Birthday Booze Party @ My House – Part 2, Hang-over

Let’s continue with my birthday booze party post..

*All tipsy tootsy and refilling the potluck..Have to fill the stomach with snacks for the liquor*

Well, the situation got out of hand when everyone was about to ‘tumbang‘..

Thanks to the mixture of whiskey, vodka, VSOP, and bacardi..

We played Suck & Blow..Yeah, you read that right..

*Edmund sucking the card*

*Passing over to James*

*James passing over to Dandelion*

So the game is to pass the card around the person next to you by mouth..

The person that can’t receive it will have to drink..Nice right?

*Everyone kinda drunk already*

Then it was about 3.45am..Initially I planned to yamcha at the mamak outside my house..

Eventually I’m one of the 2 people who tumbang-ed that night..

Yeah, just Hikaru and I tumbang-ed..Losers..

*This is me after having too many glasses*

*I know the camera is shooting me..Hence my middle finger*

*Hikaru is semi-conscious*

*Can’t pose anymore*

*I can still take group picture while I’m drunk (with eyes closed)*

After that everyone went home safely..Good job everyone >.<

Thanks for the party and thanks for the pictures..

Pictures contributed by Jason and Fuzz..Don’t know where’s HowZan’s..

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