Victoria Lindsay Beaten Up By 6 Girls

Another infamous girl bully video made its way into the World Wide Web..But this time around, it’s not from Kuching, Sarawak nor Singapore..

It’s from the so-called highly-developed country, USA (read You Suck Ass)..

A 16-years old cheerleader, Victoria Lindsay from Lakeland, Florida, was assaulted by 8 teens, 6 girls beat her up while 2 guys served as ‘lookout’ for them..

The attackers are April Cooper (14), Brittini Hardcastle (17), Kayla Hassell (15), Britney Mayes (17), Cara Murphy (16), Mercades Nichols (16), and the 2 guys Zachary Ashley (17) and Stephen Schumaker (18)..

It’s said that Victoria was lured into a friend’s house to record the their brutal assault..

According to news reports, it’s said that arguments on Myspace postings and SMSes that had sparked the assault..

The assault lasted for about 35-minutes and the teens dropped her off at another location, and warned her not make any police report, or the next beating would be worse..

Victoria has been left with a concussion, a damaged eye and multiple bruises all over her..


*The beating video*


*Victoria Lindsay’s parents talking to reporters*

In the video they explained roughly on how the fight sparked up and there’s also a photo of Victoria Lindsay, before beaten up of course..

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18 thoughts on “Victoria Lindsay Beaten Up By 6 Girls

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  2. that is crazy i dnt know the full story obviously but thas nasty if i lived in america id do some fuked up things to those b****es those lads look like right pre-pubity mugs

  3. K seriously guys, we don’t need gangster-wanna-be-talk in the comments, seriously! That’s so childish and immature! What a bunch of little kids. >:(

  4. Echo,
    ur saying its immature to talk trash in comments …. Its also immature for 8 people to gang up on 1 person is immature && childish . so just shutup

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