Traffic Jam – Part 1, Pre-Heat Stage

TRAFFIC STRAWBERRY JAM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It was the Traffic Jam event yesterday and I must say it’s quite a success..

I know I know..Some of you would say it’s kinda boring and disappointed..

You were bored because you didn’t walk around and say “HI” to everyone..

You were bored because you didn’t try to get votes socialize around..

You were bored because you felt that you are not into the situation at all (maybe because you are self-centred?)..

You are disappointed because you thought lots of people would flock that area (which I’m quite disappointed too)..

You are disappointed because you were promised a PC there but you found none of your name or URL on any of the PCs there..

Yes, I understand all of it..

I enjoyed myself because I know almost 60-85% of the people (bloggers) there..

I enjoyed myself because I socialized with the people I didn’t know..

I enjoyed myself because I felt that I’m a part of Nuffnang Community..

I enjoyed myself because some certain people didn’t attend the event..LMAO~!!

Well anyway, I’ll cut the craps and go on with some pics I took yesterday..

*Point Blanc of Poetic Ammo*

*My coursemate Yap Kim Liang*

I bumped into YapKL when I reached the place at around 3pm, just after my lunch at Yang Mooi Beef Noodle..

*The PCs with close-to-none visitors*

When I reached that place, it was quiet and empty like hell, literally..

That’s why I said I was quite disappointed..Sigh..

So I take the opportunity to snap around the PCs of the bloggers that I know of..

I’m sorry if I missed anyone out..






* and*

* and*

Due to work and some issues, Jenifer helped Cherrie, Pop and Rames  to decorate their PCs before the event started at 10pm on Friday..


Aaron a.k.a CincauHangus has just gone through an operation on his ankle..

He had rejected Nuffnang’s offer, for him to be featured as one of the 100 bloggers in Traffic Jam..

But still, I saw his name there..LOL..Get well soon dude..


Okay I don’t know this fella at all..But I just want to thank him/her for Nang-ing me on Innit..

Hmm..I know I’ve missed out Skyler, 3Point8, YuinYin, Pinkpau, Michelle C, and a few of them..

Busy with votings ma..Didn’t manage to snap all of it..Sorry ya..Hehehe..

Also sorry for Hiew and HungWei for not getting a PC although they have promised one for each of you guys..

*Extreme Street Dance Challenge*

One of the programs, Street Dance Challenge..Almost similar to Astro’sDance Challenge..

I’ve video recorded one of the groups that competed in it..


*Break dance with head spin* 

More on Part 2 – Votes And Camwhores..

Hikaru’s Birthday @ Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama

It was Hikaru’s birthday on 11th of January, so we had some celebrations some time ago..

So we had dinner at Pasta Zanmai at One Utama, Old Wing..It’s just next to Yishion at the Lower Ground Floor..

Generally, it’s an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant..

The price isn’t really that pricey I would say..It’s slightly above average..

What do you expect from an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant? A fusion of pricey foods of course..

Well, it was ok..Ranging from RM18-RM30..Roughly that price..

The portion is okay..The taste is definitely worth it..

For more info or pics of the foods, please proceed to Rames Blog Tentang Pasta Zanmai..

Anyway, here’s some pics I stole asked from Rames..

*Josephine and I with Rames*

*Josephine and I with Hikaru the birthday boy*

*Hikaru with L>R – Jacklyn, Smashpop, Yatz, Josephine, and Hiew*

*L>R – Sitting: Hiew, Hik, Eunice..Standing: Ryan, Josephine, Yatz*

*L>R – Sitting: Jacklyn, Hik, Yatz, Josephine, Hiew..Standing: Sabrina, Eunice, Ryan, Adrian, Junn, Smashpop, Rames*

That’s all for now..Adieu..

Happy birthday to all January babies..

Youth Malaysia – Traffic Jam @ PWTC

TRAFFIC JAM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Yes my friends..It’s Traffic Jam..No it’s not the street traffic congestion..

The traffic here refers to web traffic to your blog..I mean, my blog..

It’s an event organized by Youth Malaysia, joint sponsored by TM, Tune Money, 988 Radio, Nuffnang, and some others..

