Nuffnang Pajama Party @ BBC – Part 3, Vids, Dawn Yang, and Winners

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not..

Now now, wait no more and proceed to pics and more pics..

*Ginny the French maid and Emily the Policewoman*

*The crowd watching a featured video*

It’s actually a compilation video of birthday wishes of bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore..

Credits and million thanks to the bloggers involved..



*Everyone busy taking pics when Malaysian Dream Girl finalists were on stage* 

*That’s professional photographer Kid Chan doing some stunts on stage*

*Daffy Duck is hot? Hmm..Not quite sure*

By the way, that’s Kennysia’s boxers and yes, that’s Kennysia’s butt and bulu legs..

*I like the 3rd girl from right..If not mistaken her name is Fiqa*

*How could I ever forget Ringo a.k.a Cheesie (in yellow) :D *

These are the only pics that are clear in my collection..Think I’ve used the wrong mode in snapping the pics..

Plus my hands were shaky because I somewhat skipped my dinner..

Well, all the best to Ringo..

Check out Malaysia’s first online model search at if you have not..

*Valerie the Chipster girl*

Valerie was the eventual winner for Best Pajama Entry, and got herself an Ipod Touch..

*KY won the Lumix in the bidding game*

KY got a stack of Nuffnang cash which he claimed to be around NN8000, which was about 800 pieces..

He got himself the Panasonic Lumix and he is damn happy with it..

*Xiaxue and Kellster*

Kellster was the highest bidder for the prize of “To be featured in Xiaxue’s Blog”..

*Sheylara and Nadnut (yellow pants)*

Nadnut from Singapore was the eventual winner for the third and last Lumix that night..

And she got to be featured in as a freebie with the Lumix..

And that’s Sheylara, who sang the BESTEST birthday song to Nuffnang at the end of the compilation video..

*Dawn Yang on stage for another bidding game*

The hot and sexy Dawn Yang was on stage for another bidding game..

The highest bidder gets a kiss by Dawn Yang..Now I think this is one of the thing to die for :P

And the highest bidder was Roshann..


Well honestly, I would die for Dawn Yang’s kiss if I were to choose between featured in Xiaxue or Kennysia..

But believe it or not, I would prefer to choose a Lumix over Dawn Yang’s kiss..

*Jonathan, the Macbook winner for Most Chipster Packs In A Blog Entry*

Find his entry HERE..Stop counting..He has 400 packs of Chipsters in his room..

*David Lian, winner for Quirkiest Blog Entry*

Check HERE to see his entry..Yes he has got a Nintendo Wii for that category, which I’m also aiming for that..Sigh..

And that wraps up the whole party..

It ended at about 10pm and I must say it’s a success..

Went to Pavillion’s Coffee Bean for yamcha session after that and headed to Bar Club at Heritage Row..

I’m not sure bout you guys but I’m having a hard time there..It’s so damn boring, I mean at Bar Club..

The Pajama Party was awesome..Am looking forward for next year’s which 99.99% will be held in Singapore..

Nuffnang Pajama Party @ Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) – Part 2, Kicks Off

Continue from Part 1..The party kicked off with some ice-breaking games..

*The Nuffies were introduced to the crowd for their hardwork*

First off, the crowd were told to steal Tim‘s pillow and went on the stage to claim his/her prize..

Tim was smart where he threw his pillow into the back of the club..Fortunately no sound of broken glasses were heard..

*That’s Sheon trying to shoot Policewoman Emily*

Then the emcee, Liang, told Ming to run as fast as he could, for then he told the crowd to steal Ming‘s sock..

One fella stole it and went up stage to claim his prize..Then, Liang told him to take a 2-seconds sniff on the sock which entitled him another prize..


He did looked like he’s addicted to the ‘fragrance’ of the sock as his body trembled like a drug addict..LOL..

Then, the crowd were told to steal Nicholas‘ slippers, which in the end 2 bloggers got 1 and went up on stage..

To decide who’s the winner, they were told to do push-ups, with a girl on their back..

*Guy from PJ (left) with French maid Ginny on top and guy from Sarawak (right) with Nurse Natalife on top*


*Here’s what they did*

After all that, patrons were given 10-pieces of Nuffnang Cash each for some bidding games later on..

The rules are bet with the Nuffnang Cash on games like ‘Thumb Wrestling’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’..

*All girls but me*

Supposed all of the girl Nuffies were to sit there to give out the Nuffnang Cash..

I don’t know why Ming asked me to sit there to give out as well..I don’t think girl would be excited to see me in my sarong though..

*That’s KY thumb wrestling with David Lian the Chipster Guy*

*That’s me Rock-Paper-Scissors-ing with don’t know who LOL*

After all the commotions, people leisure around and camwhoring wtf..

