Traffic Jam – Part 3, Bloggers Party [Finale]

Alright, I know it’s annoying when a drama or series or even anime runs too long on its episodes..

Think Naruto or Bleach..Think The Bold and the Beautiful..Think Sesame Street..Think Simpsons (okay I know you guys love this one)..

Anyway, right after the voting session, all of us headed to the Main Hall (which I don’t know which one) for the Bloggers’ Party..

Being a Nuffnanger, it’s all about privileges..The food and game was just for Nuffnangers (now I should call myself a Glitteratian)..

*The people waiting for food*

The Bloggers Party started off with an ice-breaking game..

*The emcees, Justin (L) and…Sorry, forgotten his name (in blue)*

The blogger (2nd-left) supposed to guess the URL of the other blogger (2nd-right)..

It took a bit of time for them to play coz it’s not easy to guess an URL..You thought as easy as buying Guess accessories?

*Fellow Nuffnangers*

Then after the ice-breaking game and few more questions for the bloggers to win a Limited Edition Youth Malaysia T-shirt..

I got one for answering “Name 2 other programs in Youth Malaysia other than Traffic Jam“..

No one knows? What the heck..

After the Q&A game, came the so-called celebrity bloggers..

*L>R – Kennysia, Cheesie (Ringo), Su Ann (Pinkpau), Nicole*

There’s no need to intro Kennysia the coconut man, Cheesie, Pinkpau, and Nicole..

All of them had been featured in before..If you have followed his blog closely, you would know..

You have no idea how famous all these 4 bloggers are..

*See, just a hand gesture and everyone is laughing wtf*

After the intro, Boss Stewie gave an intro of himself and what Nuffnang is all about, together with Youth Malaysia Dot Com..

*The VIPs, Joel Neoh (L), founder of Youth Malaysia, and Timothy Tiah, CEO of Nuffnang*

Here I have a video of Boss’ speech..Just a part of it, not full speech..


*Timothy Tiah’s speech..Sorry for the noisy background*

Just right after the starting of the video, Tim says, “Money is not in our tagline..Community is in our tagline“..Isn’t that familiar?

Yes it is..I just mentioned bout it almost 2 weeks ago in THIS ENTRY..See, I’m a true Nuffnanger *hold fist with right hand and touch lightly on the chest twice*..

Then, all of the so-called celebrity bloggers intro themselves..Yeah, they are famous..

But I guess most people know who Kennysia is and some people don’t know who are the other 3..

*Su Ann trying to sing Negaraku instead of talking bout herself*

After the celebrity bloggers session, the result for the Most Popular Blog Award and Nuffnang Most Promising Blogger Award..

Most Popular Blog Award, judging based on votes, goes to Celine Yap..

And for the Nuffnang Most Promising Blogger Award goes to May Leng..She will be Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger in February..

Then the announcement of the winner of iTalk Buddy entry..

The 3rd and 2nd spots goes to Mr & Mrs Imran (forgotten the URL) and Curryegg..Both of them walked away with a PlayStation 2 game console..

The winner goes to Joshuatly, walked away with a pink Sony Portable-PlayStation (PSP)..

*Moji and winner for the iTalk Buddy entry, Joshuatly*

It’s almost the end of the party at 6.45pm and everyone flocked the celebrity bloggers to take pic with them..

Me too, not miss the chance to take pic with some of them..

*L>R – Skyler, Su Ann, Ringo*

*Me and ex-boss, Timothy Tiah*

*Me and Ringo*

I’ve wanted to meet Cheesie after chatting with her so many times..

Okay..I know I look bored sleepy in most of the pics..And NO! I didn’t blush (not the undergarment brand)..

That’s the result for drinking beer with an empty stomach..

*Group pic*

Always there’s a group pic before everything ends..

All in all, I would say it’s quite successful, for Traffic Jam..

Other programs, not so sure coz I wasn’t really walk around to check out the place..

Insider news..Get ready for an even bigger event, just for bloggers..

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7 thoughts on “Traffic Jam – Part 3, Bloggers Party [Finale]

  1. Michelle >> err..should be easier than guessing an anonymous URL, i think..

    skyler >> err..i thought i heard it at that time..she’ll be the featured blogger..maybe i heard the month wrongly la :P

    Ringo >> oklo (TT)

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