It’s a 3 days event, from Friday, 18th January – Sunday, 20th January 2008 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)..

The important event for bloggers is Traffic Jam, where 100 bloggers would be selected to be featured at the event..

There, the most popular award will be given to the one blogger who get most votes from the visitors..

There will be special appearance by guest blogger by Kennysia..

Other than Traffic Jam, there are Celebrities Secrets, Battle of the Bands, Extreme Dance Challenge, Futsal 1 on 1 Challenge, Malaysia Dotcom Youth Search, Graffiti Wall, Charity Zone, and Fitness Challenge among the highlights..

I would love to be there for Celebrities Secrets because hot girl Hannah Tan, Rachel Tan, Choy Wan, and Melissa Campbel will be there..

Not to mention hunks for the girls, namely Douglas Lim, Point Blanc, Reshmonu, and Ash Nair..

There will be performances by Karen Kong of Friendster Blog fame, Joe Flizzow of Too Phat, Point Blanc of Poetic Ammo, and Hujan..

Other artistes will be Joanna Bessey, Juwito Suwito, Samir, and many more whom I don’t know who they are coz I’m not a listener to Malay mainstream music..

For a full program, schedule, click HERE..

*The place is still empty when I reach there*

*The 100 PCs for Bloggers in Traffic Jam*

When I reached there, I met with Dustyhawk, May Leng, Hwei Ming, and Michelle C..

These blogs are no stranger to me, if you know why..

Then Dustyhawk, Hikaru and I went to The Mall for a quick lunch..

Bought some stationeries at Parkson Grand in The Mall, off we headed back to PWTC..

*Me coloring (duh) my URL signboard*

*Damn dedicated man*

Thanks to Hikaru for helping me on the URL signboard..

And the result of our gay-partnership..Ta daa..


*Then I placed it on top of ‘my’ PC*

*My strategic place*

*’My’ PC is placed just slightly next to Nuffnang booth..Smart eh*

*Don’t forget to sign on my guestbook and vote for me*

Before I left, I saw 3Point8, YuinYin, Joshuatly, and few others..

Also, Pinkpau, Aprilcherrie, Kim Fei, Hung Wei, and Chingy are all selected in the 100 bloggers too..

By the way, Pinkpau’s PC is just beside me..Wahahaha *sheepish smile*..

And, Aprilcherrie is not in KL..So Jenifer is representing her..

I’ll be there after lunch on Saturday..Anyone wants to meet up? LOL~!!

Just drop by PWTC and don’t forget to vote for me..

Voting ends at 5pm 19th January, Saturday..Be there on Friday or early Saturday to vote for me and sign on my guestbook..

See you guys there~!!

Advertlets Never Ending Downfall Saga

As everyone already knew, Advertlets is full of problem..

Its CEO, Josh Lim is famous for his problematic antics..

Although I’ve never faced one before, I don’t wish to get one as well..

Already removed its banner from my old blog 3 months ago, everything is working fine..

Fast page load, not much difference in earnings coz I’m earning nothing from Advertlets and having great time with Nuffnang..

And to add another misery, Josh purposely forgotten to renew its Advertlets domains..

See this..

*, domain name expired on Jan 03 2008*

The result of his careless mistake, ALL of the blogs with Advertlets banner were directed to the page above when you try to open those blogs..

I can’t explain why this happens as I’m not an IT-person..

Yes that’s right..Even my domain I asked my friend to help me to get it done with the webhost..The domain name I bought myself of course..

In the end everyone removed Advertlets banner code from their blog HTML templates..Then everything is fine..

On 8th of January 2008, he mass emailed everyone registered with Advertelts and apologized for his mistake..

Well, I don’t know he’s up to..

But certain things for sure..Some bloggers unconsciously said that Josh do it on purpose so that he’ll get all the link backs to or dot-net or dot-com-dot-my..

It’s so untrue..The domain already expired and the REAL page is not getting any visits other than the page to ‘park‘ his domain..

Some said Josh is closing down and planned to ‘lari hutang’ from all the bloggers he owed in Advertlets..

