I Sleep Better With Chipster

Everyone has his/her own habit of sleeping..

Normally people would sleep on bed, some sleep on couch, some sleep on the floor, and some sleep with pets..

As for me, I had insomnia for the past few days and I didn’t sleep much at all..More like dreaming with eyes open I would say..

And most of my friends would know, I can eat a lot, REAL lot..

The most horrible is I sometimes will feel very hungry at 12-midnight, sometimes 1am and sometimes 2am..

Since I couldn’t really sleep, so I thought eating supper and online at the same time is the best way for time to fly..

I had enough of roti canai, maggi goreng, nasi goreng USA, and the likes of it at usual mamak stall..

So I tried potato chips..I love potato chips..Been eating since kindergarten times..

But then, I’m getting bored of the common potato chips already..

*Pringles? Mmmm*

*Jack’ n Jill Potato Chips? Normal*

*Lays Salt & Vinegar? Ugh~Don’t like the smell*

*Cottage Fries? Like I said, been eating since kindergarten*

I need something different..Something that can stimulate my taste bud..

Due to my lack of sleep, my hormone had changed, my taste bud not working very well, and I even had a bad hair day..

*Not so good*

But, on one very fine day, I found a remedy to my insomnia..The answer is……….



*Chipster by Twisties~!!!*

Thanks to Chipster, I got my life back..

My taste bud is working very well and it’s better than ever..I can differentiate the taste between pork and wild boar wtf..

My hormone started to react well with my body parts, just like I’ve changed my car oil from Shell Helix to Castrol Magnatec wtf..

The best of all, I have good sleeps ever since..Don’t believe me? See for yourself..

*I can sleep in the hall during my class*

*I’m in dreamland*

*I also can sleep in the uni library*

*I can even sleep in the class and my lecturer, Miss Anis have to wake me up at the end of the class*

*I can sleep during lunch time*

No kidding..With the tempting Sun Ming Duck Rice and Char Siew in front of me, I don’t even care bout it and I slept right there and then..

*I can even sleep on the corridor in my uni campus*

*I can even sleep in the middle of the road wtf..No sweat*

*I can also sleep in the middle of my shower wtf*

I know it’s abnormal..But I just can’t resist it..It’s just like a hypnosis machine, or I mean hypnosis potato chips wtf..

However, I still love to sleep on my comfy bed..

*Having good sleep on my bed*

*All because of Chipster*

Now, I shall bring a pack of Chipster with me everywhere I go especially when I go traveling..

I sleep better with Chipster wtf..Yaaawn~~~

Games Anime Comic Circle 2008

It’s the Games Anime Comic Circle (GACC) 2008 convention, organised by Multimedia University..

Following are the details of the event..

Games Anime Comic Circle 2008 – GACC2008

Date: 1-2 March 2008
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: Multimedia University, Melaka Campus
Entrance Fee: Free

ZOMG! GACC is BACK! We, EMiNA Japanese Animation Club of Multimedia University Melaka Campus are proud to announce that we will organize the 3rd Game Anime Comic Circle convention – GACC2008, a convention specially tailored for those who share the same passion in Anime, Games and Comic.

Here’s a small list of GACC2008 highlights

  • Cosplay Competiton
  • PlayStation 2 Competiton
  • Wii Competition *
  • Character Design Competition
  • Gundam Plastic Model Kit Competition
  • Doujin Sales
  • Performances
  • Character Design Competition
  • Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG Tournament
  • Non-Electronic Games Exhibition + Demonstration
  • Chibi-matsuri *
  • Ridiculous amount of fun
  • and many more…

OMG~!! I so want to go to this event..But it’s at Multimedia University (MMU) Melaka Campus, which I think around 1-1 1/2 hours from my place here..

One of the attraction of the event is guest artiste from Japan, none other than seiyuu (voice actor) Masakazu Morita, the person behind Bleach’s Kurosaki Ichigo and Pegasus Seiya of Saint Seiya Hades Series..

*Masakazu Morita – the person behind these characters*

I’m a fan of Bleach (although I’ve stopped at somewhere Episode 130), and a avid fan of Saint Seiya Series..One of the reasons make me wanted to go badly..

