My Hennessy VIP Invites

Went to meet Nuffnang marketing manager, Nicholas to take my Hennessy Artistry VIP invites today..

And the place is no other than Super Kitchen Pan Mee, the usual hangout spot for Nuffies..

Together with Nicholas were Robb and Yee Hou..

And the people who were there for the passes are my coursemates, Jason Lee, Kelvin, and Bobby..

Simon Seow was there as well to take his pass, hence the plan to have lunch together..

*Simon Seow*

*Jason Lee*

*Kelvin a.k.a Wet Wet Water (Sap Sap Sui)*


*The passes I took on behalf of other Nuffnangers*

*In the name of Nuffnang Blogger..Don’t play play*

I heard quite a number of bloggers will be there at Aloha for this event..See you guys there!

Dog For Adoption

Timmy is excellent with family – especially with children..

Very interactive and clever and very human bonding..

Able to understand simple sit, stay and heel..Alert to be a guard dog and good companion.

Interested, please sms Julie : Zero-One-Nine-388 5119, state Timmy..

Will call back after 6pm..Location in USJ..

For more dogs and all can always refer to MN1 – Petzz Corner..

My Bandar Mahkota Cheras Post Comments

Well, after the infamous incident of Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) and I’ve blogged about it here, now there’s another BIG news in town..

A group of thugs prevented residents around that area to remove the newly built barricade at the intersection to the toll free access road..

*Picture taken from The Star Online*

Since the thugs prevented them to remove the barricade, it’s by default a presumption has been made, which is the thugs were hired or worked for Grand Saga Sdn Bhd..

Several residents were taken to hospital due to the face-off..The law is getting no where to protect the civilian..

And it’s not any minor injury..It’s damn freaking serious that might caused the victim to death..

*Taken from Malaysiakini

Worst of all, this guy here, Chang Jiun Haur, is said to be beaten up by a group of FRU personnels..All he did was just checking out what is happening there with his sister and two other friends..

I don’t know but, it seems to me that the Government look more like an organized thug group..They didn’t help the residents and yet beat them up, helped Grand Saga to disperse the crowd from gathering at the barricade, etc etc..

Well anyway, I’m not in a position to comment on this topic now coz it’s still fresh and no any other updated news yet..

I’m here to reply some of the comments I’ve received in my previous BMC entry..

This comment is a bit, fake..I’m afraid it’s the works of certain parties to try to split Malaysians apart, instead of Malays..

It’s not that it’s my first current issue entry after blogging for 3 and a half years..

And those stupid statistics have been circulating around the Net for God knows how long, at least 1-2 years..

Although I’m a Chinese, but I don’t play racial card here..I’ve friends of all races, Chinese, Indians, Malays, Shi’ites, etc etc..And I have friends of different nationalities, Sri Lankan, Palestinian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Indonesian, Nigerian, etc etc..

We all mix up very well together and there’s no racial issue or anything..

I don’t see the need to play racial card, morover I’m a Malaysian myself..Malaysia made up of 3 major races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, and some minorities of Iban, Kadazan, etc etc..

Yes although there are inequalities among us when it comes to special rights and whats not, I don’t see the barrier between races to be friends or work with each other..

I grew up liking to mingle around with Malays during my primary school, and I didn’t slow down on that during my secondary school as well..

Instead of voicing out the so-called bad treatment that non-Malays have received, I think we have to work with each other as one..

I have Malay friends who are not satisfied with the current Government..No they are not from low-income groups, but middle and above..They feel the bad apples in the administration..It’s not right at all..

And I believed we have achieved the true target after so long, that we are all Malaysians..

The 12th General Election tells it all..It shows that parties of different culture and ideology can combine together to work as one..

Just the saying goes, 2 brains better than one..So I don’t see any problem with Islamic party, PAS combine with majority Chinese party, DAP, and also multi-racial party, Keadilan (PKR)..

Well, after 51 years of independence and yet some groups still didn’t grow up from that era..It’s important that all races unite for the better future of Malaysia..

I don’t see why we must object some certain events because it’s against some religion’s law or something..

If you feel so, then for some reasons, other religions for sure would object to the things another religion is going to come up with..Oh heck, what am I talking about, as if you understand..