This is quite untrue also, if you think logically..There’s no where for him to run because he is somewhat a famous conman IT entrepreneur (if you feel he is one)..

Although I don’t think he’ll close down now but it’s just a matter of time..

Honestly, Advertlets is slow in everything, compared to Nuffnang..Yeah, that’s our IT entrepreneur..

After all the commotions with Advertlets (Blogger Booze @ Hartamas), I have had enough of them..

Now I’m enjoying my privileges as a member of Glitterati, an exclusive Nuffnanger..

And oh, did anyone tell you guys that Nuffnang is not about making money online?

Nuffnang is all about blog community..You join the community (like a club) and get privileges..

You join Nuffnang to get more exposure in the blogosphere..It’s all about community, one for all and all for one..

Do you go to church because they pay you? No..You go because you want to contribute something to the Christian community..

Do you go for outdoor sports activities because they pay you? No..You go because you want to enjoy the fun..And you pay for it..

Do you go to orphanage because they pay you? No..You go because you yourself are willing to go to lend a helping hand..

Making money from blogging is just a side income..I don’t really care much bout my blog earnings..

I’ve been blogging for 3-years and 4-months (since September 2004) and I only started to take up blog advertising packages in 2007..

I really wonder how people fret bout not making money here and there..

And worst of all, they didn’t take the initiative to read the FAQs, rules, and asking opinions from peers before complaining (without any reason) in their own blogs..

If those bloggers want to compare with high-profile bloggers like Chanlilian, Kennysia, etc etc, it will take them years to reach that level..

So stop complaining and blog for fun..

In this matter, I personally think that Nuffnang is the better club community compared to Advertlets..

By the way, I’m quite surprised that some bloggers have placed back Advertlets codes in their blog HTML templates, again..

Miss Hypertune 2007 Finals @ Borneo Baruk Club

On 18th December 2007, Miss Hypertune 2007 Finals was held at Borneo Beruk Baruk CLub at Jalan Kia Peng, just beside Menara HLA, in front of Orange Club..

Hearing the name of Miss Hypertune you are assured with pretty babes, sexy babes, and more babes..

Well let’s wait no more and just proceed to pics..

Oh wait..Before I continue, thanks to Jason for contributing the pics, taken with his Nikon D70..

*Borneo Baruk Club*

*The atmosphere*

*All of the finalists*

*One of the contestants*

*Lingerie or something?*

*Katherine Fong*

*Natalie Fong*

Natalie Fong is kinda hot for her age..Guess it..

She’s only 17-years-old during this competition..Yes, she has just finished her SPM in 2007..I know she doesn’t look like one..

She’s now doing foundation in don’t know which college..

Tell me that you are loving her already..

*Swimwear, bikini style*


*Natalie Fong again*

*Miss Hypertune 2006, Carace Kwan*

*The result*

So the result was Andrea Cheah the Champion, Natalie Fong 1st runner-up, and Katherine Fong 2nd runner-up..

I happened to took a photo with her at KL International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2006, where she was the showgirl/ambassador for Nissan..

And the pic is in my Friendster – Katherine Fong..

*The winners*

*Champ Andrea Cheah and 1st runner-up Natalie Fong*

Well I guess that’s all for a quick entry with few pics of pretty young hot babes..

I’m still trying to get the TXN uploaded but too many pics..I can’t decide..

Anyhow, for more pics and info, do visit Forum – Miss Hypertune..

Dr Chua Soi Lek’s Sex DVD Issue

DISCLAIMER : The content below is just my own thoughts and I have no affiliation with any political parties, nor social parties, nor human rights parties, nor full-time booze parties..I’m just a normal student with low CGPA and am trying to improve that..Low CGPA doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or can’t think with logic at all..

As everyone already knew, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted for his wrong-doing on the ever popular private sex DVD..

No doubt it’s quite a shame for a minister to be caught red handed and the whole country, probably to whole world is talking about..

The video, said to be recorded from a CCTV device, bugged in the hotel room he usually booked for his sexcapades..

Claimed to be a personal friend of his but, who knows until you have watched that video *grins*..

