Xmas’ Eve Booze Part – Part 2, Drunk Session

So continue from Part 1..

Then, after all the commotions with the William Grant whiskey, I switched to Heineken..

*Heineken..It’s still the same*

*Look at the stocks that we got*

*The art of pouring liqour*

*The art of pouring mixer*

*The husband and wife wannabe, Wong and Yee Wan*

*The early loser, Jenifer XD*

Jenifer is weak~!! :P She always is the first one who tumbang..

Here’s a video on Junn throwing up..A matter of fact, he first one who puked..


*Drunktards..L>R – Wong, Kiss, Hikaru*

Careful when guys are drunk..They might show their back inner side..

*Then we started off our REAL drinking game*

*Still got a lot*

*What else but card game*

Simple and easy..Who got the least point from 1-10, that person has to drink..

If more than 1 person same point and the least, drink together..

*Damn happy is it?*

*Drink kaw kaw*

*Ang puked twice*

Self-claimed to be able to drink 2 bottles of Vodka without feeling anything..

That night proved him to be wrong..Hahaha..

*And I fell asleep for being drunk*

Okay yeah..I lost quite a number of rounds in a row..So I tumbang also..

Here’s a video of me on the verge of falling down..


Stay tune to Part 3 for Post-Drunk a.k.aAftermath..

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