Nice to Play With Formal Attires

I saw kinda interesting in my neighbourhood..

From my house balcony, we could see road junctions, playground, shoplots, food stalls, and even a surau kinda mosque *wtf*..

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*From my flat/apartment balcony*

You can see heaps of vehicles passing by the stretch of road because it’s an alternative to the busy road on the Cheras roundabout..

At the playground, there are 2 badminton courts without any nets..

When I was looking up in the cloudy sky where it was going to rain with thunders howling everywhere, I spotted something amiss..I mean, funny..

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*See the circles*

Yes..There were a bunch of guys, around late 20′s or early 30′s of age, playing badminton there..

When I saw them playing there, the first thing in my mind was the cars parked by the roadside..

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*The guys playing doubles game*

I was dumbfucked when I looked at these fellas definitely respect these fellas..

They actually wore jeans, slacks, and shirts to play the game..

Together with the cars parked by the roadside, it gave me an impression that they were actually car-pooling and going everywhere without any definite destination..

When they passed by the playground and saw the badminton courts, they just got off their cars and play badminton there and then because they equipments were all in the car trunk..

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*Now you see the Proton Gen2*

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*Now you don’t*

So actually the Gen2 parked there was just a coincidence..Not theirs..

However, what got laughed at them was not only their attires..But also the weather..

Look at the badminton that I sketched below..

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*The badminton court*

As i said earlier in this post, the sky was cloudy and thunders howling everywhere in the city, and of course it was quite windy..

So based on the sketch, the wind was blowing from Side A to Side B..

Hence, a doubles game was actually playing on one side of the court, which is Side B..

Why.?? Because the shuttlecock is too light to resist the blowing wind..

In the end, the shuttlecock would go further down on the Side B and eventually gone out of line..

So how good a player is would not determine the winner, but the wind will..

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*Pack things up*

Albeit the thunders’ howl and wind, they continued with their games..

They only stopped when it started to rain..Stupid guys..

I’m A Certified Guinness Brewer

No kidding~!!

I even got a certification for it..

Don’t believe it.?? See for yourself..

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*Jenkin Yatz, the Class ‘A’ Master Brewer*

Yeap..I just graduated today from the Guinness Brewing Diploma Course at the Guinness Holdings..

I had been attended part-time classes for nearly 6 months or so..

You can ask me from A to Z about brewing..Wtf..There’s hundreds of shits of Diplomas available in this world..

For further details on how to attend the Guinness brewing course, check out Guinness : Share The Greatness for further details..

Gigantic Tong Yun @ Klang

I had been to Klang with some of my friends to have some dessert after a fulfilling dinner..

I have no idea what is the place called..Somewhere nearby Tesco, Giant, and Econsave..Wtf..

The Chinese restaurant is somewhere in the middle of whole lots of shoplots..Err, whatever..

We had Tong Yun, some kinda dough balls that Chinese community eats Chinese New Year’s eve, wedding day’s eve, and whole lots more occasion that I don’t know of..

The Tong Yun sold here is so big, and I really mean BIG~!! It’s bigger than your balls in any way..

Let’s proceed to the pics..

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*Restoran Park Shean*

In Chinese, it’s actualy Pat (8) Sin, translated as The Eight Gods/Angels, literally speaking..

What a lame name for the direct-translation..Hahahaha..

It’s a normal Chinese restaurant, where stalls everywhere selling noodles, chicken rice, duck rice, etc etc..

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*The Tong Yun stall*

Their Tong Yuns are definitely fresh..They’ll only mould the Tong Yun dough when there is an order from customers..

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*The dessert*

How big it is.?? See what I mean..

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*The Tong Yun*

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*Big, humongous, gigantic, large, huge, etc etc*

Just compare the size of the Tong Yun and the spoon..It’s a tad bigger than rambutan (or AT LEAST the same size)..

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*The filling*

The Tong Yun filled with grained peanuts (I don’t what is it called)..You know, the same filling like Loh Mai Chi..

Well, the Tong Yun dough layer is not too thick..The thickness is just perfect, coz if it’s too thick, you’ll be dead to chew the dough..It’s tiring..

The grained peanuts are nothing of special..Just normal taste like what we got in Loh Mai Chi..

Lastly, the soup/water is not very thick..The sweetness is just nice..Ginger is one of its ingredients too..

When you sip the soup/water and swallow down right, you’ll feel it burning from inside..It’s all because of the ginger..

It’s nice to drink during cold weather..

The price is quite reasonable (I guess)..For 13 bowls with two balls of Tong Yun costed us RM18.90 or somewhere that price..I have forgotten..

Oh, by the way..Happy birthday to Mandy..Thanks for the dinner and sorry for the late present..Will get it as soon as possible Tongue

Teenage U-Turn Wira Turtle

Last Saturday, I was travelling from Connaught back to Taman Pertama via Leisure Mall‘s new highway at about 3.30am..

