Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang

Last Sunday, a group of bloggers (which was me and the fellowship *ahem*), went for a gangbang orgy sexcapade..

We did it right there and then at Cineleisure Damansara..

In case if you saw a group of crazy or obnoxious people snapping photos and very noisy *ahem* there that day..

Definitely were us, Maybe not..You get what I meant?

*The people*

Sitting from left there’s Nadia, Hwei Ming, David Cheong, and Sheon..

Standing behind there’s Pam Song, Kelz, and Aronil..

*Some others*

From left, Stanley, Joshua, and Michelle..

*The one standing tall is Yap Thomas*

*Promoting FREE mobilephone wtf – by David*

From left, me, CincauHangus, David Cheong, Stanley, and Joshua..

*By Nadia*

*Caught in the act makaning McD – by David*

*The movie tickets~!! – by Cincau*

*Nadia and Nigel trying out their cams*

*Hwei Ming teaching the staff how to use a DSLR*

*Look to the front la duh*

*That’s us – by Hwei Ming*

Front left, Cincau, Me, Pam, Michelle, Amy, Kelz, Nadia, Aronil, Dillon, Joshua, Nigel, and Randy..

Back left, Thomas, Hwei Ming, Stanley, David, and Sheon..

*That’s Definitely Maybe – by Nadia*

*In the cinema wooot – by Nadia*

All in all, the movie is quite nice..I would give it a 8/10 for the storyline and plot..

It’s quite funny and an unexpected ending, not like the usual lovey dovey romance movies..

*Nigel and Dillon*

*Amy, Nadia, Me, Thomas*

*Kelz, Pam, Aronil – by Cincau*

*Nadia, Nigel, Amy, Randy, David – by Cincau*

*Me explaining how we should conquer Innit for 1 day – by Cincau*

*Yamcha session at Lan Kwai Fong @ The Curve*

Here’s for laugh of the day..

I’m looking forward to another bloggers outing..Anyone in for the next time?

23 thoughts on “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang

  1. CincauHangus >> :P

    sue me >> time la k..

    Nigel >> tahan lasak wtf? tarak mau damn weak 1..

    pamsong >> woo hooo..

    aronil >> yes i was..and it’s not wash your hand or go buy McD

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  3. Heh, would love to be in for the next blogger’s meeting. Dependin on the venue though, the first meeting’s venue was way too inconvenient for me to go T_T

  4. SJ >> LOL..and a few more XD

    Jac >> oh really? we shall see after this :D

    littlepolaris >> dun let gather there never mind la..we go promote other places..say, Pavillion :D

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