Eason Chan “Get A Life” Concert

EASON CHAN WAS AWESOME HOOOOOOOOO~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Eason Chan‘s concert was totally amazing and magnificient..I went there with my family, my cousin bro Billy and co, and Hikaru..

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*Going up the stairs*

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*VIP seats down below*

We were seated almost at the highest level in the Bukit Jalil National Outdoor Stadium, not much difference compared to those seated the below deck, though..

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*Couples everywhere*

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*Only a quarter of the stadium seats were available for the fans*

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*The almost full seats*

We got the cheapest ticket, RM 72, I got an overall view of the crowd and the stage, where as those paying for medium rates, RM 100++, only had the front view of the stage (as I were being told)..

According to news report, and estimated 20,000 fans attended the “Eason Chan Get A Life” Malaysia Concert..

The concert kicked off with Fau Kwa, at 8.30pm..Then continued with a series of fast paced songs, which I had no idea what song were those..

Most probably songs from the older albums..

He danced with some dancers in a Halloween ambience and costumes..

Then came his famous numbers such as Jik Yeung Mou Han Hou, Mong Gei Goh Chi, Shall We Talk, Jui Kai Suin Yau, etc etc..

The crowd sang together with Eason because those songs are really famous and nice to sing together..

You’ll know if you listen to Chinese songs..

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*Silence of the lambs*

These 2 girls sitting in front of Hikaru and I were so quiet that they didn’t sing along with the crowd nor cheered like anyone else..

They just glued to their seats and watched the concert calm and silently..

What’s with their non-chalant attitude in this great concert.?!?! WTF..

Hikaru went berserk with Hard Gay chants of “WOO~ HOOO~!!” all night long, without the crotch shaking of course..Wtf..

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*Overview of the stadium*

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*Red lightings*

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*Blue lightings*

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*Yellow lightings*

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*The concert was just amazing*

Overall, the concert was very satifying but I want more than that..Hahaha..

The crowd was so energetic at every minutes and every seconds in the 3 hours performance..

The only disappointment was there was no encore from the fans because lots of them were rushing for the last LRT train..

Eason Chan too, knew about the 11.30pm closure of the LRT, so he went off in his limo after the last song, Always With Me..


*A short clip at the concert*

10 thoughts on “Eason Chan “Get A Life” Concert

  1. hi..was browsing around.. i agree with u.. the concert is just a BOMB!!!

    it’s sad the fan’s reaction.. like zombie only.. i scream throughout the whole concert.. it was awesome!!

  2. hey… i’m a fan of eason’s too, but i didn’t go to the concert… *sob* due to many reasons la. i googled to see whether anyone blogged about going to his concert, and voila, i found yours. so good to know that there’s lots of fans out there. my friend who went said that he saw a few fans who just sat there like zombies too, wonder if he saw the same girls.

  3. nyrac : too bad u weren’t there..it was absolutely awesome..i do believed majority of eason’s fans are guys..maybe they got free tix so they were not enjoying it compared to those die-hard fans =)

  4. I am a super huuuge fan of eason’s, and I think the concert was just beyond cool. Am studying elsewhere, and I went home for the summer JUST for that concert, muahahahaha! And man, I’m glad to find someone who likes him as much too!

  5. Loo >> oh..that’s great..a huge fan of eason found my blog and we get to know each other and become frens =P
    and it’s so nice of u to come back all the way from dunno where just for that concert ;-)
    Well..nice to know u too =)

  6. I am a big fan of eason and i came all the way from singapore to kl just for this concert. Your blog is very useful for me coz i have to write a concert review for my school’s assignment. Thank you!!

  7. Jien >> huh..u got the same name as mine..wtf..hahahaha..well done singaporean..LOL..
    umm..u are welcome..but since u were at the concert, can’t u write something of your own from deep down your heart.? =)

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