Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 1, Atmosphere

HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2008 FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It was quite an event and helluva night for me..I’ve had been to concerts..I’ve had free flow in clubs before..

I’ve had been to blogger gatherings..I’ve had been to booze parties..

But there’s nothing, not a single one as fabulous as Hennessy Artistry 2008!!!

Where can you find an event that gives you free entrance, not quite packed coz it’s limited to invited guests only, free flow of booze, and free concert of 3 helluva international artistes?!

I’m not sure whether it was as great as for you but it’s the event of the year..Perhaps the best event so far, of all I’ve attended..Applies to those events I’ve attended ONLY..

First and foremost, I want to say sorry if I’ve neglected anyone who I’ve invited coz the venue was too big and everyone else scattered around everywhere and anywhere!!

Hope everyone had fun and we’ll mingle better in the next event yeah..

*The VIP invites*

The VIP invites thanks to Nuffnang courtesy of Hennessy Artistry..

I was a bit late than scheduled due to time miscalculation and Dark Knight damn nice!

And because of that I missed the opening act, Pop Shuvit..

*The crowd is massive*

*The bar preparing boozes*

Reached there at about 10.30pm..Received SMSes from fellow friends saying that it’s damn hard to find parking even at freaking 7pm!

Luckily Hennessy Artistry gave out some VIP parking stickers and I was one of the lucky ones who got it..

Not to mention public parking space, even VIP’s are very limited..Lucky I carpool with some friends..

*Hennessy Miami*

*Hennessy Shanghai*

*Hennessy KL for VVIPs*

These were the platforms for the VIPs and VVIPs..I was at Hennessy Miami most of the time..

There were Hennessy Shanghai and Paris, where some people I know like Mikemmery was there..

But too bad I didn’t getto meet him coz I missed his SMS..

Hennessy KL was the place for VVIPs, such as celebrities, and many high-ranked people which I don’t know coz we were not allowed to go up..

*Jason Ooi and Jamie Chin*

Here’s Jason Ooi ex-schoolmate Jamie Chin staring at the stage jakunly..LOL

*Jan and Amy*

Jan already looked quite wasted early in the night and bad thing for Amy coz she’s not feeling well and nauseated..

*Machi on stage rocking the arena*

Well, it was Machi’s performance and I was utterly surprised that they danced too..That’s so not hip hop to me..LOL!

*David with the inconsumable bottle of Hennessy*

*Flo Rida In the house!!*

*Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrr*

*Stunt crowd*

Well, I’m not too sure whether DJ Latin Prince played before or after Flo Rida coz I was too busy walking around meeting people and all..

Honestly I wasn’t really paying attention to Flo Rida’s songs..Only the familiar tune of “Apple bottom jeans and boots with the furr” reached my eardrums..

Anyway, I think DJ Latin Prince’s pieces didn’t suit Malaysians well..Although I wasn’t paying attention, THAT’S THE POINT!!

It’s not something that caught my attention..

*Nicholas with Miss Malaysia 2008 Levy Li*

*Ji-ann and Kate*

The closing act belonged to homegrown VJ Callen..I would say that VJ Callen’s mixeswere better than DJ Latin Prince..

Perhaps this local veteran DJ knows too much of Malaysia’s music background, after being in the music scene for so many years..

*The bloggers corner*

*Jen tired of dancing*

*Everyone is so hype up*

It was quite a scene where all people let loose and party like they never had before..

For sure, free booze and international artistes played quite a major role in moving people’s feet..That’s what I called “The Global of Art Mixing”..

Quite a lot of people damn wasted, in either way, as in pissed drunk wasted and wasted for not drinking enough..

I’m the latter one coz whole night long, I’ve only had about 6 glasses ONLY!!! Damn wasted right?!!

Anyway, prepare for Part 2, Me, Myself and The People..

Hennessy Artistry Press Conference @ KL Hilton

Today I’ve attended the Hennessy Artistry Press Conference as a media guest to meet Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, and Pop Shuvit at KL Hilton..

It was definitely a first time experience to attend such event and was anticipated and enthusiastic for it..

Well, long story short..I’ll let the pics do the talkings..

*The registration counter*

*Before the event starts*

*The usherettes*

*Pop Shuvit with host Belinda and Owen*

*Taiwanese group Machi*

Not all of the group members attended, only 5 out of 9 attended..The group leader is Jeff Huang (blue shirt)..

