and Karena’s head*


*Camwhore session starts*

Girls, back row – Nadia, Pam, Sheng Mae, Sheng Li, Josephine..Front row – Kelli, Hsu Jen, Amy..

*Hwei Ming and Sheon look a bit ghey here..LOL*

*Kiddy kitty cat wtf I don’t know what I’m talking about*

*Where? THERE~~~!!!*

*You got a fucking one from Nadia and a two from Schmae*

*I don’t know why but Schmae looks constipated here..LOL*

*Girls always be girls*

Yes I’m ending this part without much special things other than the video..

Will be back with some group pics before we end it we something big and more importantly, WAR!!!!

DGMB Pot Luck – Part 1, Food Galore

Now the Part 1 – Food Galore!!

Some of the food that we managed to snap some pictures..

*Some of the seafood and others*

*Fish, chicken, and mini egg tarts*

*Sheng Li and Hwei Ming doing the finger licking good*

*Our main character, pot luck*

*Everyone getting prepared to have a wonderful dinner*

*Hwei Ming is teaching the girls a lesson on how to do pot luck*

Nadia didn’t look happy here but Kelly buat dek jer..

*Hwei Ming, Pamsong, and Amy*

*L>R – Kenny, Karena, Joshua, Nicole, Stanley, Sheon, Yours-truly*

*The balls are ready to be eaten and Sheng Mae is the promoter with Nigel the cameraman*

*Everyone is savoring on hungrily*

Now that I see my hair from the back, it’s so damn fucking long wei..LOL..

*Sheng Mae cutting the bananas into pieces (OUCH~!!) while Pamsong looking on curiously*

*The fondue and mini egg tarts = BEST!!*

*Kelli looking on Pam doing something*

Choose the most suitable phrase that should come out from Pam’s mouth..

A) ARGH my eyes~!!
B) Awwhhh my boobs~!!
C) OH-ME-GOD my hands~!!
D) Cough cough cough..

*Eating combo*

I don’t know why but Joshua looks kebulur here..LOL!

*Wilson and Hsu Jen couldn’t really do the eye contact thing*

Enough of decent food? We even had Hwei Ming and Amy have a taste on insects!!


*Hwei Ming and Amy having a bite on the insect delicacy..Pam poser*

Now that’s what we called eating..Stay tune for Part 2 – Camwhores, Camgigolos, Wishes..

DGMB Pot Luck Party – Sneak Preview

Here are some snippets of what you’ll be expecting in the next few entries..

We had some fun activities all night long, including getting wet in pants..Woo Hoo~~!!

*Aaron and Hwei Ming savoring on the chocolate fondue* 

*Kelli and Wilson*

*Sheng Li and David with their international finger sign*

I don’t know why but international finger sign seems to be the IN finger thing nowadays..

*Pamsong with the kek/kuih lapis while Sheon looking from afar wtf*

Pam the Cheras-road blind even came all the way from Damansara Utama, or somewhere there, and Sheon came back all the way from Kedah..That’s the spirit..

*Thomas stoning while Nigel layaning jiwang karat songs*

*Karena the underage and Sheng Mae-nie Mouse*

Yes! Karena the underage babe with deep grunt voice (sign of youth in the making)..She’s only 16 years-old this year wtf!! But her assets show different thing >.<

*Kelly and Stanley*

*Amy the Mysterio and Hsu Jen the Ghetto Wonder*

Amy made a surprise came back from Kuching and Jen made a surprise urban visit, getting out of her rural house on tree in the ghetto..

*Nadia and Joshua..Makan saja tau*

*Lastly, Hwei Ming cried because I pee-ed on him..Whole body wet okayyyyyy*

Yes that’s me yours truly going beyond wild and nature and I went wee-wee-ed in public..

For more saucy pees and steamed wetness (pun intended), do check out then ext few entries..

Random Get Together

A routine Friday lunch outing at Super Kitchen with Wetwetwater and Jason has become somewhat a trend..

From inviting Aaron and David in the first place, then we invited Mike, KY, and suddenly the list go on with Kelli, Hwei Ming, Thomas, and Sheng Mae..

Not to mention, the whole of Nuffnang team were there too..Timothy, Nicholas, Robb, Yee Hou, Firdauz, and even new Nuffie Pinky!!

Additional to that was Su Ann, ChrisTock, and few more people..This is like the most random bloggers gathering I ever had..LOL..

This shows that bloggers are everywhere and anywhere we would like to be..Hahaha..

All of them came from everywhere, PJ, Damansara, Cheras, KL, etc etc..

*Mikeyip and Yapthomas*

*Wetwetwater and Jason on the phone*

*David enjoying panmee, Hweiming, and Kelli*

*Stones Aaron and Sheng Mae*

Didn’t managed to snap a pic of KY coz he was rushing back to office..

Thought of paying the new Nuffnang office a visit but we scrapped it coz it was raining in the late afternoon..

We blew water at Super Kitchen til 4pm..LOL..I can see another trend is coming through =P