I’ve snubbed past anime events in Petaling Jaya ad Subang Jaya already, what’s more this is at MMU Melaka..Think I’ll give it a miss..

Unless there is some good Samaritan that can give me a leave *wink*..

Election Song

Now now..In conjunction with the 12th General Election, I shall blog mostly (if not all) about elections and stuffs like that..

Came across this stupid video and it’s damn funny..


*Elections Blah Blah Blah Song*

With the rhythm of Sha-la-la In The Morning or something sounded like that (I don’t know the name of the song title), the lyrics are awesome..

Well, it’s not that it has any facts or whatsoever..It’s just darn funny..That’s all..

Enjoy and vote wisely..

CNY Reunion Party – Sequel

Finally I’ve gotten the pics from Sin Yin and it’s chaotic that night..Check out Part 1 if you had not..

So here begin with some pics taken in my house again..

*L>R – Chocolate, B-yan (bottom), LeePing (top), Sin Yin, Lee Ming, Diane, Sue*

*Having a good hand this year? (no not hand job)*

*L>R – Sin Yin, Mabel, B-yan, and Chocolate*

After that, proceeded to Sin Yin’s house..

*Camwhore kaw kaw*

So, we played the drinking game and it was hilarious wtf..

We modified the game a lil and my this group of friends were so sporting, we played it safari-style, wildly..

Yes don’t worry..We snapped and video-recorded almost all of the weird and crazy things we did..

If you know this game, remember the “Jack card“, which is the “dare card“?

We slightly changed it and called it the “order card“..We played it sportingly with open heart..

For starter, we got to make a guy, Terence, and a girl, Lee Meng to exchange their tops..

*No they are not couple*

Yeap, they are not couple and I don’t think they are now..This is just the warm-up..

Then, a guy, Langkawi, was ordered by B-yan herself to wear her blouse..

Yes, simply say Langkawi is ordered to wear B-yan’s blouse by B-yan herself..

*The lady boy invasion*


On top of that, we even video-recorded the whole thing..


*Cloverfield kinda effect*

Fret not..That’s not all..Due to revenge and avenge and venga boys wtf, Terence and Langkawi outwit each other..

Also, the best thing is you will not only get to order 1 person to do an action but 2..Yes..2 people..

So, Langkawi was ordered to give Terence a love bite on his arm..


*Langkawi love bite*

After all the commotions, I’ve forgotten who ordered Langkawi to put on a bra..

So we asked the hostess to give him a bra and put it in..

*Continue on with bra*

*Now that’s gross*

Would you like to see a sexy Langkawi in a bra or lacy blouse? LOL..

So for another revenge, Terence was ordered to wear his own underwear on the outside a la Superman spandex..

*Underwear on the outside ala Superman*

So we gave a him a chance and put it back on right after we took pics..

We played till 5.30am and it was so tiring..

All in all, we drank 4 bottles of red wine and a bottle of whiskey in about 5 hours..

*Yours truly*

Now here’s me with a conscious looking face coz I drank almost 2-litres of plain water to replace the liquor coz I can’t continue on anymore if I were to continue with liquor..

CNY celebrations have finished with Chap Goh Mei on last Thursday, being the 15th day on the CNY..

Have fun and cutoff the gamblings..Back to work now, I mean, election.

I Want To Vote But I Can’t

Yes, I’ve registered as a voter at MCA branch at Taman Len Sen in Cheras here back in 29th of July 2007..

But now, when I checked on Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya’s Website, I’ve no record in it..

OMFG~!!! I thought I can vote in this most heated up General Election but unfortunately no..KNN CCB..

I’m going to the post office to clarify things and make sure myself to be eligible to vote wtf..

Oh, regarding my previous entry, where I scolded the Government with ferocity and a comment I got from a fella saying I don’t know what is politic, here I’m going to continue my rants..

About me saying fools running the Government and fools going against them, I missed out something because I have too much to say hence I’m confused myself..

That also make us fools because we voted for them..

Now, it’s true that they did a great job handling the economy and everything..But IMHO, that’s when Tun Dr Mahathir was in charge of the Government..

After it changed the leader, little has been done..Enough said..

