Lim Kee Pan Mee @ Taman Taynton View

Now, here’s another Pan Mee entry from me..I guess Pan Mee is the main food in my food category..

Perhaps Pan Mee could be found everywhere in KL’s corner, no?

Okay, here’s Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taman Taynton View in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur..

You know, the same row with the famous Jin Man Fish Ball Noodle in Taman Taynton also..

*Restoran Lim Kee Pan Mee*

There’s one thing different with this Pan Mee compared to some others..

Lim Kee serve the usual Pan Mee and also Pork Noodle..Otherwise, you can have Pork Pan Mee fusion..

That’s actually Pan Mee with normal pork noodle ingredients, i.e pork balls, minced pork, etc..

*The soup based normal Pan Mee*

*Dried Pork Pan Mee*

*Additional Sui Gao (dumpling)*

You can add-on Sui Gao or pork balls, but with minimum of 2 pieces of Sui Gao which cost RM2, RM1 for each..

I’m not pretty sure bout the pork ball but I think it costs almost RM0.50 per piece, and it’s so so only..

With RM1, I could have 6-pieces of tender pork balls at Taman Miharja Pan Mee..So I always give Lim Kee’s pork ball a go and order Sui Gao instead..


The price is quite reasonable, not especially expensive..

A normal Pan Mee or normal Pork Noodle would costs around RM4 for small and about RM4.80 for big, if I’m not mistaken..

For Pork Pan Mee fusion would costs slightly more, somewhere RM4.50 for small and maybe RM5.30 for big..Couldn’t really remember the price..

I would recommend this for a try, if you are in for Pan Mee and Pork Noodle..

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KL Olympic Torch Relay

It’s the Olympic Torch Relay happened here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..

It’s only the second time the torch reach our shore, where the first time was in 1964 when the Olympic Games was held in Tokyo, Japan..Correct me the year if I’m wrong..

It just happened that I passed by Bukit Bintang, wanted to hang around Sungei Wang on Monday with Hikaru..

Then we came across whole bunch of people crowded the Golden Triangle..

Only I remembered it was the Olympic Torch Relay thingy, coming from Dataran Merdeka, to Bukit Bintang, then up to KL Tower and down, then stop at KLCC..

If I’m not mistaken, it’s in that particular order..

*The Samsung Roadshow*

*Lots of huge balloons*

Other than those HUGE balloons, they were giving out Samsung-mini flags and Balloon Stix..

*The Samsung Olympic Beijing 2008 mini flag*

*The Balloon Stix*

There were many many times we were conned that the runner has arrived, but it turned out to be some other people parading the street..

No don’t worry..It’s not another stupid Tibet protester or something..It’s a planned street parade by the organisers..

*Some cyclists arrived at the entrance of Sungei Wang*

*All people waiting eagerly*

Well, I’ve been trying and trying and trying to upload the video of the street parade and the torch bearer on Youtube..

But it failed many times..Seems like Youtube has banned anything with Olympic content..A movement to support Tibet in the name of justice and fair? Bullshit I would say..

Americans and lots of Westerners are total bullshit in the course of protesting the Olympic Games when it’s nearing..

They don’t know anything bout Tibet and China and yet they sabotaged the internal relationship of both countries..

As we always know, Westerners are always the one that stirred things up, instead of promoting peace or whatsoever..

The more war a country got involved, the more they benefited from it..That’s total globalisation..

So instead, I’ve printscreen some of the scenes from my video..


*Policemen blocking the people from getting in the way of the relay*

*Marina Mahathir carrying the Olympic Torch*

*The securities that followed her and the parade*

*Real Chinese from China giving their support*

*It was crowded as you can see*

*Some China chicks..LOL*

*Chinese roam the street giving their support*

*Me trying to say something but snapped on pic*

Not long after that, it was raining elephants and hippopotamuses..With lions and tigers roaring in the sky..

And we headed home as well..

Consider fortunate to bumped onto such historic event, no?

Hennessy Artistry @ Velvet Underground

Last Friday, I got an invitation from Nuffnang to go to a Hennessy Artistry event at Velvet Underground @ Zouk, with other fellow bloggers..

I’ve been to numerous Hennessy Artistry events and they were at Zouk KL, Soda Bar at Hartamas, and it’s my first time in Velvet Underground..

Mind you, I went in with a Media Pass..Nuffnang now considered as a new medium of media..Yay~!

Well, I shall let the pics to do the talkings..

*Was there with Michelle, her bf, and Naoki (or is it Aoki? In checkered sewater vest)*

*The bottle of Hennessy VSOP for us*

*Michelle (still in sober state) and me*

*Josephine and I*

*A table reserved for us, bloggers from Nuffnang*

*Mohjito, I guess*

Yes, we have a table reserved for us from Nuffnang and a bottle of Hennessy VSOP..The bottle was done for the night at about 12-midnight..

We have free flow of Mohjito (spelt something like that..Pronounced as moh-hee-toh) until 11pm..

*That’s DJ Keri or something from the States, Florida if I’m not mistaken*

*The crowd of invited guests and medias and VIPs*

*That’s Michelle after she got pissed drunk*

Michelle got quite drunk and eventually slept there and then for like at least 2 hours wtf..

Then, we got some other bloggers in the house to rock the house..

Namely KinkyBlueFairy, ShaolinTiger, KY, Kimberlycun, FA, Simon Seow, Suanie, and Chris Tock..

*The gang, from left – Simon, Me, FA, KY*

*ShaolinTiger and I*

*That’s Suanie with the middle finger*

*KY and I*

*VIP Pass wei..Don’t play play*

The event was so so..Not my type of music I guess..

Was expecting R&B from from my Velvet virginity..Guess my Velvet cherry popped on the wrong day..