*The kinky Nuffies posed for photographers*

*Hikaru with Shin Chan and Aronil*

*Me with Nurse Natalie Fong*

Then moved on with some other games..I’ll call it “The Name Tag”..

Everyone was given a wrist tag, green for singles and red for taken..

Each of the tag has a name on it such as Superman (mine), Tarzan, Hans Solo, Prince Charming, and Brad Pitt for guys, and their partners Lois Lane, Jane, Princess Leia, Snow White, and Angelina Jolie respectively, and few others..

So when names were called out, you have to find your partner to go up stage to claim the prizes..

*That’s me with my Lois Lane on stage*

Any other thing I shall continue on in Part 3 :P


Nuffnang Pajama Party @ Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) – Part 1, Pre-Heat

It was the day that most Nuffnangers were waiting for, on 15th March 2008 at Borneo Baruk Club (BBC), Kuala Lumpur..

It’s Nuffnang’s 1st Anniversary Birthday Bash Pajama Party~!!

The party was the bomb..It’s been quite a while since I’ve joined so many events or party at clubs..

Okay, maybe because I’m partially affiliated with Nuffnang that’s why I enjoyed myself..

Well, the party started off quite quietly and most people weren’t in their pajama suit..

As time passed by and the registration was almost done, the feeling and ambient was there..

Approximately 200 Malaysian bloggers and 100 Singaporean bloggers attended the party..Also not to forget the media and press..

As time went on, people started to mingle around and chit chat a if they knew each other..

Well, the feeling is a bit weird, for some newbies, for some particular reasons..And yes it’s true..

You’ve been reading that few particular blogs for so long and it seems that you knew that few bloggers very well..

But in truth, you actually don’t know that person personally..Or I mean, haven’t met face to face before..

But anyway, here’s the story..

By the way, sorry for all the blurry pics..Didn’t really had my dinner that night..Too excited wtf..

*The moment when Nuffies arrived to set up the place*

*A rough picture of that place before it got crowded*

*This is where Nuffies put their belongings*

This corner was a mess..With all the goodie bads and our bags everywhere over the place..

Then a friend whom I’ve invited to join a bloggers gathering and a party of history-in-the-making, Yvonne Lee, together with her friend Ione a.k.a Sylphalyn..

*Me and Yvonne*

*Me and Sylphalyn*

As time went on, more and more people arrived, such as the guy with FULL Gear-Chipster pajama, David Lian..

*David Lian’s Chipster pajama*

And also not to forget, the usherettes that were hired just for the event, namely Natalie Fong (nurse), Ginny (French maid), Lizzie (student), and the policewoman, Emily Chai..

*L>R – Emily, Ginny, Natalie*

*Hikaru with Shin Chan*

*Here’s me with my pajama of sarong with long sleeve shirt*

*The crowd is getting better with more people and more pajamas*

*That’s not all..More to come*

*Su Ann (Paul Frank pajama) and Hui Wen (Su Ann’s left) are both rushing here and there*

*Even Shin Chan wants to take a pic*

*The emcee Liang kicks off the event with a blast*

The event started at around 7pm where almost all of the attendees have arrived..

And I shall continue that Part 2..

What Do You Think About Me (Tag)

List out Top 5 present you wish for :-

  1. A DSLR..Perhaps a Nikon D80 or Canon 450D for beginner..A 2nd-hand Canon 40D is not bad too..
  2. A Macbook Pro
  3. Full DVD collection of my all-time favourite anime (i.e – Dragonball Series, Saint Seiya Series, Studio Ghibli’s, Slam Dunk, Doraemon, etc)
  4. Full collection of mangas that I like (i.e – Captain Tsubasa, Dragonball, Yu Yu Hakusho, Slam Dunk, Doraemon, etc)
  5. A new slightly-high specs PC (i.e Intel 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 300GB HDD, 4GB DDR2 RAM, Asus 8800 GT 512 RAM, etc)

The person who tagged me is : Evolna

Your 5 impressions of him/her:

  • Pretty
  • Easy-going
  • Not a person to mess with because she can get angry wtf (??)
  • Loves shopping (which girl doesn’t?)
  • Romantic (??)

She asked me to do this tag?

She’ll most likely not coming to KL for Nuffnang’s Pajama Party because she can’t stay out overnight wtf

Ask her to come to KL for Nuffnang’s Pajama Party..LOL

Because she’s not coming to Nuffnang Pajama Party? Joking le :P


  1. Mun Yee (wahahaha)
  2. CoolerClub
  3. Michelle Chin
  4. Sharon
  5. Cai Jin


I don’t know..Jamie?


Not sure whether they are lesbians..



Who’s school? Don’t think so..

Only if we go out..

Only if we go out..

No but members..

Ex-colleagues and collegemate..

Sungai Buloh, KL (or is it Selangor?)..

Duh..Read Q12..

Not sure..Have to check with my own eyes..