*Flo Rida (white shirt)*

*DJ Latin Prince*

*Hennessy Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing*

*MD of Riche Monde Malaysia and Singapore, Mr Frederic Noyere giving speech*

*Hennessy’s cocktail specialist, Sam Jeveons*

*Sam showing his mixing skills*

After some cocktail mixing performance, then there was Q&A session..One of the funny questions was to Flo Rida, “Hi Flo Rida..What do you usually when you are in Florida?”

I was like wtf??? That’s quite catchy..LOL..

*Everyone toast for success for the event*


*DJ Latin Prince and Pop Shuvit*

*Mr Frederic and Flo Rida*

*A group pic*

*New cocktail flavour – Hennessy KL*

Hennessy KL, it has a strong flavour of VSOP on the first 2 sips..When you are getting more into your throat, the taste is quite sweet and not too sour, which I don’t like at all..

The sweet taste will definitely attracts most female taste buds..

*Machi getting some media interviews*

*Hennessy KL*

*Hennessy Artistry 2008*

It was quite an event, perhaps it’s just me..

The best thing was the company that matters..

Well anyway, see you guys there tomorrow at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena!!!

For more, check out Mikeyip, Jason Lee, Wetwetwater, Bobby, Jamie, and Jason Ooi..

Thanks to Jamie and Stanley for takings some of the pics for me *blek*..

Hennessy Artistry 2008 Featuring Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit, and VJ Callen

HEY PEOPLE~!! Hennessy Artistry is back with something BIGGER, BETTER, and BOLDER~!!

It’s Hennessy Artistry 2008 on this Saturday, 19th July 2008 at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, featuring Flo Rida, Taiwanese hip hop group Machi, DJ Latin Prince, local band Pop Shuvit, and local veteran VJ Callen..

I’ve been to the Hennessy Artistry @ Velvet and Hennessy Artistry @ Aloha (check out here, here and here)this year..It’s something great, with free booze..

This time it’s even better..Only invited ones are allowed to join the event at Bukit Kiara..

Even if you want to pay cover charge, sorry, entry is not allowed..Only invited ones..

No matter if you RSVP through its official website or you got a VIP invite, free flow is applicable to all party-goers!!

If you don’t know who is Flo Rida, never mind..Coz I couldn’t recognized his stage name as well, until I listen to this song on Hennessy Artistry official site..


*Flo Rida feat T-Pain – Low (Step Up 2 Theme Song)*

If you don’t who is Machi, never mind, because Machi is a Taiwanese hip hop group and quite a number of their songs are in Hokkien..I don’t understand that either..LOL!


*Machi – Machi*

Don’t know who is DJ Latin Prince? Never mind! Here is him, collaborated with 50 Cent..


How bout local band Pop Shuvit? How can you not know them with the famous track Jump, Freak Show, and Mara Bahaya, theme song of Impak Maksima..


*Pop Shuvit’s performance at AIM 15 2008 – Freak Show and Mara Bahaya* 

If you don’t know who is VJ Callen, this is him..


So now you know..Are you going there too?

See you guys there~!!!

Craving For MTV Asia Awards 2008?

Wanted to go to MTV Asia Awards 2008 at Genting but don’t have an invitation?Doesn’t matter..Here’s something you guys can do if you are interested to go to MTV Asia Awards..

It the same date as the Hennessy Artistry event…

MAA Mosh Pit Audition

Date: Saturday, July 19
Time: 5 – 8pm
Venue: Zouk Club, KL

What is MTV mosh pit ?

As a Mosh Pitter, you’ll get front row access to hosts Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and Hong Kong screen siren Karen Mok. Plus, the best view of live performances by Pussycat Dolls, The Click Five, Panic at the Disco, Super Junior, Jabbawockeez, Leona Lewis, OneRepublic and The Script.

Head down to the Mosh Pit audition at Zouk KL on July 19 at 6pm if you think you are:
Young and energetic
The world’s biggest music fan
Most stylish dresser
The dancer with the slickest moves
Equipped with a strong pair of lungs

Do get to the audition early to avoid disappointment. MTV will only select 300 lucky mosh pitters. The audition is open to Malaysian residents aged 15 and above.

Improve your chance of being selected
1) Dress well – clubbing casual, sexy and stylish.
2) Be a camera slut. Smile. Always.
3) Scream. Don’t whisper.
4) Be pleasant. Know how to share the floor space.

