Terengganu’s Benz Issue

It’s been more than 1 week since Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said purchased 14 Mercedes Benz to replace Proton Perdana V6 as the official car..

The MB said the move is to cut cost, in terms of the cost of service for the Perdana V6s were expensive in the long haul..

Then our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah decided that the 14 Mercs will be used for visiting foreign dignitaries and guests of the state..

It’s a wise move to keep the Mercs for that purpose and continue to use the Perdana V6s as the official car for the state exco members..

But then again it’s also stupid to keep the Mercs for only official functions or for foreign dignitaries whatsoever..

Like some of the MPs said, how often did Terengganu get visits from fellow VIPs from other states, let alone foreign dignitaries..

I don’t know whether the exco members were stubborn or they already settled it under table..

Despite the Cabinet’s order, some of them were seen using the Mercs on the road, and it’s not quite any big or official event..

It’s either the Cabinet’s order was a crap OR, they got something up their sleeves for the courage..

Then not long after that, Proton Holdings had suspended one of its service centres in Terengganu for using non-genuine spare parts and overcharging..

Thanks to their efficiencies, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) seized 8 of 16 Proton Perdanas belonged to Terengganu exco members..

The exco members have no choice but to use the E200 Kompressors..Smell something fishy? Yes it is..

It seems that some of the exco members already knew what is going to happen and felt free and easy to use the Kompressors albeit Cabinet’s order..

Blogger Paul Tan also quoted, “Why E200 Kompressor? Why not Honda Accord or Toyota Camry which are cheaper than E200 and better than Perdana”..

Which is quite true, don’t you think so?

If the move to purchase the 14 E200 Kompressors was to save cost in service and petrol and all, why not getting a Honda Hybrid or any hybrid car?

It’s definitely cheaper than the E200 and it saves petrol too..

All the ACA’s action and challenges by Datuk Ahmad Said was it just an act or conspiracy theory or real? You judge it yourself..

3 thoughts on “Terengganu’s Benz Issue

  1. now its the time for all state gov to show their true colours and do their own thing. (ehem, mo corruption…)

    it’s like the saying “Anak lawan bapak”

    now that the bapak is busy defending itself and fighting against UMNO’S “THE DEMON LEADER” from the opposition.

    It’s time to rebel. After this issue, be sure to see more shit happening as more rebels join in the bandwagon.

    PS – they dun give a shit about the price of car/fuel saving ma, cronism determines what car they purchase. luckily their cronies not selling cheap bentlys. hahaha

    how bout bulletproof myvis? diesel engine somemore.

    Malaysia boleh!

  2. CoolerFuzz >> LOL bulletproof Myvis..can use as Tank alreay..LOL

    joshuaongys >> hahaha wtf..updates only..to remind myself in the future that this thing happened before :D

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