Outcome of Losing The 5 States

After the aftermath of General Election (GE) 2008, a lot of things happened in these few days..

So what are the consequences of BN losing that 5 states to the Opposition?

On Monday 10th of March 2008, the stock market trading back to business after the weekend, the KL Composite Index (KLCI) fell about 10% after lunch time..

The market closed at 1,117.2, a drop of 123.11 points..Mostly related to government linked companies (GLC) such as Malaysian Resources Corp, UEM World Bhd, and Sime Darby..

For Penang state, newly sworn Chief Minister (CM) Lim Guan Eng vowed to run the state government administration free from the New Economic Policy that only breeds cronyism, corruption and systematic inefficiency..

*Remember this face..Penang’s Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng*

Lim Guan Eng also waived all summonses issued by the local councils against hawkers and parking offenders before 11th March..This is a good move from him..

It will not only win the hearts of Penangites but also clear off old accounts and start a fresh one without headache..

As for PAS Kedah, they offered DAP a state exco post as a sign of gratitude to help them get the support of the Chinese..

The Perak MB post, will be decided by the Sultan of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah whether he wants to follow the tradition of a Malay Muslim to be the MB or, waived the regulation and give way to the first ever Chinese MB..

*Leaders of DAP-PAS-PKR Perak gather in Istana Kinta to seek an audience Raja Nazrin Shah*

As for BN people, a lot of them couldn’t take it directly..Some know what they are doing, some still don’t know what they should do, and some ended their lives..

Surprisingly, controversial Port Klang assemblyman Zakaria Deros died of heart-attack at 2.30am..

Zakaria is infamous for his mansion, and he also didn’t pay assessment for another property of his for 12 years..

*40,000 sq m of land for his mansion*

His mansion has 21 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, including 11 that occupied by each of his children, as well as a VIP room, three living rooms, a dining hall and a prayer room..

The house also has a swimming pool, several gazebos, an orchard, a two-hole golf lawn, an office, a storeroom, two rooms for maids as well as a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen..

I guess he can’t accept the fact that the Opposition has taken over Selangor state from BN..He might pee in his pants if he’s still alive shall the new state government check the account book or such..

We shall see if the Opposition will demolish that mansion or use it for other purpose..I say it would be a nice recreation centre for the state excos..

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting will not nominate himself for any Cabinet position following the party’s performance in the general election..

Well it’s good for him to walk the Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon way rather than walk the Samy way, still haven’t wake up from his sleep..

As for PM and his deputy Najib and son in-law Khairy, have finally realised that corruption and high cost of living are the main reasons why the Malays parted UMNO and supported the DAP-PAS-PKR coalition instead..

They have realised and waken up is one thing..Will they fix it in a proper manner is another thing..

Now that Penang, Selangor, and Perak, among the states that have developed quite tremendously under BN ruling, will these 3 states get help from the Federal Government?

Penang is in need of Federal Government’s fund to build the Penang Second Bridge..

Now this is a reminder to all people..IF the 5 state government can’t really develop well in the next 4-5 years, it might not be their problem..

It’s a problem whether the Federal Government will help them to develop by giving them sufficient fund from Petronas, Malaysia’s money-making company..

Now that new CM Lim Guan Eng is very anticipated to continue on with the Penang Second Bridge, it’s up to PM whether to provide him USD 940million to do it..

If Lim Guan Eng didn’t get the money, don’t blame the new CM..Blame the PM..

So you all know what to do in the next general election right? Just fulfill BN’s wish..

Make it a reality to give the Opposition a 2/3 majority and overthrow BN..That will smoothen the development of the country..Agree, no? We shall see..

BN has forgotten that we, Malaysians don’t have to listen to them in order to woo foreign investors because we need to show investors the stability of our country’s politic and economy..

Well, we just have to give the Opposition a 2/3 majority and everything will be stable as whoever wants it to be..

And on the bright side, DAP-PAS-PKR coalition would help us to realize the Malaysian dream, where no discrimination among races and no more special privileges whatsoever shit..

We are Malaysians and we live as a Malaysian..All people are equal and there’s no special privilege thingy ever..

I can foresee that to happen in the next 10 years..

The Malaysia General Election 2008 Aftermath

Now that the 12th General Election has passed..

Results were all out and to which party holds which seats or states and whatsoever..

First off, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon offered to step down as Gerakan’s acting president but there’ll be no significant successor after him..

If you don’t know, Gerakan has lost all of the seats they have contested in Penang..

Even MCA and MIC were all wiped out, Johnson & Johnson’s clean and clear..UMNO won 2 seats though..

That aside, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng will be sworn in as Penang Chief Minister (CM) on Tuesday..

*Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon handing over Batu Kawan to rival Dr P. Ramasamy of DAP* 

PKR’s secretary-general Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who outwit Datuk Tan Chai Ho at Bandar Tun Razak, will be appointed as Selangor’s Mentri Besar (MB) under his victorious Ijok state seat..

