PC Kong-ed

Been on hiatus for few days..

The reason is because my PC kong-ed, died..For the past week my PC has been acting strangely..

For a second it hanged, the next second it restarted itself, then next second before it enter the Windows, hanged then restart again..

The process kept on repeating by its own wothout my command for as long as I didn’t switch off the main switch..

Sent to check, my MSI motherboard kong-ed..To change the motherboard I have to change the RAM as well coz there’s no more motherboard that supports DDR..

Now I have to get a DDR2 compatible motherboard, which I’m glad the price of DDR2 isn’t that expensive..

And the good news is I don’t have to change my P4 3.0GHz processor..

Though I’m wondering should I get a bigger casing and a more powerful Power Supply..Am on a tight budget..

Maybe I just stick it with the Motherboard and RAM only..

Any recommendations.?? Anything around the price of less than RM400..I’m not a gamer, so a decent fairly good mobo would be sufficient enough..

Thought of getting 2GB RAM, I guess the budget would be around RM450 now..Think I can get 2GB DDR2 RAM in the range of RM160..

So the budget for mobo would be RM300..MSI.? Gigabyte.? Intel.? Asus.? Anything.?

Would love to hear it from tech pros..

Therefore, there won’t be any major updates in my blog for the next few days coz all my blogging materials are in my PC..

Just bear with my youtube updates for the time being, that is if I’m updating it..

Til my internship day comes, adios..

Want to know where I’m doing my intern.? You’ll know in the next few days..

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