My Worst Nightmare

No shit..This is definitely not about Dark Knight or any movie review..It’s real life and it’s happening on me..

For the past week, I’ve went out yamcha for quite a number of days..Thanks to my growling stomach..

My yamcha sessions were always somewhat odd compared to many people..I usually go out at 11pm and back home at 2am, the earliest..

It’s quite a norm for me to stay out yamcha till around 3-5am..

But 2 nights ago, I went to a new McD joint at Taman Midah with Randy and Hikaruand we stayed there till around 4am..

When I reached home, I parked my car and walked to the stairs without looking up-straight to the front..I was looking down on the ground while I was playing with my car key..

Then I heard some sound..It’s a stray black pariah dog that always wander around my housing area..

The dog is laying in the porch of my flat..I’ve to walk through the porch to get to the stairs..

The dog was growling and showed me his fangs..

Okay, it’s a pariah dog..I couldn’t find any picture of a black pariah dog showing its fangs..Something like this..

*A black pariah*

So you just imagine this dog in that position showing its fangs to me, with furious eyes, and growling “Grrrrrrrrr~~”..

I was so scared that I decided not to mess with that dog..I don’t want to be bitten and died of rabies..

I went back to my car and be safe, went inside my car..It’s already 4am and I can’t be wandering just outside my house and not sleeping right?

I got off my car again and tried to get near the dog again..

Not even near to it, he barked for a couple of times..The weird thing was it’s not barking at me but at the porch wall..

I was like “WTF??!?”..I’ve heard enough stories of animals being able to sense things of different forms a.k.a ghosts..

So again I went back into my car..Thought of hanging around at the mamak near my house but I really wanted to sleep and not sitting down for a glass of teh ais..

Thought of picking up some stones or anything to throw at the dog but I guessed that’s too dangerous..Don’t think I can run away from it if I ever get chased..

But *light bulb beside head*, I thought of something cranky..LOL..I drove my car near to the porch and throw a stone at it..But I missed cue..

And I can’t find any objects already..Parked my car and got down again..

The dog was laying with head down..I thought it was sleeping or something..

*Just like this position*

So I got down from my car again and went near the dog, not too near..I rub my flip-flop’s sole on the ground to make some sound to check out whether he’s fast asleep or what..

Right in that position, it growled “Grrrrrrr~~” again..WTF~!! It’s freaking 5am already after all those scares and commotions..

I can’t stand it anymore..I went back into my car, wound down the power window leaving a bit of gap for air flow..

I slept in my car at freaking 5am!!

*Just like this, without the sleeping bag*

I slept for like don’t know how long and I was really sound asleep..

Then I think I was awaken by some engine sound..Then I woke up, saw a car stopped by waiting for the school children to get onto the car..

Looked at the time, damn..It’s already 6.30am..Then I peeked at the porch again..

Just about time, one of my neighbour came out from the stairs..The dog just walked away from the porch to another spot..

I quickly got down of my car and rush to the stairs and locked the gate..

Got up and straight went to sleep..

Just last night, the dog was there and frightened one of my neighbours, yet again..

I heard barkings from my room and I have a look out from the window..My neighbour just did what I did the night before..ROFLOLMAO!!

Fortunately the dog went to another spot after while but my neighbour was still afraid to walk in..

So I went down and open the gate for him and girlfriend coz both of their hands were busy carrying plastic bags..

Anyway, it’s my worst nightmare ever..But that won’t stop me from going out till late night again!! LOLLLL!!

17 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare

  1. Lol! I’m afraid of dogs man. If I ever come across a dog like that I’d probably go run away and sleep at a friend’s house. Haha.

  2. wenzi >> yeala..4am dy le..

    joshuaongys >> yea right..

    Hwei Ming >> kayu i scare cant stand the dog’s bite le..

    wetwetwater >> syok babi la..

    J >>
    LOL! c’mon a the right thing! :)

  3. Randy >> sweat man..

    al’sera >> i thought of that too..never mind..will try next time if i ever encounter again.. :)

    littlepolaris >> rottweiler apa?? there are few more pariahs here :D

    Cyren >> well..there are 2-3 others the neighbourhood always feed if we call the SPCA, they’ll get caught too..

  4. hiyii yatz,

    Thanks for swinging by…. Actually, it is a handful of 6 cats!! Hehehe….. Err, u hv many female friends afraid of cats??? Hehehe, too bad coz they dont know what they have missed out….

    Take care and have a great weekend!!

  5. slowly feed it occasionally lar. eventually it should tame down. it was probabaly abused or attack by some ppl around your area hence the aggresiveness

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  7. As a brand new pet owner I love all the tips listed here. I would like my new puppy to get very well trained and have a healthful setting to live in. Thanks for the advice.

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