Hennessy Artistry Press Conference @ KL Hilton

Today I’ve attended the Hennessy Artistry Press Conference as a media guest to meet Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, and Pop Shuvit at KL Hilton..

It was definitely a first time experience to attend such event and was anticipated and enthusiastic for it..

Well, long story short..I’ll let the pics do the talkings..

*The registration counter*

*Before the event starts*

*The usherettes*

*Pop Shuvit with host Belinda and Owen*

*Taiwanese group Machi*

Not all of the group members attended, only 5 out of 9 attended..The group leader is Jeff Huang (blue shirt)..

*Flo Rida (white shirt)*

*DJ Latin Prince*

*Hennessy Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing*

*MD of Riche Monde Malaysia and Singapore, Mr Frederic Noyere giving speech*

*Hennessy’s cocktail specialist, Sam Jeveons*

*Sam showing his mixing skills*

After some cocktail mixing performance, then there was Q&A session..One of the funny questions was to Flo Rida, “Hi Flo Rida..What do you usually when you are in Florida?”

I was like wtf??? That’s quite catchy..LOL..

*Everyone toast for success for the event*


*DJ Latin Prince and Pop Shuvit*

*Mr Frederic and Flo Rida*

*A group pic*

*New cocktail flavour – Hennessy KL*

Hennessy KL, it has a strong flavour of VSOP on the first 2 sips..When you are getting more into your throat, the taste is quite sweet and not too sour, which I don’t like at all..

The sweet taste will definitely attracts most female taste buds..

*Machi getting some media interviews*

*Hennessy KL*

*Hennessy Artistry 2008*

It was quite an event, perhaps it’s just me..

The best thing was the company that matters..

Well anyway, see you guys there tomorrow at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena!!!

For more, check out Mikeyip, Jason Lee, Wetwetwater, Bobby, Jamie, and Jason Ooi..

Thanks to Jamie and Stanley for takings some of the pics for me *blek*..

7 thoughts on “Hennessy Artistry Press Conference @ KL Hilton

  1. Press conferences tend to be a bore when no one asks any questions so I thought I’d try to be cheesy when I asked that ques.

    But I thought, when you stopped one of the triangle cool guy (if i’m not mistaken) and proceeded to ask him if he knew your friend, the end result was a very hilarious WTF expression from the dude.

  2. Reta >> oh so that was you? LOL..

    yes..i was quite malu-fied because my friend told me she followed them to promo tour in Malaysia 4-5 years back and she knew all of the members there and asked me to send her regards to the members..

    to be turned out that fella didn’t know her..sigh..

    SJ >> all PS kaw kaw dy one >.<

    also thanks to your height only manage to get the group photos..LOL

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