As for me staying in Cheras, it’s been AT LEAST 3 terms (if I’m not mistaken) where DAP rules and everything is fine and nice..

MP Tan Kok Wai did a great job where he respected the residents here and he’s well-respected here as well..

He listened to our grieves and would come over to help us sort out things when there is any problem or crime going on here in Cheras..

It’s not that I want to say DAP did a great job or BN did a lousy job..It’s the MP that matters after all..

I have no grudge at all if you want to vote for whoever, BN, DAP, PAS, PKR, or Independent..

Vote for who ever you think can do the job..

For example, for my constituency, MP Tan Kok Wai is doing his job very well..So if I’m going to vote, of course I will continue to support him..

For other constituency, be it the MP is from BN or PAS or PKR or DAP or even Independent, if that fella is not doing his job well, why not choose for another person?

You see, he/she is already not doing his job well for the last 4 years..If he’s been voted again, I doubt he’ll do his job ever..

So why not vote for another person to be the MP and let him/her serve for the community? At least you give yourself a chance to be served by a MP..

Now talking bout supporting which political party..

I felt that BN is not doing a fine job for the last 4 years term..Little doubt that they will lose in the majority votes..

But, think about it deeply..To show the Government that you give full support and vote for them wholeheartedly is good?

Or vote for some Opposition so that there will be debates in the Parliament so that we get the best from them?

If let say, 90% of the MPs are BN people, 10% are the Opposition..

The Opposition totally have no say at all in the Parliament..Where as BN, can say whatever they like..

I still remember MPs from BN making an unfunny joke about MP Fong Po Kuan saying she’s having leakage every month and there is no leakage in the Parliament..

When this incident happened, no one can help MP Fong Po Kuan from DAP..

Even though Datuk Seri Shahrizat helped her because she’s also a woman, she can’t do much about it..

Think, if there’s any inside job within BN or who ever that rules the Government with 95% of seats, the Opposition can’t even fight for the people or the country..

Now, think if there is only 50% of ruling party i.e BN, and 50% of the Opposition..

Don’t you think there will be more debates and more discussions going on in the Parliament for the sake of Malaysians?

Why I want to see more debates in the Parliament? Now if you ask me, I shall tell you..

If there are more debates in the Parliament, there will be no street rallies, no so-called illegal demonstrations, no this and no that..

Why by voting the Opposition there will be no demonstrations?

Because, there is equality and fairness in the Parliament, and the Opposition can voice out their grieves a.k.a our grieves..

Really, think deeply..Why people want to demonstrate? Because there is unfairness in our country..

Do you want to see street demonstrations? Well actually I would like to see but I would rather sleep at home..

Do you want street rallies disrupt your business? Or traffic flow? Or country’s economy? I don’t think so..

Because people can’t voice out their thoughts openly, hence unfairness..

In Cantonese we called “Dai Sek Jak Sei Hai” (Big Rock Crushed on Crab)..Why big rock crushed on crab?

Because crab is so small, when a big rock crushed upon it, they don’t have the energy or power to move at all..

Likewise in the Parliament..if 95% MPs crushed on 5% Opposition, they have no say at all..Yeah I know..I’ve been repeating this again again and again..

One more thing, yes I know the Government (if they continue to win) will increase the petrol price after the election..

In 2007, they have promised to not increase the petrol price..

Now they have no choice but to pave way for General Election and win it and increase the petrol price due to recession in the United States..

They have been longing to increase it but they can’t because they don’t want to lose votes and supports..

Imagine if they were to increase it right now..Of course the people will object and will start to dislike the Government..

Then when the General Election comes in May 2009, the Opposition will get more votes and take advantage because PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim will be back to contes, shall the G.E be anytime after April-May this year..
It’s not any better now neither..With all the street rallies, lawyers march, Hindraf issues, MIC problem, and also Dr Chua Soi Lek’s video, the votes will be surely reduced drastically..

Talking bout Dr Chua Soi Lek’s sex video, remember my blog entry not long ago?

I’ve mentioned in my entry HERE just at the end of that post, that the issue wouldn’t last long and it will automatically go off after CNY..

Man, am I smart or what? LOL..Well, with the current Government taking charge, everything is predictable..

