The Server SUCKS~!!

Just when I (nakatayat)¬†was about to catch up with bryanchin and kelvinhwh in Xfresh‘s Camwhore Contest, my server gone down for don’t know whatever problem it is..

It’s not that I can’t log-in with my epass..I can’t even load Xfresh‘s site..

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*Cannot find server*

Okay, if the server is down, I can accept..

But why other people get to log-in to the site.?!?!?!

It’s so unfair..I lost my chase and I think ryunm-bla-bla-bla-something caught up with my votes already..

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*Invalid syntax error*

After few refreshes, I got into this page..Wtf..

Please~!!! Anyone please help me~!!!

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