And yes, Dr Chua Soi Lek apologised for the act and his wife and family have forgave him already..

When he was saying sorry, he added that he’s unsure whether the video is an old one or recent one..Do you got that point.?

It means it’s not the first time nor the second time..No one knows but him, and the girl in the video..

That’s our Health Minister..Very healthy indeed..

*Dr Chua facing the press and responsibly admitting his sin*

After that he said he will leave it to the Government aka Prime Minister to decide what to be done against him..

Just one day right after that, he quit all of his political posts and whatever posts he has connection with the Government..

Dr Chua resigned as Health Minister, Labis MP, MCA vice-president, Johor MCA state liaison chairman and Batu Pahat MCA division..

After that he had a press conference to clear everything to the public..

He said, he quit because Malaysians wanted him to do so..

Additional to that, he said he cannot behave like “holier than thou“, as also one of the reasons he resigned..

He’s wise and intelligent..He just answered what he has to and didn’t speculate anything unnecessary..

He just said that it’s for the best of the Government and the Party..

Although he didn’t answer much, “holier than thou” actually has a deep meaning lies beneath it..

Want to know.? Let’s analyze together aight..

What does “holier than thou” here means? It mean, Dr Chua cannot be more holy than anyone that he’s working with..

That’s why, he seems to be the bad guy here, because he doesn’t “look” holy than the others..

Do you really think that Dr Chua is THAT bad for committing this sin?

Have you ever think of other ministers as well?

IMHO, Dr Chua is one of the very few ministers in the Government that can really serve the people..

Try to think, how many of the ministers managed to improve so many policies or system under his/her belt in just 2 years in command..

I would say it’s close to none..Most of the just talked and not much of an action at all..

Even if they act on it, it’s all quite useless actions or something like that..

Remember some time ago some ministers tried to make every motorcyclist to MUST have 2 safety helmets?

Okay, if that minister or ministry make it COMPULSORY for every motorcyclist to MUST have 2 safety helmets, what for if they didn’t fine those without safety helmet, right???

What for need to buy another helmet when the authorities will not fine those without helmet??

It’s like saying, “You MUST pay your summonses before you can renew your vehicle’s road tax or driving license“..

When you go to renew it without clearing your summonses first and they allow you to do so..

Then what’s the point to clear the summonses?? Tell me, what’s the point???

Just for the sake to show the public you are doing things in the office, instead of just sitting around doing nothing and think with another head?? (pun intended)..

I think that Dr Chua is the unlucky man in this issue..Out of so many ministers, he’s the one that get caught..

NO I’m not accusing or clarifying..Even the Government says that it’s the Opposition that distributed the video..

How sure are they that it’s the Oppositions’ work?? Maybe it’s insider’s job, who knows..

Dr Chua’s intelligence and hard work might jeopardize someone’s position..You’ll never know..

So can’t I make assumptions here? There’s always theory and thesis..

And why do people actually care bout Dr Chua’s private life??

If he wants to “play” around it’s his freedom..If he wants to masturbate it’s his freedom..

If he wants to have a private booze party with his friends it’s his freedom..

As long as he’s using his own money and not the public fund or taxpayers money..

As long as he can deliver/serve the people the right way and successfully, what’s the problem even if that girl is not his personal friend???

No one even gossiped about Pak Lah marriage with his current wife, who turned out to be his late wife’s brother’s ex-wife..

There must be a reason for the late Datin Seri Endon’s brother to divorce his then-wife, the now Pak Lah’s wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah..

Even so, no one gossiped about it..I really wonder..

No, it’s not that I condone to Dr Chua’s doing nor I object to Pak Lah’s decision to marry his current wife..

Just that I feel it’s totally unfair to Dr Chua and like I said, he’s really unlucky..Very very unlucky..

Anyway, a 29-year-old woman has been detained for allegedly distributing the sex DVD..

Then another 50-year-old man was held too for the same offense..

And so the next few weeks there will be lots more people going to be arrested, held, detained and whatever it is..

And the issue will automatically go off some time after Chinese New Year..Believe me, it won’t last long..

Dr Chua Soi Lek, if you happened to be reading this, all the best to you..