TVXQ Concert @ Merdeka Stadium, KL

Last Saturday, Korean boyband Tung Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ) held a concert at Merdeka Stadium, started at 8pm..

TVXQ, also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) in Korean, or Tohoshinki (THSK) in Japanese..

All 3 languages also brings the meaning of “Rising Gods of the East“..

As I mentioned before, Michael Song gave me 2 VIP tickets for FREE..Yes you read that, FREE, FOC..Maybe I’ll treat him yamcha someday..Hehe..

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*2 TVXQ Concert tickets*
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*I thought is VIP zone, but free standing*

I wasn’t able to go so I gave it to my youngest sister instead..If it’s Japanese band L’Arc~en~ciel or Glay I might force myself to go..Haha..

Anyway, the feedback regarding this concert is quite good, which I already expected..

You can’t go wrong with a boyband with cute and handsome-looking guys dancing around on the stage..

All the pre-mature girls would love to see them and it’s just as expected..

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*On the stage*
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*The crowd*
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*4 glowing Gods wtf*

Okay, sorry for the pics because it’s just taken with my lousy cam-phone..

The only thing I didn’t expect is I saw guys, lots of guys at the entrance of the stadium..

It’s not that they were accompanying their girlfriend or whatsoever..If accompany girlfriend then I understand la, but it isn’t..

I saw this group, just 2-3 girls, with at least 5-7 guys, around the age of early 20′s, all heading towards the entrance..

I was like “Wtf with these guys.? Are they gay or what.?

Well never mind..I hope people won’t say that to me if I ever go to L’Arc~en~ciel’s concert..Hahaha..

Okla, at least this TVXQ can sing in Japanese and a little bit of Mandarin as well..I will certainly go for it if compared to Rain‘s..

Rain is not any better than a licensed on-stage masculine gigolo, with his signature move, shirt-ripping style, plus singing..

See, you won’t go wrong with that..It definitely sells like hotcake..Which girl doesn’t like to see masculine guy ripping off his shirt, a.k.a gigolo..Hahaha..

Umm, before I go, thanks to Mikemmery again for his tickets, which my sister enjoyed it a lot..

A great relaxation to her stressed SPM-war..

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  1. Hello, my name is Thorsten from Germany and I am a frequently reader of your blog but never left a comment, so I thought it is long overdue to do so. I really appreciate your blog! The articles are always in very good english! I read it to improve my english skills! And on the side I am learning much about new topics!
    I also have a little critique pont: the RSS Feed is a bit hidden! All the best from Germany!

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