From the Taman Mutiara side of the road, I saw a car turned turtle on the otherside of the road, Taman Desa Aman..

Together with me were Billy, Rechelle..We made a U-turn at the Taman Billion roundabout (Makro) and headed to the scene..

Being a typical Malaysian, I requested to stop-by the scene to snap some pics for my blogging material..Hahaha..

So here’s the pics..

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*The turtle Hero, I mean, Wira turtle*

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*Quite a sight on the road*

After scrutinized the place a while, we found no clues on how this Wira turned turtle..

No sign of the driver or any injured person there..Should be sent to hospital or something..

After taking a couple of pics, we left the place and headed to my house..

That’s how the title comes, “Teenage U-Turn” is referring to me, Billy and Rechelle and saw the Proton Wira turned turtle..

Not bad huh..Hehehe..

Ling of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006

Nothing much to talk about the beauty pageant contest..

It’s an annual contest organised by Astro..

But this year, a friend of mine entered the contest..She’s contestant number 4, Lam Mei Ling, nicknamed Ling..

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*No.4 Ling (Lam Mei Ling)*

As far as I’m concerned, this is not her first beauty contest..

She has appeared in many ads, be it TV or papers..

The most noticable ones are Ali Cafe, Universal Traveller, and Guai Ling Go..

There are many others that I do not know of..And she has been in modelling industry for quite a while..

Although she looked kinda snobbish and cool (hehehe), but when you get close to her, she’s definitely a nice friend to be with..

Anyway, I’m very proud to be a friend of hers..Big Smile (hahaha..super hard-selling)

You can watch them on Astro, channel 30 (Wah Lai Toi), every weekdays, 8pm, 12.30 midnight, 5am, and 1pm, if I’m not mistaken..

The premier showtime, 8pm is the actual show of it..The others are just repeats..

So please help and support our friend (I know many of you here know her), by voting her via SMS..

To vote, type MACIP 4 and send to 33888..That’s MACIP<space>4

Got that.?? If our friend here is the next Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, we also feel proud of it right.?? Hehehehe..

Or at least, help her to get to the Final 5.? She’s our friend anyway Tongue

Mei Ling, if you are reading this don’t say I didn’t support you,k.?? Hehehe..All the best to you and wish you good luck..

The picture above taken from Astro’s website, Astro : Miss Astro 2006 Finalists..

Plagiarism or Foolish – The Haka

Talk about plagiarism, or foolish..But what does it regards to.??

I’m talking about the Haka dance, shot to world fame after being performed by the New Z

ealand national rugby team, the All Blacks..

These stupid rugby players from our own shore plagiarized the Haka, and did it whole-heartedly..

Why do I say they are foolish.? Because only fools will plagiarize other people’s dance..

I’ve watched some stupid local rugby players doing the Haka after winning some kinda competition, on TV..

And I even recalled during my secondary days, the school rubgy team did the Haka as well..Chanting “Ka Mate Ka Mate..“..

I was like, “What the fuck.?! Why are they doing Haka.?? They can do Brazilian Samba, Joget, Sumazau, Dikir Barat, or even Mak Yong..”

Do they know that Haka is actually a traditional dance from a tribe called Maori, who resides in New Z


The All Blacks are performing the dance before each of their matches, because they are all related to each other..Talk about free promotion..Wink

At my very first thought (that’s about 5-6 years back) til now, I do believed that these naive rugby players think that Haka is actually some kinda Rugby Cheer..

According to the origin and history of Haka dance, this complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigour and identity of the race, Maori that is..

Have you ever see famous rugby teams like the Wallabies (Australia) or the England team doing the Haka.?? I don’t think so..

I myself not in favour of our very own traditional dances like Dikir Barat or Sumazau..I certainly think it’s way better than Haka though..

Okay, I know it’s kinda unrelatively suitable to perform slow-mo movements like Dikir Barat or Sumazau in a rough game like rugby..

But I think they can innovatively perform the Dikir Barat in a much more aggresive and rough moves and chants..

You can even chant and shout “MY PANTAT YOUR PANTAT ALL PANTATS HOOOOOOO~!!“..

You don’t have to care if the foreigners understand it or not..We don’t understand the Haka chants neither, coz it’s a foreigner language of the Maori..

Yeah right..Talk about harrassing and abusing the nice and fine movements of the dances..Wtf..

Well HELLO~!! It’s way better than promoting other countries’ culture..Promote Malaysia‘s tourism my ass~!! Ya heard me.!!

This is one of the examples, Malaysians are not Malaysian enough to love Malaysia..

We don’t tend to be creative and take the iniative to show the whole world what Malaysia is, but we always promote other countries’ cultures..

Haka is just one of it..Think about “Dae Jung Gum“, a Korean drama that promotes their very own culture..

I think that’s all for my rants..Will be back with another issue of stupidity in the near future..

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