My Worst Nightmare

No shit..This is definitely not about Dark Knight or any movie review..It’s real life and it’s happening on me..

For the past week, I’ve went out yamcha for quite a number of days..Thanks to my growling stomach..

My yamcha sessions were always somewhat odd compared to many people..I usually go out at 11pm and back home at 2am, the earliest..

It’s quite a norm for me to stay out yamcha till around 3-5am..

But 2 nights ago, I went to a new McD joint at Taman Midah with Randy and Hikaruand we stayed there till around 4am..

When I reached home, I parked my car and walked to the stairs without looking up-straight to the front..I was looking down on the ground while I was playing with my car key..

Then I heard some sound..It’s a stray black pariah dog that always wander around my housing area..

The dog is laying in the porch of my flat..I’ve to walk through the porch to get to the stairs..

The dog was growling and showed me his fangs..

Okay, it’s a pariah dog..I couldn’t find any picture of a black pariah dog showing its fangs..Something like this..

*A black pariah*

So you just imagine this dog in that position showing its fangs to me, with furious eyes, and growling “Grrrrrrrrr~~”..

I was so scared that I decided not to mess with that dog..I don’t want to be bitten and died of rabies..

I went back to my car and be safe, went inside my car..It’s already 4am and I can’t be wandering just outside my house and not sleeping right?

I got off my car again and tried to get near the dog again..

Not even near to it, he barked for a couple of times..The weird thing was it’s not barking at me but at the porch wall..

I was like “WTF??!?”..I’ve heard enough stories of animals being able to sense things of different forms a.k.a ghosts..

So again I went back into my car..Thought of hanging around at the mamak near my house but I really wanted to sleep and not sitting down for a glass of teh ais..

Thought of picking up some stones or anything to throw at the dog but I guessed that’s too dangerous..Don’t think I can run away from it if I ever get chased..

But *light bulb beside head*, I thought of something cranky..LOL..I drove my car near to the porch and throw a stone at it..But I missed cue..

And I can’t find any objects already..Parked my car and got down again..

The dog was laying with head down..I thought it was sleeping or something..

*Just like this position*

So I got down from my car again and went near the dog, not too near..I rub my flip-flop’s sole on the ground to make some sound to check out whether he’s fast asleep or what..

Right in that position, it growled “Grrrrrrr~~” again..WTF~!! It’s freaking 5am already after all those scares and commotions..

I can’t stand it anymore..I went back into my car, wound down the power window leaving a bit of gap for air flow..

I slept in my car at freaking 5am!!

*Just like this, without the sleeping bag*

I slept for like don’t know how long and I was really sound asleep..

Then I think I was awaken by some engine sound..Then I woke up, saw a car stopped by waiting for the school children to get onto the car..

Looked at the time, damn..It’s already 6.30am..Then I peeked at the porch again..

Just about time, one of my neighbour came out from the stairs..The dog just walked away from the porch to another spot..

I quickly got down of my car and rush to the stairs and locked the gate..

Got up and straight went to sleep..

Just last night, the dog was there and frightened one of my neighbours, yet again..

I heard barkings from my room and I have a look out from the window..My neighbour just did what I did the night before..ROFLOLMAO!!

Fortunately the dog went to another spot after while but my neighbour was still afraid to walk in..

So I went down and open the gate for him and girlfriend coz both of their hands were busy carrying plastic bags..

Anyway, it’s my worst nightmare ever..But that won’t stop me from going out till late night again!! LOLLLL!!

Terengganu’s Benz Issue

It’s been more than 1 week since Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said purchased 14 Mercedes Benz to replace Proton Perdana V6 as the official car..

The MB said the move is to cut cost, in terms of the cost of service for the Perdana V6s were expensive in the long haul..

Then our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah decided that the 14 Mercs will be used for visiting foreign dignitaries and guests of the state..

It’s a wise move to keep the Mercs for that purpose and continue to use the Perdana V6s as the official car for the state exco members..

But then again it’s also stupid to keep the Mercs for only official functions or for foreign dignitaries whatsoever..

Like some of the MPs said, how often did Terengganu get visits from fellow VIPs from other states, let alone foreign dignitaries..

I don’t know whether the exco members were stubborn or they already settled it under table..

Despite the Cabinet’s order, some of them were seen using the Mercs on the road, and it’s not quite any big or official event..

It’s either the Cabinet’s order was a crap OR, they got something up their sleeves for the courage..

Then not long after that, Proton Holdings had suspended one of its service centres in Terengganu for using non-genuine spare parts and overcharging..

Thanks to their efficiencies, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) seized 8 of 16 Proton Perdanas belonged to Terengganu exco members..

The exco members have no choice but to use the E200 Kompressors..Smell something fishy? Yes it is..

It seems that some of the exco members already knew what is going to happen and felt free and easy to use the Kompressors albeit Cabinet’s order..

