I’m On SpeedZoneTour Site

Upon browsing my blog’s ExtremeTracker on Site’s Referrals, I was in awe looking at the stats..

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The stats indicated that some people know my blog through SpeedZoneTour Official Site..That’s kinda strange, and cool as well..

This means I’m in another site again, after appearing in Discover Hennessy Official Site..

So I decided to check the website and look for the link that linked to my blog..

And you know what..I found it in no time..Hahaha..Suddenly I felt so, so..so..Honoured.?? Wtf..

After you enter the site, you will be listening to Tracking Treasure Down by Gabriel & Dresden featuring Molly..

On the bottom page, click on “Media”..

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*See the turquoise circle*

You will come to a page where it shows several links to online newspapers and mags that had talked about the whole SpeedZoneTour event..

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*The Media page*

Then you just click on “Online Blogs”, scroll down that page, and voila..My link is there all alone..

There are also 6 other blogs on top of my link..Guess we are all dedicated clubbers huh..Hehe..

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