Maison Before CNY

Just a week before Chinese New Year, we went to Maison , since on 1st of February is a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur..

It’s been nearly 2 months since my last clubbing scene..

After all, I had my best test ever since I entered UCSI..So I guess a little bit of celebration wouldn’t harm much..

And it’s Thursday, Ladies’ Night of course..

*L>R – Lohman, Ivan, Petrol, and Deral*

*Hikaru and me*

*Ally (L) and Sabrina*

*That’s Flex in checkered shirts*

*Me and Junn*

*Having great time with our Black Label and Dewar’s*

*Looking from behind*

*That DJ Goldfish and the usual crowd*

The crowd has never decrease since don’t know when..

It’s damn bloody pack on every Thursday night, and damn quiet on every Friday and Saturday night..

With DJ T-Bone and DJ Goldfish in the house added some points on why you need to be there on Thursday nights..

Well, I might be tipsy and the club might be crowded, but a reader of mine, Joe recognised me (in the dark and we met in person for the first time) and I still remember it..

Yeah, I can remember him coz he left a message in my chatterbox some time ago..Nice to meet you man..

Also, met some collegemates there and got to know some chicks :D

*Me, Bernard, and Elaine*

*Flex the man*

*Our leftover Dewar’s*

Maison wouldn’t keep leftover bottles coz it’s on promotion or something..

So we took back and there will be another private booze party during Chinese New Year..Woo hoo..

*Last but not least, yours truly and Josephine*

Well, I almost surrendered no thanks to Bernard’s Dewar’s and Graveyard..

With the helps of the crowd and the chickcs, I managed to sweat quite a bit and regain consciousness just right before the party ended..

Yeah, am still able to drive to Connaught Maideen..

By the way, anyone want to meet up during Chinese New Year?

9 thoughts on “Maison Before CNY

  1. Michelle >> know..Ladies’ Night = Wolves’ Night

    Hwei Ming >> i live in Taman Kobena..Connaught Maideen is my usual spot :D

  2. chrys >> LOL yeah..

    flux >> high five bro :P

    Hwei Ming >> err..i think your friend went to Rush or some A Go Go bar :P

    chingy >> hahaha..go more la :P

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