Halo Cafe @ Citrus Park (OUG/Old Klang Road)

I’m quite confused with this Halo Cafe..

There’s one at Sunway Piramid (if I’m not mistaken), one at South City Plaza, Serdang (if there is one), and the one I went was at Citrus Park..

It’s some kinda plaza which I’m not sure what’s that area called..It’s either OUG or Old Klang Road or somewhere between..

The main entrance of this Halo Cafe at Citrus Park is so damn secretly hidden, or actually it doesn’t look like a cafe..

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*Halo Cafe (Hai Luo Cafe in Chinese)*

The entrance on the ground floor and the cafe is on the upper floor..

Halo Cafe is famous just for the sake of being famous..Okay, not really..

Halo Cafe is famous because they invite Chinese artistes to make an appearance at the cafe..

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*The centre stage*

And there are also freelance singer performing on certain nights..

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*The freelancers*

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*Cute girl on the right*

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*The ambience*

The place is actually a tad confined..Tables and seats and all crammed up..

Frankly, I oh-so love don’t really like the place..

Not all the seats were seated but the place is so crammed..

Worst of all, the foods and drinks are a tad expensive..

And if you look at the menu, the contents are so confusing..

I can’t tell which one is food and which one is the drink wtf..The names are so..so..so..confusing..

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*My drink*

This glass of I-don’t-know-or-even-care-what-is-it-called-kinda-juice-punch mixture cost me around RM 11..And the portion is fucking small..

I could get the same flavour (slightly) and of course tastier, 3 times bigger (slightly) than the volume of the glass, and half the price (slightly) of it at Station 1..

My friend had a plate of spagethi for dinner and I snapped a pic of it..

But I’m not going to post it up coz it’s not even anything that is nice to be complimented..

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*Wong Kok Char Chan Teng just beside Halo Cafe*

Don’t even mention the name Halo Cafe if you want to have a drink with me next time..

I’m not going there even if it’s a bunch of friends going..Okay, maybe I will go but not ordering anything..Just keep my wallet safe in my pocket..

I might even just go over to the next door Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and have a glass of Iced Milk Tea..

4 thoughts on “Halo Cafe @ Citrus Park (OUG/Old Klang Road)

  1. Oh, that drink you had is really expensive! You can try Wings Musicafe at Bandar Puteri, which has a similar concept – have singers performing, but their food/drink prices are much cheaper.

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