Blogger Paul Tan also quoted, “Why E200 Kompressor? Why not Honda Accord or Toyota Camry which are cheaper than E200 and better than Perdana”..

Which is quite true, don’t you think so?

If the move to purchase the 14 E200 Kompressors was to save cost in service and petrol and all, why not getting a Honda Hybrid or any hybrid car?

It’s definitely cheaper than the E200 and it saves petrol too..

All the ACA’s action and challenges by Datuk Ahmad Said was it just an act or conspiracy theory or real? You judge it yourself..

Taman Muda Tai Chow

Yeah, it’s Tai Chow, the likes of Hokkien Mee, Kong Fu Chao, Singapore Fried Bihun, Loh Mee, Fried Rice, etc etc..

This place is definitely the best, because it’s opened from evening til dawn..

This stall is situated at Taman Muda morning market (pasar pagi)..

As suggested in the map, make a U-turn at BHP and you’ll reach the stall..It’s right behind the traffic light junction..

The other day, I had my dinner there Jason and Hikaru..We ordered their specialty, Singapore Fried Bihun and Fried Rice..

*Singapore Fried Bihun*

*Fried Rice*

When you want to have Tai Chow, you cannot leave the belacan behind..The belacan here is good too..Not too hot and spicy, the mild spiciness is just right..

*Sambal belacan*

*Mouthful crisp*

The Singapore Fried Bihun here is definitely very different to many others..

While most place fried the bihun til quite thin and soft, here they maintained the crispyness and texture of the bihun..

*Nothing special but it’s good*

Other than Singapore Fried Bihun and Fried Rice, I would recommend Stew Yee Mee (Man Yee Mee), Kong Fu Chao (Yin Yong), and Fried Sotong..

They are simply good, if not the best..

Priced at RM5.50 for 1 pax serving and RM8 for 2 pax serving..

Opens from evening 6-7pm till dawn 4-6am, when the market is ready to do business..

Traffic Offender – Uni Double Parking

Well, another traffic offender post from my university, yet again..

The vicinity of my uni campus, applies to both Main and School of Engineering/Architectural campuses, are well known for its bizarreness of double parking..

On Thursday, I was at the Main campus side to have my lunch with Kelvin and Jason..Found a perfect parking spot..

It’s also famous for its double parking because most banks are opened in areas with insufficient parking space..This one, Maybank that is..

But I was damn hungry and I don’t care coz it’s very hard to find parking space..I just parked in it and went for my favourite Salad Chicken Rice..

After my meal slightly after 3.30pm, went back to my car and saw this..

*Cars blocking my way out*

*See all the cars?*

*The long stretch of double parking*

*The Satria R3 goes extra-mile in parking skills*

We waited for like 5-10 minutes, without honking at all..That’s when I started to snap pics around..

Coz I wanted to give chance to the drivers..Who knows they were in the bank waiting for the long queue..I understand that..

Then a guy, drove off the car behind the Satria R3..That didn’t helped me to move my car an inch at all..

Then waited again, hoping the Iswara driver was in the bank..

Then came 3 people, 2 girls and a guy..One of the girls was the driver..I recognized them, or at least one of the girls, they were from our uni, UCSI..Nice one..

I guessed they double parked the car then went for lunch at one of the restaurant nearby..

How could you double park your car then go to a restaurant far away from your car?

If you double park your car just right in front of the restaurant then it’s fine coz you’ll have a good sight whether you are blocking other cars..

Anyway, it’s total bizarre and if you call the cops to come over to clear up the congestion, they’ll arrive in like 5-15 minutes, depending on the traffic..

During my ordeal, a friend of my sis saw what I did and she blogged about it too..Check HERE..Coincidence or what?

Please double park responsibly..This is a community message brought to you by Yatz..

Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 3, Free Flow Aftermath

The finale part of Hennessy Artistry 2008 at Bukit Kiara Series, the free flow aftermath..Check Part 1 and 2 if you haven’t..

Yes, bad sightings everywhere at Bukit Kiara that night..I’ve witnessed a few and heard plenty of them..

I don’t know what to say at all..All of them were so wasted..I know it’s free flow and all but you don’t have to sacrifice your life for all of it..

Take it till that certain level and no one knows it but you yourself..It’s not like you are going to die tomorrow..There are more events coming and we WILL still party!!

*Nigel is really observant and he’s quick to pose for the pic..LOL*

*This pic looks a bit wrong*

Fuzz was there camgigolo-ing with Stanley..Kelli looked like smelling sobbing on Nigel‘s shirt..

Shengmae‘s face looked like she’s drunkenly-constipating while Joshua standing alone there syok sendiri..LOL!

