Traffic Offender – Uni Double Parking

Well, another traffic offender post from my university, yet again..

The vicinity of my uni campus, applies to both Main and School of Engineering/Architectural campuses, are well known for its bizarreness of double parking..

On Thursday, I was at the Main campus side to have my lunch with Kelvin and Jason..Found a perfect parking spot..

It’s also famous for its double parking because most banks are opened in areas with insufficient parking space..This one, Maybank that is..

But I was damn hungry and I don’t care coz it’s very hard to find parking space..I just parked in it and went for my favourite Salad Chicken Rice..

After my meal slightly after 3.30pm, went back to my car and saw this..

*Cars blocking my way out*

*See all the cars?*

*The long stretch of double parking*

*The Satria R3 goes extra-mile in parking skills*

We waited for like 5-10 minutes, without honking at all..That’s when I started to snap pics around..

Coz I wanted to give chance to the drivers..Who knows they were in the bank waiting for the long queue..I understand that..

Then a guy, drove off the car behind the Satria R3..That didn’t helped me to move my car an inch at all..

Then waited again, hoping the Iswara driver was in the bank..

Then came 3 people, 2 girls and a guy..One of the girls was the driver..I recognized them, or at least one of the girls, they were from our uni, UCSI..Nice one..

I guessed they double parked the car then went for lunch at one of the restaurant nearby..

How could you double park your car then go to a restaurant far away from your car?

If you double park your car just right in front of the restaurant then it’s fine coz you’ll have a good sight whether you are blocking other cars..

Anyway, it’s total bizarre and if you call the cops to come over to clear up the congestion, they’ll arrive in like 5-15 minutes, depending on the traffic..

During my ordeal, a friend of my sis saw what I did and she blogged about it too..Check HERE..Coincidence or what?

Please double park responsibly..This is a community message brought to you by Yatz..

13 thoughts on “Traffic Offender – Uni Double Parking

  1. no one has the courtesy to AT LEAST leave their contact number somehwere to be easily seen when they do this shit.

    wut I and my buddies did to one kancil last time was carry it (serius, not that heavy for 4 big guys) and put it at awkward plc.

    padan muka.

    “Anyway, it’s total bizarre and if you call the cops to come over to clear up the congestion, they’ll arrive in like 5-15 minutes, depending on the traffic..”

    or maybe they never come coz not for VIP ma. hahaha

  2. RealGunners >> i snubbed UTAR :P

    CoolerFuzz >> the prob is if they leave their contact number, it’s most likely they’ll be away for quite long and there’s the small chance for car break-in..

    funny thing is usually they’ll come over..

  3. Yeah, the congestion’s pretty bad there. Last time at least the students have the courtesy to park orderly.
    Now going back to the North Wing is like… Damn.. These ppl pass their driving test or did they excel in it !? haha

  4. WTF???????????

    you mean you did not even once ur horn for this ar?

    i will fucking horn until u start moving man … yeah that includes u getting toour car and starting of ur car …

    i will horn till ur ancestors wakes up from their respective graves man …

  5. Keong >> yeap..if they want to park like that at least leave out some space to move..

    Neo >> LOL TRUE!!

    earl-ku >> at first i want to honk buthen the parking area quite faraway from those use to honk also..

    i better take pic of it then let the people know :P

  6. this incident happen at my friend’s shop at Happy Garden..wher a car doubled park, and a person (owner) from another shop cant move his car..honking lotsa times (aroun 20min) den he cant tahan..called his gang break the car’s window to put down d handbreak in order to move the car!!! wtf!!

  7. P.Dandelion >> honestly i’m not surprised at all..those cars are meant to be treated like that..otherwise they won’t learn :P

  8. wah, no joke man..! that looks like a really bad gridlock! it happens everyday? cham lo.

    btw, i think you forgot to hide the wira’s number plate in the 3rd pic. hehe.

    hope you have alternative transportation there. :-D

    ps. i swung by.

  9. SJ >> yeah they were!

    maRCus >> yeah..everyday freaking day..the 3rd pic that one i purposely one..coz it’s blocking my way as

    Simon Seow >> oh..didn’t know Taylor’s are that uncivilized :P

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