What I want to say is, I’m proud to be Malaysian..I love my country very much..Look at this comment from an anonymous commentator..

*Screenshot of my Chatterbox*

This “i love malaysia” is so don’t love his/her country at all, here I assumed he/she’s a Malaysian..

It says that, “You can say how fucked-up shitty our police is..but you can’t say how fucked-up shitty our government a proud Malaysian.”

Well, if I don’t like the Government doesn’t meant that I don’t like my country..So does that means that the whole of Pakatan Rakyat damn hate our country? No?

My reply to her/him is I too deep in love of my country, Malaysia that I don’t want to see my country fall in the hand of not-so-smart people..

I would prefer some smarter guys to govern the country and take us high up to another level in the world..

See what happened to Myanmar, the Nargis cyclone or something..See what happened to Sichuan, China, earthquake and landslides caused tens of thousands of people homeless..

It’s natural-disaster everywhere in the world, but Malaysia..Malaysia only gets the usual floods, and accidents..Nothing more than that..Okay, maybe a tsunami or two..

And few landslides and corruptions perhaps..But all of these happened were because of people’s doings..We can improve that..

All I see is nonconstructive comments came from so-called Malaysia loyalists..But deep in their mind, they know nothing bout current issues and world issues..

All they know is to condemn other people and put the blame on whoever they dislike and that’s it..It’s such a fool for them to act like that, dah matang kononnya lah..

Well anyway, I think I’ll stop here and I shall comment more should I receive more nonconstructive comments from bozos..

On top of that, enjoy this song and the meaning of it, rather than just listening to the tune deafly..It’s for us and by us, Malaysians..


Hennessy Artistry Featuring Point Blanc, Bangkok Invaders, and VJ Callen

HENNESSY ARTISTRY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Man, it’s been quite some time since my last hard gay gesture in my blog..

Well anyway, it’s another Hennessy Artistry event not long after the one at Velvet Underground..

This time it’s at Aloha Club at Jalan P. Ramlee, situated next to the new Rum Jungle..

The featured artistes for this event are our homegrown Ipoh Mali dude Point Blanc (ex-Poetic Ammo), Bangkok Invaders, and VJ Callen..

VJ Callen is no stranger to party-goers..He is a member of Altered Image with Terence C and Didjital..They’ve won the Heineken Music Thirst Studio 2005..

Other than music, they’ve always served patrons with their version of cocktails, namely Hennessy Miami, Hennessy Shanghai, Moscow, and Paris..

For more info regarding the happening event and the cocktails (with recipe of course!!), visit their website at Hennessy Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing..

Bad Media Comment For Tiesto-Freedom Rave

First and foremost, I know this is one of the oldest news ever that I want to talk about..

But since this is my blog and I want to record it down for my own reference, I’ll talk about it now..

Okay here goes..

Before the Freedom-08 Rave actually happened on 9th and 10th May 2008, The Star and some other medias have had great comments regarding the party at Port Dickson..

The Star came out with “Beach Blast for Clubbers” in Metro-pullout section..

As you can see the title says, it’s a beach party that’s aimed to clubbers as well as trance, techno, and disco lovers, to enjoy to the tune of one of the world’s finest DJ, DJ Tiesto..

And the comments I’ve heard from friends and read from blogs, the rave was awesome..Possibly the best rave ever in Malaysia shore, compared to UV Nation, Sunway Velocity, and Speedzone 2006, 2007 – 1 & 2, and 2008..

Yes, it’s THAT good, for real..It’s not that Tiesto was here for the first time..He was here back in somewhere 2005/2006 at Sepang in conjunction with the F1-post party..

But then, on Monday paper, dated 12th May, hell loads of bad reviews regarding this Freedom-08 rave..

Read, “Port Dickson Folks Irked By Youths’ Out of Control Behaviour at Rave Event“..

Well, don’t say that I ONLY shoot BN and not any other parties..I’m liberal okay..

Port Dickson assemblyman M.Ravi (PKR) made a visit to the event site and had a culture-shock looking at the situation that took place..

He said that thousands of teenagers, many were drunk, wearing skimpy outfits were misbehaving and involved in substance abuse..

