In Search Of Sharlinie?

Well everyone was talking about Nian Ning, one of the victims of the recent bus crash at Slim River on the North-South Expressway..

The bus driver had 13 summonses and he’s on the road driving a traveling bus..

I guess the Government have not had enough of the Bukit Gantang bus crash incident yet, which killed 22 people..

But no, I’ll not be talking bout Nian Ning or any bus crash yet..I’ll be talking bout Sharlinie..

Not that I wanted to create controversies but, it’s meant to be controversial..

Most people already knew that almost whole of Malaysia join forces to help find the missing 5-years old girl Sharlinie..

*Taken from The Star Online*

So what’s all these fuss about actually?

There was another tragedy, where Nurin Jazlin was reported missing and eventually found dead in a sports bag somewhere in Petaling Jaya..

Ever since then, the authorities or public have became more alert to this kind of case..Or is it, acting?

I mean, why the authorities suddenly need the cooperation from the public?

Not that I want to say that I’m not going to lend a helping hand or condemn it but, it’s weird you know..

Anyone still remember Dora Goh, the 25-years old woman kidnapped from her office car park in Glenmarie, Subang?

Lots of bloggers joined forces to post entries regarding her kidnapping..That’s a request from the victim’s mother herself..

But then, the police felt the actions of posting entries by bloggers would jeopardised her life..

Now, is there something amiss?

So, the police force didn’t worry if the so-called kidnapper will kill Sharlinie is it?

Or they think that a 25-years old lady would know her way to go home after being kidnapped and a 5-years old girl would NOT know her way to go home?

Or is it because Dora Goh has returned safely the next 1-2 days so the police have guts to condemn the public’s act?

While Sharlinie has been missing for so long, they have to get help from the public?

Well, I thought they don’t like other people to busybody..I guess I was wrong..

Yeah, other than blaming the authorities couldn’t do anything, it’s the parents fault too..

If she’s asthmatic and needs medications, why was she left alone with her sister and ended being kidnapped?

Let’s just hope she wouldn’t be found in a sports bag, yet again..

6 thoughts on “In Search Of Sharlinie?

  1. You know what, I truly do agree with what you just said. It’s been on my mind since the news of her kidnapping was first brought up. I can’t help but blame the parents actually! They should know by now, never to leave the kids of out of their sight wherever they are but they never learn!

  2. Just a day before Sharlinie’s kidnapping, it was reported that a gal went missing from that housing area and was found few hrs later in Wangsa Maju.. If you know of such incident that happened in an area close to home, your child should have adult supervision at all times.. It is mean to blame the parents, but things should have been done differently.. I feel sorry for them though..
    About the Dora Goh incident, i was also thinking the same thing.. Public was condemn for trying to help but now its the public’s help that is being seek.. Police have run out of clues or wat?
    Anyway, Let’s just pray the innocent child be found and no gruesome murder..

  3. Just today I asked my mom what does she think about Sharlinie’s life and death.

    But I’m get what you are trying to mean.

    Suddenly the government are taking LOADS of action for her, doing this and that, are they like taking advantage when the election is near?


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