Traffic Jam – Part 1, Pre-Heat Stage

TRAFFIC STRAWBERRY JAM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It was the Traffic Jam event yesterday and I must say it’s quite a success..

I know I know..Some of you would say it’s kinda boring and disappointed..

You were bored because you didn’t walk around and say “HI” to everyone..

You were bored because you didn’t try to get votes socialize around..

You were bored because you felt that you are not into the situation at all (maybe because you are self-centred?)..

You are disappointed because you thought lots of people would flock that area (which I’m quite disappointed too)..

You are disappointed because you were promised a PC there but you found none of your name or URL on any of the PCs there..

Yes, I understand all of it..

I enjoyed myself because I know almost 60-85% of the people (bloggers) there..

I enjoyed myself because I socialized with the people I didn’t know..

I enjoyed myself because I felt that I’m a part of Nuffnang Community..

I enjoyed myself because some certain people didn’t attend the event..LMAO~!!

Well anyway, I’ll cut the craps and go on with some pics I took yesterday..

*Point Blanc of Poetic Ammo*

*My coursemate Yap Kim Liang*

I bumped into YapKL when I reached the place at around 3pm, just after my lunch at Yang Mooi Beef Noodle..

*The PCs with close-to-none visitors*

When I reached that place, it was quiet and empty like hell, literally..

That’s why I said I was quite disappointed..Sigh..

So I take the opportunity to snap around the PCs of the bloggers that I know of..

I’m sorry if I missed anyone out..






* and*

* and*

Due to work and some issues, Jenifer helped Cherrie, Pop and Rames  to decorate their PCs before the event started at 10pm on Friday..


Aaron a.k.a CincauHangus has just gone through an operation on his ankle..

He had rejected Nuffnang’s offer, for him to be featured as one of the 100 bloggers in Traffic Jam..

But still, I saw his name there..LOL..Get well soon dude..


Okay I don’t know this fella at all..But I just want to thank him/her for Nang-ing me on Innit..

Hmm..I know I’ve missed out Skyler, 3Point8, YuinYin, Pinkpau, Michelle C, and a few of them..

Busy with votings ma..Didn’t manage to snap all of it..Sorry ya..Hehehe..

Also sorry for Hiew and HungWei for not getting a PC although they have promised one for each of you guys..

*Extreme Street Dance Challenge*

One of the programs, Street Dance Challenge..Almost similar to Astro’sDance Challenge..

I’ve video recorded one of the groups that competed in it..


*Break dance with head spin* 

More on Part 2 – Votes And Camwhores..

13 thoughts on “Traffic Jam – Part 1, Pre-Heat Stage

  1. I was surprised when Kim Liang mentioned that you and him are coursemates.
    I haven’t seen Kim Liang since for more than 10years and suddenly we met up. What a coincidence

  2. pinkpau >> ehehe oops..sorry la..check out Part 2 and Part pics of u and Skyler..oops..forgotten to take pic with chingwuen =____=

    3point8 >> i was surprised too when both of u said you guys were ex-schoolmates..

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