For more excitement, be sure to stay on for the Voting Party!
Voting Party

Date: July 19
Time: 9 – 11pm
Venue: Zouk Club, KL
Performing acts: One Buck Short and Bitter Sweet

PDRM – The Name That You Can Trust (In Undertable Agreements)

Yes PDRM, Polis DiRaja Malaysia, or known as Royal Malaysian Police Force, is the name that you can trust, in taking bribes without fear..

Recently, a not so big news came out in local dailies, “Cop VS cops in Gemas Station“..

It was about a policeman of the rank of lance corporal, lodged a report against all of his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed..

In retaliation, one of his superiors, a sergeant, lodged another police report against the policeman for allegedly selling station property to scrap dealers..

Now that’s our respected Royal Police Force in action.. It’s far more interesting than all of the low standard MPs’ debates and walk-outs in the Parliament..

Surprisingly, there’s no any follow up news the day after that and so on..So I guess they treated as a very normal case..

Monthly bribery collection is being distributed just like that openly and no follow up..BRAVO~!!

NO I didn’t make that statement..It’s from the mouth of the cop from Gemas..

I would say it’s bullshit for pinning the “Saya Anti Rasuah” (I Anti Bribery) on the authorities’ uniform and sticking the car sticker on every Proton Waja with the blue siren on its rooftop..

It’s no secret that a lot of police receive bribes and a lot of people give bribes..

Sometimes I understand that people might want to get out trouble hence they bribed the authority..

But it is so wrong when a person didn’t commit any wrong-doing, and yet the authority would simply accuse that person, just for bribery..

Even if it’s not bribery, these authorities tend to take the law into their own hands, just like Jen’s accident with a patrol car..

They thought they are the law and simply accused Jen for her innocent-accident, just because they are the authorities..

If Jen really wants to take things further, they’ll be dead meat coz Jen’s father is AT LEAST 6 ranks higher than the Sergeant and Inspector Officer in Jen’s story..

But at least she didn’t do so coz she knew that if she were to do so, she’s nothing else but the same type of people of these Bolehland Judge Dredd..

Yes, I know there are some police who are just and fair, but they tend to bend their principle and stand because of the environment and peer pressure..

And the truth is, A LOT of people are annoyed by the authorities, instead of thanking them for controlling the country’s security at safe..

All this thanks to those “Saya Nanti Rasuah” police group..

Other than that, people are annoyed with the roadblocks being set up in the Klang Valley for the past few days and weeks..

It had caused massive jam in the Klang Valley and greatly wasting taxpayers’ money..

I know it’s not their fault because it’s an order from their superior, the Government..

So all in all :

PDRM = Cannot be trusted

PDRM = Government

Government = Cannot be trusted..

What’s after this? Another C4 bombing on bloggers who made unofficial true statements?

Jenai’s Birthday @ Bambo9

It is Jenai‘s birthday and we had a celebration in advance on Saturday at Bambo9, TTDI Plaza..

That’s my first visit and I’ve heard so much about Bambo9 already..We reached the place at about 10.15pm..Yes I know it’s freaking early..

The club was still much empty with some senior patrons..I guess they were there since happy hour in the early night..

But it proved to be a wise move to be there early as patrons started to swarm the club at about 11.15pm..

Yes I know..We’ve waited there for like an hour before the REAL party started..

*Jenai’s sister, Jenni (in red) with boyfriend* 

*Hikaru and birthday girl Jenai* 

*Jenai with Josephine and I*

Yes, our whole bunch of blogger friends, only Hikaru and I were there that night..Many others ffk were not able to make it due to time constraint..

By slightly after midnight, we were all tipsy because we downed quite a number of glasses..

Not to mention Jenni totally KO-ed..LOL!

*We are quite tipsy*

We stayed and partied until 2.30am where we really can’t stand it..And also because most of the people including Jenai had left the club..

So we decided to make our move as well..

*Totally pwned*

Because we were so tipsy and afraid of roadblocks, we rested there for nearly 30-minutes..

It’s not that I can’t drive but it’s safer to let the level of alcohol inside our body to digest and re-generate before I start driving..

Otherwise, it will be a night of drunktards bribing police force because I’m driving with single hand..

You ask me why? Coz I drink AND drive! LOL!! LAME!!

*Rest on the sea road side*

I think that’s all..Happy birthday to Jenai..

One day let’s go to Bambo9..Enough of BarCelona and Euphoria >.<