Things For The Dead

Recently, I went to a store where stuffs for Chinese prayers are being sold..I don’t know what’s those things called..

You know..Things like joss sticks, Buddha figurines, hell bank notes, etc etc..

I came across something which is very very the funny I tell you..

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*A VCD / DVD / VCR player with  MAX 6 album cover*

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*Not any normal items*

Top left – rolls of cloth for the dead to make their own clothing..

Top right – shark fins and

Top center – head and body shampoos..

Center – shoes, leather shoes and a pair sneakers (sports shoes)..

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*Can you see it.??*

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*Canned drinks*

Yeap..Those are paper canned drinks..100 Plus..Coca Cola..

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*The Hell Bank Corporation*

Hell Bank Corporation wa cakap lu..Don’t play play..

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*The H$ 2*

Yeap..H$ 2 means Hell Dollar..Wakakaka..

Now look..This 1 stack of H$ 2 sold at RM 1.50..Then look at the below one..

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*100,000,000,000..There are 11 zeros*

Is it One Hundred Billion Hell Dollar.??

Now how much do you think this stack of H$ 100,000,000,000 costs.??

It’s just a merely RM 1.40..It’s 10 sen cheaper than the H$ 2.!! WTF..

Who else want to buy the H$ 2 when you can get 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) times for a cheaper price..

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*10 billion M-yuan.??? What’s that.??*

Since you burn so much money for the dead, then what’s the meaning to burn so many items to them while they could afford to buy much more things down / up there..

Maybe the items that can be burned are forbidden in the netherworld..Hmmm..

Ok..I think that’s all from me..

Do take note that I’m not trying to insult the stuffs or the dead here..

I’m a free-thinker..So I found the stuffs rather amusing..That’s all

You like it..Read them over and over again..Don’t like it..Don’t read them again..

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