*Dream come true* 

He has promised radical changes in Selangor and we shall see what he can do after all the bullshits we saw in MPPJ and other things in Selangor..

Now we shall see who’s going to be the Perak’s MB, because DAP has won the most state seats in Perak, with 18 out of Opposition’s 31 seats (PAS-6..PKR-7)..

I don’t think there’s any rule or law stated that no Chinese can be appointed as MB right?

Even UMNO tried to take over Penang’s CM post when Gerakan was strong in the past terms..

*Big winner Teresa Kok, won Seputeh by 36.6k votes majority* 

Anyway, this is interesting..Shall DAP candidate take over as Perak MB or PAS or PKR? We should follow-up on this..

As for Kedah, state PAS Commissioner Azizan Abdul Razak was sworn in as the 9th Kedah MB at 3.30pm on Sunday..Now that’s fast..

Well, no argument for Kelantan as it’s PAS’ stronghold, with 38 seats out of 45..It will be no other than Nik Aziz to be the MB..

*Nik Aziz, the man of PAS*

Alright, opposition stories all done..What about BN’s small majority?

As for MIC, other than 3 candidates, every single other MIC candidates were all completely wiped out..Almost equivalent to total loss..

This in turn shows that Indians know how to think already, all thanks to Hindraf..

If not because of Hindraf, I think most Indians would still be supporting BN..Without any benefits, they just have to choose BN..

Now, with the combination of DAP and PKR, there’s always alternative to their rescue..

All in all, MIC has fielded 28 candidates for both state and Parliamentary seats..As for DAP and PKR altogether, they have fielded 24 and 19 candidates respectively..

Now who says that there’s no future for Indians if there’s no MIC?

By the way, did MIC birthday-boy leader do anything good for the Indians?

All he did was building toll plazas, repairing highways and building without finding out the cause or ask for warranty, but he asked from the Government to pay for his mistakes..

It’s like, your father gave you money to send your car to service..After service you found out that your car has problem..

You went over to the workshop, you told the mechanic what’s wrong with it and ask for the price to fix it again..

Then without hesitation you ask for money again from your father and just pay a bit to the workshop and you keep some for yourself for self-entertainment of DOTA in cybercafes..

There will be lesser Indians in the Cabinet and Abdullah has to do something about it to balance back BN’s weighing-scale..

As a matter of fact, BN has a lot of work to do to boost up the supports from the people, with lots of new faces in the Cabinet..

With Samy Vellu, Datuk Seri Shahrizat, Tan Chai Ho, Koh Tsu Koon, Fu Ah Kiow, Datuk Kayveas, and many others OUT of their respective seats, I think we can expect the son-in-law to be appointed in the Cabinet..

*Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah, a newcomer, outwit Datuk Seri Shahrizat at Lembah Pantai* 

Talk about the son-in-law, and the father-in-law we are talking about, thanks to their voices in due to Opposition’s victory..

If not because they were so arrogant, they might have win few more Parliamentary seats..

I still remember Abdullah urged Chinese to support MCA and not to be cheated by Opposition’s sweet words..

He said that Chinese can only voice out through MCA and Chinese won’t be listened through Oppositions..Wtf?

Who are you to tell us that we can’t voice out through Opposition? How if the Opposition who took over the majority seats? *stares at Abdullah*

It’s NOT which party we need it to help us out..But it’s you Abdullah *points at him* who needs our votes wtf..We, Malaysians are the one that fulfilled your wish to be the PM..

How if Anwar becomes Malaysia’s PM? Not bad eh..

*Still smiling wtf* 

Same to oh-so wise guy Datuk Seri Najib..He also threaten the people of Kelantan..

If Kelantan want to be developed, hence must choose BN..Otherwise, no development? No?

He also said that if Chinese were to choose the Opposition, then a possible May 13 incident to be happening again..

Well it’s easy then..We’ll just choose the Opposition as the next Government instead of BN..Nuff’ said..

All of these are the issues that have been discussed, on who to be blamed for BN’s shock defeat..

Not to mention ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir kept urging Abdullah to step down from his current posts, as to take responsibility for the defeat..

Well, Malaysians have shown their makkal sakhti (people’s power)..

It’s no secret or doubt that Chinese even voted for PAS and PKR and Malay also voted for DAP..And Indians, anything but MIC..

Some commentators played safe in their discussions, said that Malaysians voted for Opposition because of inflation wtf..

The real reason is because of corruption..So you think you can be so corrupted and yet the people still choose..Stop dreaming bozzos..

When the people can’t stand the un-transparent Government, they fight back by voting the Opposition..

Younger generations now are very smart..Don’t play play..

Well, I think I’ll stop here..Well see if there’s any other updates later today..

All pics were taken from The Star Online Gallery..