Birthday Booze Party @ My House – Part 1, Sober

2 weeks back, there was a birthday party going on at my house..

It’s somewhat a Cooler Club event, a private one that is..

So it’s a January Birthday Party..So it’s the birthday of James and I, which fell on 14th and 16th of January respectively..

Because it’s a booze party and it’s in my house, so I just invited those who knows how to come over to my house, due to the size of my house..

Sorry for not being able to invite all / everyone coz it’s not my idea anyway..

I would invite more people if it’s not in my house..

Let’s proceed to the pics and with my narrations..All pics contributed by Jason Lee, taken with his Nikon D70..

*L>R – Smirnoff, Bacardi, Gordon’s Gin, Chivas, Hennessy VSOP, Don’t-know-what-whiskey*

These were the main characters (no not me) of the night..

Stocked in for a great game for drinking..

*Clockwise from left – Oliver, Edmund, James, HowZan, HowZan’s gf*

*President of Cooler Club, Mixer Fuzz (no not DJ Fuzz)*

*Me explaining the Drinking Game*

*The birthday cake for James and me, Jien (that’s what I was being called in the Cooler Club)*

*James and I blowing candles*

*Sue (L) and Dandelion cutting cake*

*I don’t know why HowZan want to pose with my dad’s May 13 book..LOL*

That’s us playing the ‘Drinking Game‘..Yes it’s a hell of a drinking game..

Anyhow also will have at least 1 person drink for each round..

Basically there’s like a rule or punishment in the game..So Kevin had to do this Shadow Spin for punishment..

I know you feel a bit dizzy looking at this pic..Same goes to him at that time..LOL..

*President Fuzz drinking awfully*

*Hikaru drinking happily*

That’s roughly what we did when most of us still sober..

More embarrassing pics (of myself) in the next entry wtf..

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