As for Mongolian Altantuya’s death case, I bet the person whom I’ve forgotten his name, don’t know what Razak, will be freed of charges and there goes another conspiracy theory issue unsolved..

When you are winning, you will slack all the time..When you are losing, you will look into the mirror and tell yourself to work hard..

Same for our Government..Let them know we are not supporting them anymore unless they do more things to show us..

They thought we have been supporting and agreeing with them all these while? NO~!!

OMG..Am I talking too much or what? I shall leave it in the next entry again..So long..

12th General Election Is Here..Vote Wisely

So, the Parliament has been dissolved on 13th of February..
The 12th General Election is here and that I wish to vote for the first time..Unfortunately, I’m still not qualified to vote for this election..

I’ve registered as a voter some time last year in August or September..I couldn’t really remember..

Well never mind..I’ll see you again in the 13th General Election..

Anyway, about this 12th General Election..

I just felt the Government are making a fool of themselves and aren’t ready for the election yet..

Why do I say so? Oh wait, I rephrase my statement..

I felt the country is governed by a group of fools, and also some fools going against them..

Now, let me explain why that’s so..

Remember 2 weeks ago how our ‘smart’ Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied that election wouldn’t be around the corner?

Remember how he explained the Parliament won’t be dissolved anytime soon..

Just the day after he made that statement, he dissolved the Parliament and made way for the 12th General Election..

Aren’t the leader of the country making a fool of himself? Okay maybe he thought it was funny..Ha.Ha.Ha..

Or maybe he thought this would make the Oppositions go confused and don’t know what to do when he suddenly dissolve the Parliament..

C’mon..Everyone knew about it you dumb dumb..Everyone has been following closely on the news updates..

Everyone is ready for it..Do you think they will tell you if they are ready for it?

It’s not they job to tell you they are ready..It’s your job to make them ready for it anyway..

He can wait till somewhere mid-2009 before the next election but he’s too smart..Why I say smart?

It’s already speculated that the election would arrived before the return of one of BN’s biggest rivals, Anwar Ibrahim..Yet, you still denied it..OMG..

So who’s theĀ  smart guy here? Us the one who speculate? Or the one who holds the power to dissolve the Parliament?

Also, he can’t wait anymore because there are too many tragedies happening in the recent months..

Public rally, the dark side of the judiciary, street demonstrations, and many more..

The BERSIH to handover a memorandum to the Yang Di Pertuan Agung, the lawyer march, the Hindraf rally, and also the rose rally to hand over roses to Abdullah have sparked some uproar among the public..

So it’s said that our PM doesn’t like roses..Perhaps he likes money, money, and money..
Have you guys ever watched the commercials of do not support street demonstrations kinda thing on TV?

They interviewed the public and most of them disgusted with the street demonstrators..

Well of course that’s what they going to show you..What’s the point to film that segment if they were to show that the public is actually supporting demonstrations?

And one more thing..The public angered over street demonstrations didn’t mean they hate the Opposition..

What and who caused those street demonstrations? It’s the improper rules and laws by the governing body that disgusted the Opposition to act like that..

You see, who’s the one tweaking the truth and lies? Not only the Opposition..But the PM himself..

Why I say so? Well, think logically..

Do you guys still remember the feud between Abdullah Badawi and ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir few years back?

Everyone blamed Tun Dr Mahathir used up all of the public fund in stupid mega projects, unnecessary spendings and stuffs and didn’t left much for him to build up the government..

So now, where did he got the money for mega projects like Iskandar Development Region (IDR), Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), Sabah Development Corridor (SDC), Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), and East Coast Economic Region (ECER)..

Yes I know there will be foreign and domestic investors..What if there is insufficient investors?

Who’s going to bear the costs? The Government is..And whose money they are using? The public fund..

No, I’m not saying the development projects are up to no good as it will create job opportunities and also help improve and build up the country..

On a side note, I’m pretty sure that at least half of the total job opportunities would most probably taken by foreigners, be it professionals or part-time labour..

It’s still the same and it won’t help unemployed graduates..

Sigh, what a government I have..The leader isn’t any smarter than George W. Bush..

I think I had enough for now..I’ll continue again in the next entry with more discussions..