Advertlets Never Ending Downfall Saga

As everyone already knew, Advertlets is full of problem..

Its CEO, Josh Lim is famous for his problematic antics..

Although I’ve never faced one before, I don’t wish to get one as well..

Already removed its banner from my old blog 3 months ago, everything is working fine..

Fast page load, not much difference in earnings coz I’m earning nothing from Advertlets and having great time with Nuffnang..

And to add another misery, Josh purposely forgotten to renew its Advertlets domains..

See this..

*, domain name expired on Jan 03 2008*

The result of his careless mistake, ALL of the blogs with Advertlets banner were directed to the page above when you try to open those blogs..

I can’t explain why this happens as I’m not an IT-person..

Yes that’s right..Even my domain I asked my friend to help me to get it done with the webhost..The domain name I bought myself of course..

In the end everyone removed Advertlets banner code from their blog HTML templates..Then everything is fine..

On 8th of January 2008, he mass emailed everyone registered with Advertelts and apologized for his mistake..

Well, I don’t know he’s up to..

But certain things for sure..Some bloggers unconsciously said that Josh do it on purpose so that he’ll get all the link backs to or dot-net or dot-com-dot-my..

It’s so untrue..The domain already expired and the REAL page is not getting any visits other than the page to ‘park‘ his domain..

Some said Josh is closing down and planned to ‘lari hutang’ from all the bloggers he owed in Advertlets..

This is quite untrue also, if you think logically..There’s no where for him to run because he is somewhat a famous conman IT entrepreneur (if you feel he is one)..

Although I don’t think he’ll close down now but it’s just a matter of time..

Honestly, Advertlets is slow in everything, compared to Nuffnang..Yeah, that’s our IT entrepreneur..

After all the commotions with Advertlets (Blogger Booze @ Hartamas), I have had enough of them..

Now I’m enjoying my privileges as a member of Glitterati, an exclusive Nuffnanger..

And oh, did anyone tell you guys that Nuffnang is not about making money online?

Nuffnang is all about blog community..You join the community (like a club) and get privileges..

You join Nuffnang to get more exposure in the blogosphere..It’s all about community, one for all and all for one..

Do you go to church because they pay you? No..You go because you want to contribute something to the Christian community..

Do you go for outdoor sports activities because they pay you? No..You go because you want to enjoy the fun..And you pay for it..

Do you go to orphanage because they pay you? No..You go because you yourself are willing to go to lend a helping hand..

Making money from blogging is just a side income..I don’t really care much bout my blog earnings..

I’ve been blogging for 3-years and 4-months (since September 2004) and I only started to take up blog advertising packages in 2007..

I really wonder how people fret bout not making money here and there..

And worst of all, they didn’t take the initiative to read the FAQs, rules, and asking opinions from peers before complaining (without any reason) in their own blogs..

If those bloggers want to compare with high-profile bloggers like Chanlilian, Kennysia, etc etc, it will take them years to reach that level..

So stop complaining and blog for fun..

In this matter, I personally think that Nuffnang is the better club community compared to Advertlets..

By the way, I’m quite surprised that some bloggers have placed back Advertlets codes in their blog HTML templates, again..

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