Hennessy Artistry @ Velvet Underground

Last Friday, I got an invitation from Nuffnang to go to a Hennessy Artistry event at Velvet Underground @ Zouk, with other fellow bloggers..

I’ve been to numerous Hennessy Artistry events and they were at Zouk KL, Soda Bar at Hartamas, and it’s my first time in Velvet Underground..

Mind you, I went in with a Media Pass..Nuffnang now considered as a new medium of media..Yay~!

Well, I shall let the pics to do the talkings..

*Was there with Michelle, her bf, and Naoki (or is it Aoki? In checkered sewater vest)*

*The bottle of Hennessy VSOP for us*

*Michelle (still in sober state) and me*

*Josephine and I*

*A table reserved for us, bloggers from Nuffnang*

*Mohjito, I guess*

Yes, we have a table reserved for us from Nuffnang and a bottle of Hennessy VSOP..The bottle was done for the night at about 12-midnight..

We have free flow of Mohjito (spelt something like that..Pronounced as moh-hee-toh) until 11pm..

*That’s DJ Keri or something from the States, Florida if I’m not mistaken*

*The crowd of invited guests and medias and VIPs*

*That’s Michelle after she got pissed drunk*

Michelle got quite drunk and eventually slept there and then for like at least 2 hours wtf..

Then, we got some other bloggers in the house to rock the house..

Namely KinkyBlueFairy, ShaolinTiger, KY, Kimberlycun, FA, Simon Seow, Suanie, and Chris Tock..

*The gang, from left – Simon, Me, FA, KY*

*ShaolinTiger and I*

*That’s Suanie with the middle finger*

*KY and I*

*VIP Pass wei..Don’t play play*

The event was so so..Not my type of music I guess..

Was expecting R&B from from my Velvet virginity..Guess my Velvet cherry popped on the wrong day..

All in all it was quite fun..You’ll never go wrong with the right group or people..

And about the bottle of VSOP, I guess it kicked real hard..I didn’t had much..All Michelle sapu-ed..LOL..

Was hoping for more events in the future..Kekekeke..

14 thoughts on “Hennessy Artistry @ Velvet Underground

  1. joshuaong >> LOL..we shall see :P

    mIcheLLe >> *ahem* clean up my room please *with a hand holding a stack of her drunkard pics*

    Rachel >> ahahaha..that’s a 1 time off..no more 2nd take :P

  2. eh you’re one of the person!! michelle plans to hunt u down with a sniper!! DONT SCARE!! i’ll hire those bodyguards who “protected” edison chen to protect you!!! DO IT!! POST THE SECOND POST!! we all want to see more pics of *ahem* =)

  3. joshuaongys >> LOL!!

    CoolerFuzz >> yes that’s why i thought of giving it to you and Dandelion..never mind..next time la..hehehe..

    adry azad >> abuthen :P

    Simon Seow >> why dun you say so..we help you gao dim ma :P

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