All in all it was quite fun..You’ll never go wrong with the right group or people..

And about the bottle of VSOP, I guess it kicked real hard..I didn’t had much..All Michelle sapu-ed..LOL..

Was hoping for more events in the future..Kekekeke..

Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang

Last Sunday, a group of bloggers (which was me and the fellowship *ahem*), went for a gangbang orgy sexcapade..

We did it right there and then at Cineleisure Damansara..

In case if you saw a group of crazy or obnoxious people snapping photos and very noisy *ahem* there that day..

Definitely were us, Maybe not..You get what I meant?

*The people*

Sitting from left there’s Nadia, Hwei Ming, David Cheong, and Sheon..

Standing behind there’s Pam Song, Kelz, and Aronil..

*Some others*

From left, Stanley, Joshua, and Michelle..

*The one standing tall is Yap Thomas*

*Promoting FREE mobilephone wtf – by David*

From left, me, CincauHangus, David Cheong, Stanley, and Joshua..

*By Nadia*

*Caught in the act makaning McD – by David*

*The movie tickets~!! – by Cincau*

*Nadia and Nigel trying out their cams*

*Hwei Ming teaching the staff how to use a DSLR*

*Look to the front la duh*

*That’s us – by Hwei Ming*

Front left, Cincau, Me, Pam, Michelle, Amy, Kelz, Nadia, Aronil, Dillon, Joshua, Nigel, and Randy..

Back left, Thomas, Hwei Ming, Stanley, David, and Sheon..

*That’s Definitely Maybe – by Nadia*

*In the cinema wooot – by Nadia*

All in all, the movie is quite nice..I would give it a 8/10 for the storyline and plot..

It’s quite funny and an unexpected ending, not like the usual lovey dovey romance movies..

*Nigel and Dillon*

*Amy, Nadia, Me, Thomas*

*Kelz, Pam, Aronil – by Cincau*

*Nadia, Nigel, Amy, Randy, David – by Cincau*

*Me explaining how we should conquer Innit for 1 day – by Cincau*

*Yamcha session at Lan Kwai Fong @ The Curve*

Here’s for laugh of the day..

I’m looking forward to another bloggers outing..Anyone in for the next time?

Eunice’s Birthday @ Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Piramid

Okay I know this is super delay but here goes..Happy Belated birthday to Eunice..LOL

We celebrated at Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Piramid..It’s above Kim Gary if you don’t know where’s the place..

*Eunice Chee the birthday girl*

*Chee Yan (or something) is doing Matrix pose*

*Hikaru doing Shadow Hands skill*

*Soba with slice beef*

*Yakiniku rice or something*

*My don’t know what Prawn Rice*

*Assorted flavour of Sushi*

*Everyone eats with full attention*

*Cute Eri*

*My bowl of Prawn Rice..PRAWNED~!*

That’s all I’ve snapped from Sushi Zanmai..The taste?

As a non-Sushi lover, the Prawn Rice was so so..It’s so, Sushi-ish?

The soup soba with slice beef was good..I love noodles..You can pick either udon, soba, or ramen for the soup noodles..

The price? The price was okay..Quite reasonable I would say..

There’s small and big portion..The small portion costs roughly less than RM10 for almost all of the rice or noodle sets..And slightly double the price for big portion..

I would recommend you to try small portion with different ingredients instead of ordering the large one..

*I random snap Eunice sempat pose lagi*

*Josephine and I*

*Sabrina the Cyclops*

*Another long shutter pic*

*I’m not sure what’s Chee Yan doing and I don’t want to know..LOL*

*Camwhores and camgigolos*

Roughly that’s how we celebrated Eunice’s 22nd birthday..Is it 22nd birthday?

Anyway, happy holiday to UCSI students..Muahahaha..

Anyone wants to go out for lunch or yamcha at night :P

PC Fair April 2008 – Part 3, Good Stuff [Finale]

Here’s the finale of PC Fair April 2008..

A bit more chicks and the good stuff I’ve got myself..

Like I told you, I’ve never failed to get myself something from the PC Fair..Most of it are quite a bargain..

But this time around, I would say it’s a STEAL~!!

*Looking for more stuffs* 

*BenQ best* 

*Hikaru and I* 

*Don’t know why Josephine look so anticipated in this PC Fair* 

*Price list war* 

*Gaming girl* 

*The girls*

I’ve forgotten which company thee girls representing..They were standing right at the exit door in Hall 5..

*IBM – I Buaya Mu* 

*Adrian Liew*

This is my friend Adrian Liew, working for SONY that day..

He’s some kinda freelance head hunter..Find him for part-time jobs, i.e – sampling promoter, usherer, so on..

Then he told me there’s a REAL good offer going on, but it’s only for early birds..

So the next day, Sunday morning, I went to KLCC again with Hikaru, in the morning to queue up..Forgive us for our kiasuness..

*The crowd in the morning*

All these were the staff..Only staff were permitted to go in at 10am..

The entrance only opened to public at 11am..So everyone else other than the staff were queue-ing up for like hours..

Some even reached there at 8am, I heard so..That’s super kiasu..

*This is the booth, HWM Mag*

So the answer is this, HWM Magazine..A tech-filled magazine..You subscribe the mag for 1 year for RM144 and you would be given a 120GB Memorex Poratble HDD worth RM280 for FREE..

But that only applied to first 100 customers and the first 20 customers were given additional freebie..A KingSoft Office software worth RM300++..

That’s like you pay RM144 for stuffs worth RM700 wtf..It’s a freaking STEAL~!!

Luckily, Hikaru and I were in line of 84 and 85..That’s lots of effort okayyyy..

*The Nvidia girls beside HWM booth* 

*My Memorex baby* 

*Not bad specs okay..Good stuff*