*Everyone quite wasted here..LOL*

*The big bottles on display*

*Glasses of on the rocks prepared for some Shanghai night*

*Look at the boxes and cans that were used*

*The girl in black damn wasted*

Yes, when we left the scene at nearly 3am, she was being carried out by her friends to the car..Youngsters these days >.<

*Hikaru with Ji-ann*


I don’t know why but Arsyan looked the left and Hsu Jen looked to the right..And Randy standing behind there looking at them helplessly..LOL..

*Ji-ann and Jojo RouPing*

*Kelvin was a bit wasted*

*But refreshed after a bite of orange with Hikaru*

*That’s me with Jason*

*Me tumbang-ed*

*Jason tumbang-ed*

That’s why..Lesson learned, yet again..

Don’t drink too much when it’s almost end..Drink earlier during the party so that you’ll get hyped up during the peak of the party..

When you do that, you’ll sweat a lot and the amount of alcohol in your body will gradually gone by the end of the party..

By then, you can start walking with confidence and drive with no fearĀ  of having to blow the drunk-o-meter..

*Although we tumbang-ed, the girls are still partying*

IMHO, this is the best event I’ve ever been to..Concert with free booze..This is the ultimate idea..

I suggest that more similar to be made in the future..

No I’m not saying that we want another FOC party..It doesn’t matter if we need to pay for the entrance but with either booze or normal drinks, is the idea here..

Limited guests, different areas for different ticket pricing, booze of either alcohol or soft drink / energy booster, don’t you see the market now?

From my estimation, the whole event costs at least RM5 million..Just look at the 3 international artistes, and the venue..

I guess the venue set up cost is at least few hundreds of Ks, near to RM1 million..

With everything FOC, Hennessy Artistry is really pushing it hard and efficient in publicity..

I love the event and would love to have it again, even if I need to pay..

Hennessy Artistry 2008 @ Bukit Kiara – Part 2, Me, Myself, and The People

After what I’ve shown you guys in Part 1 – Atmosphere, here are some pics of me and the party people..

Check out the press conference too if you haven’t..

Most photos are before those wasted ones got wasted..Priceless..If you have any wasted photos, really damn wasted..LOL!

*L>R – Kate, Hikaru, Me, Desmond, Diane*

*Me and 4-feet-9*

That’s right..I’d invited Audrey and she’s so damn kawaii lo..4-feet-9 wei..LOL!

No I’m not insulting..Nice to meet you and take pic with you Audrey, after knowing you for soooooooo long..LOL

*Jan and me*

*Me, Ginny, and her boyfriend Fugz wtf*

Just met them like a week ago at Jenai’s birthday and here we are now partying again..

*Earl-Ku, me, and Suanie*

Earl, a party man whom I seldom see or hang around with..Glad you were able to make it to this happening event..

Was glad to see Suanie there too coz 2-3 days before the event she was still waiting for her invites..

*Me, my cousin brother Billy aka Wai Yin, and his girlfriend Rechelle*

*With some of the DGMBians*

As I said, I was busy walking around here and there..Luckily I still managed to take a pic with some of them..

In the pic from left to right, Thomas, Shengmae, me, Kelli, Nigel, Aaron (behind), and Amy..

*Me with Jamie Chin, the girl who made me smile wtf XD*

Yes that’s right..Who would never smile if a pretty girl like Jamie is standing beside you, right?

*L>R – Yvonne, Yvonne’s sis Michelle, me, and Yvonne’s BFF Ione*

Well, at the very last hour, I’d managed to invite Yvonne and Ione to the party..And what’s more when Yvonne invited her sister Michelle as well!

Nice to see you girls again and I hope you all had fun..We’ll meet again in the next party k..

By the way, Ione looked better in this new image, instead of the one I saw at Pajama Party..That’s so Lala-ish..And this is so innocent, can tipu people..LOL! =P

*Me and ShaolinTiger*

*Ji-ann and me*

*Michael Yip and me*

Mike‘s photos really rock steady rockefellar skank..That’s what you get from a photographer with a media pass..

*Sue, Steph K, and me*

*L>R – Hikaru, Kate, me, Nicholas, Kelvin, Mike*

*L>R – Hikaru, Kate, Nicholas, Kelvin aka Sapsapsui, Jason Lee*

Thanks to Nicholas for giving out the invites and helping Nuffnangers to get into the Arena without much hassle..

Jason rested his SLR for the night and Sapsapsui took over as the photographer for the night..

*Jamie happily trying to braid my hair wtf*

*Me and old friend Jojo aka RouPing*

We were schoolmates during STPM times..It’s been more than 4 years since we last met..And who knows we met up here and she’s with the organizing team..

Bravo to the organizers, sponsors, and performers..

Til end of the night, I’ve missed taking pics with some of the people namely KY, Ringo, Fireangel, Natalie, Joe, Stephenie, and many others whom I walked passby many times..

That’s the end of Part 2 – Me, Myself, and The People..

The Finale Part 3 – Free Flow Aftermath will be up as soon as possible..Have fun everyone!