Xmas’ Eve Booze Party – Part 3, Post-Drunk [Finale]

Here’s the finale of the booze party..

Wong and Yee Wan eventually left the scene at 2.30am for a bachelor’s party..

*The first loser- Jenifer*

*Second loser – Junn*

*Third loser – Petrol*

*And the fourth one – Deral*

So most of us hang-over at Nick’s place, around 11.30am on Christmas Day only we woke up..

The blardy hang-over was so awful..

*Fresh and clear (not quite)*

Now I’m going to show you guys the place on the frontyard where we had our party..

Note, most of the houses are without fences or walls surrounding the house..

This shows is pretty quite tight guard-secured and free of crimes bla bla bla..

*The carpark*

This is the place where we started our booze..

*The zen of the house*

These 2 spots damn relaxing..Can sit there whole day do nothing but tfk dreaming..

*The place where we end the booze party*

*Fish spa*

*Even the dog also want some of it*

Next up will be Christmas Dinner at Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) at Pavillion..

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