DGMB BBQ Party – Aftermath

DGMB FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It was the “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang” (DGMB) barbecue party last Saturday..Had it at Nigel’s grandma’s place..

Overall, the party was awesome coz almost everyone was there but Aronil and Dillon..

The party started quite early though, at freaking sunny 4pm~!!

*L>R – Will, June, Joshua, Michelle, Aaron*

*Me, David, Josephine, Nigel, Hweiming*

*Randy the man*

*Preparing BBQ chicken with Jentz*

*Chickens, balls, frankfurters*

*Bitching session*

There’s Nadia and Pamsong enjoying the limelight of being a celebrity, by flashing flashlights using DSLRs..

*Kelli, Jen, and Jen*

*Inside the ‘chamber’ playing games*

Stanley looked sexy in that basketball jersey..LOL!

*Aaron and Thomas pwned in some games or something*

*Amy, Jen, David, Sinyee, Jen*

*Group pic of DGMB and DGMB+ wtf*

All in all, we had fun, loads of them..And too bad Sheon reached the place quite late because he was traveling from Kedah..Maybe next time for the group pic :P

Hopefully we could do something similar with a bigger group next time..

9 thoughts on “DGMB BBQ Party – Aftermath

  1. Nigel >> hahaha..sounds more kinky right? :P

    joshuaongys >> hahaha..never mind..i’m pretty sure we’ll make it a full group reunion next time ;)

  2. Awww looks like one big happy… btw i’m glad you have a gf esp with the Stanley comment :P and oit what game were u guys playing with the bowing of the head?

    josh: sorrrriiiiiieee laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    back to yatz: I just noticed the bunch of cameras hung on the swing lol.. hang dslr cam like that sumore..

  3. aronil >> LOL..i’m definitely straight okayyyyyyy :P

    yeah..they were having dslr jumbo sales..but the price too high..nobody wants :P

  4. Mikemmery >> lol..it’s just a blogger group we created exclusively for ourselves..when we go for outings or whatever, we just randomly call ourselves DGMBians, when we are in the group of course..

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