Well for God’s sake, that’s Port Dickson (PD) wtf..I don’t think any sane people would wear jeans or long sleeves at PD..Even if it’s not PD, long sleeves are big no no coz it’s so damn hot at raves..

Well if you want to compared it to XLive which was held at Genting, I think it’s absolutely absurd and astounding..LOL..It’s all common sense..

PD = Beach = Swimwear / Skimpy outfits..

Genting = Cool Weather = Long Pants / Long Sleeves / Full clothing..

It’s said that many got drunk because beers were sold openly and many were still loitering the area at freaking 5am..

Again, in any kind of events like Freedom-08, the biggest sponsor or organizer would be either an alcoholic company, or a cigarette company..So it’s normal for them to sell their products there..

I’ve seen beers sold openly in other events..No bad comments bout it..

Other than beers, they would sell mineral water too, at freaking high price to reduce the consumption of mineral water because substance such as Ecstasy pills will only work with plain water..

Even if they don’t sell alcohol, people still bring their own thing to the event site, just like me and my clubbing kaki..It’s a norm okay..

Many were still loitering the area at 5am wtf..This is one of the most stupid comments I’ve ever heard..

Try to go to Jalan P. Ramlee, Chow Kit, Puduraya, Bukit Bintang, etc etc, lots of people would loiter those areas for freaking no reason at all at freaking 5am~!!!

Even I always lepak at mamak until 5am..Come check my IC lah duh..

PD is an open area, a public beach for tourist to visit..It’s no surprise if there are people there at 5am~!!!

Furthermore, some people might not staying overnight at PD..They traveled back to KL or Melaka or any places in whole of Malaysia..So it would be very jam if ALL of the people leave at the very moment the rave ended..

Also, if there’s any roadblock, whose fault is it if found to be consumed too much of alcohol?? Ours as well..Then there goes few hundred bucks for bribery fine..

Therefore I don’t think the idea of loitering there to fresh up the mind before leaving is bad at all..It’s actually the most conscious and smart way of handling things..

In addition to that, it’s said that many were too drunk and had to be carried to their cars..

Oh c’mon..Try to go to Jalan P. Ramlee, Sunway, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Hartamas, Bangsar, etc etc..I bet there ARE MORE people being carried away from the clubs..

And talk about substance abuse..Just make a raid to Ruums KL, Thai Club, Beach Club, Maison, and even karaoke outlets Redbox and Neway, you’ll find loads of people trapped in wonderland for consuming pills..

No joke!! I’ve seen with my eyes where a bunch of Ah Bengs consumed some pills in the toilet in Redbox..

I’ve been to Redbox for ONLY 5 times in my whole life so far..And guess what I saw..Perhaps it’s my lucky day..

Now they want more stringent rules for events in PD wtf..And at the same time, the government IS promoting a debut rave party in Ipoh wtf..Contradicting, no?

And assemblyman M.Ravi urged the public to bring back a cleaner and serene Port Dickson, by reducing BEST improper events such as Freedom-08 to avoid any bad image that would brought to PD..

Oh well, if not because of Freedom-08, who would ever wanted to go to PD for its infamous dirty beach and all??? There are loads more nice places of nature to hang-out compared to PD..

Well, Freedom-08 IS not the first rave in Malaysia and it will NOT be the last neither..Do more homeworks assemblymen..

Traffic Offender – Petrol Station

Well this is not really a traffic offender but it really annoyed me..

This car, stopped just beside the air pump, but the driver was NOT there in the car nor pumping air into the tyres..

I can’t believe people could just park their car there but not using the facility, where as people like me wanted to use it urgently..

Then, the driver came back to the car..Okay so he went to the washroom, that’s why the car being left there..

Okay, I forgave him..But then, this thing irate me once again, he talked on his cellphone, right there at the petrol kiosk..

Well yeah, although he’s quite far from the petrol pump machine, but still, I just couldn’t resist to snap a pic of his car..

*Toyota Vios – BJV 8999*

Most of the times accident happens is because of recklessness..

This recklessness might resulted in lighting the petrol station into flame and causes damages to nearby area, which are housing area..

This is the Shell Station right before the Taman Pertama roundabout (now under-construction)..