Traffic Offender – Uni Parking

As usual..Only retards would make me blog about traffic offender entries..This time, it was in my engineering Uni campus..

Since the opening of this new campus, parking bays have been insufficient to accommodate students and lecturers needs..

Personal vehicles have been parked around the Uni compound and sometimes creating traffic congestion in front of the guard house and road junctions around the Uni..

But anyway, what do I care if there’s traffic congestion outside of the Uni while I’m studying inside, right?

The thing is, this car here, is parked inside the Uni and the driver seemed to be quite an idiot I would say..

*Proton Iswara – WGV 5606*

I heard from one of the guards said that this car belongs to one of the lecturers in this campus..

Now how dumb could a lecturer be? I thought it might be student’s because of the P-sticker..

I’m so disappointed with this lecturer, if it really belongs to a lecturer..

*Aerial view of the narrowness*

*View from inside*

*Here I’m trying to measure the width of a Satria*

*There’s no way the cars inside could come out*

Not even a Kancil could pass through that freaking narrow road..

Now, anyone from UCSI, could you alert this lecturer/student regarding his/her recklessness?

27 thoughts on “Traffic Offender – Uni Parking

  1. bennysia >> true indeed..a Smart for 2 can’t pass through as well..

    J@son >> yeala..have to sit in the comp lab and get stuffed some more..

  2. hehe, long time no visit this blog.. bcz u have been blogging about partays, which i’m kinda not interested..

    actually, why don’t u just leave a note at the car’s windscreen with a message like OI BODOH AH U? or something like tht :D

  3. RealGunners >> first we thought wanna scratch the never mind..we are polite Malaysians..we do it the polite and mannerly way :D

  4. ooo…i so love this post man!!! esp d very first pic..u u SO happen to hav those progs that actually allow a magnifyin glass to like go over that ceratin spot (in this case, d car-plate!) n zoom it like 3x? hmmm..that’d make it kinda cooler..wonder whos car is dat tho..wan me to find out for u?? perhaps my post on it would b an interview with that person?? kakaka!!

  5. Yat, we should have juz leave a note on the windscreen stating u have been featured on…LoL.didn’t i asked u to do so???hahaha…

  6. bobbyhoo >> wah..if u wanna challenge the risk of being sack, i dun mind u go interview the lecturer..LOL

    J@son >> yeah..i should’ve done that..

    acura >> yeah it would..even some otherlecturers told us to scratch it..LOL

    CincauHangus >> hahaha damn smart..but i dun wanna waste my precious energy..petrol expensive now..must save

  7. no point doing harmful things on the car as we are civilised people. what if u were caught on pictures just like how u guys were taking the pictures.

    just plain don’t care attitude. whenever i park, i ensure that sufficient space is there so that my car won’t get scratch or knock when a lousy driver forces its way thru the narrow path

  8. yea yea yat…veli job as web-tv host goes to a point where i interview ppl i aint afriad of approachin..nt some a-le-u-yah guy/gal who doesnt knw to park..or else knws hw to park, but parks inconsiderately..oh well, lets jus c who it is la..perhaps a featured picture of tht person as well?? LOL!! (dis time sure dun kena sack??!)

  9. johnny ong >> yes that’s very true..why would i wanna be an uncivilised person..tsk tsk tsk..

    bobbyhoo >> hahaha..we see la whose car is it..

  10. yea dude. You probably seen me before as well. We even played soccer back in Cochrane, although that’s not a good memory for me ! lol

  11. Bobson >> Not close to that fella la, sorry! Btw he likes to dress so formally on normal days that ppl would have mistaken him as a lecturer.

    Yatz >> I just started blogging. But i think u shud try guessing my identity. U already have enough hints. Now Who am I ?
    oh ya, btw.. u used to have a very short hair in form 6!
    what happen?? U got lost in some jungle for 3-4 years and didn’t cut your hair? haha

  12. Keong >> with your name Keong i think i know who you are..but i forgotten your were in Science 1 izzit?

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