Boulevard Hotel @ Midvalley City..

Recently I attended some kinda seminar at Boulevard Hotel at Midvalley City, Petaling Jaya..

This hotel is just located beside Midvalley Megamall..I lost somewhere at the Secret Recipe in the early morning..

Asked for directions, and there I went into the hotel lobby..

I would say this hotel have a good customer care..Okay, maybe I didn’t stay in hotel much..More or less, it’s all the same.?

At least a 4-star hotel I supposed.?

Not sure of the price..But if it’s kinda affordable, it’s one of the hotels in town to look for..

Okay, let’s proceed to narrative pictures..

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*The seminar on Level 8*

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*The conference room*

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*It’s still early in the morning*

The conference room was so cold that I shivered most of the time *Brrr~*..

The seminar was kinda friendly and entertaining..I enjoyed myself..

It’s lunch time..Lunch was provided at the hotel’s cafeteria called Wild Rest on level 9..

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*The cafeteria*

The buffet was quite ok..Lots of varieties, from Malaysian style (hot and spicy) to sushi to vegetarian dishes..

The customer service is something that I have to give a little credit..Hehe..

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*Nicely decorated, nice ambience*

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*Kinda spacious*

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*The outdoor of the cafeteria*

This is the so-called smoking area cum outdoor dining seats outside the cafeteria..

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*Swimming pool*

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*Gym room on the other side*

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*Don’t cha wish your bath-tub was big like it.?*

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*The restroom*

Even the restroom gave me a heart-warming feel (wtf~) that I wished to sit in one of the cubicles and fall into sleep..

The seminar was very tiring ya know..From 9am-5pm..

But the tea-breaks in-between were absolutely fantastic..Hahaha..

Proud Of Local Uni.?? NOT~!!

As everyone knows a video regarding 50 Malay students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) bullying / harrassing / insulting about 4-7 Chinese students in the canteen of the UPM campus, had been loaded-up into

According to sources, it is said that the Chinese students are members of the UPM Students Progessive Fronts (SPF) and the Malays were led by a student council leader to confront the Chinese, had been uploaded onto

Well, I have no idea what SPF is and they were actually setting up a help counter in the canteen to guide or help the freshies..

SPF is not an official body in the university..Therefore, the Malays were trying to interrupt their works and tried to stop them from helping the new students..

Enough said..Further details please refer to The Sun Online : Mob Heckles Seven Undergrads in UPM..

To watch the video, here it – Humiliation in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)..

Okay..My main discussion here is not on the UPM case itself, but rather about another serious matter related to hooliganism.?? Or raggings.??

New intakes for local uni had taken place in the recent weeks..

Local universities are referred to the likes of UPM, USM, UKM, UM, UMS, UUM, UiTM, etc etc..

Complaint letters can be seen in newspaper such as The Star..

The freshies were complaining about the infamous raggings during orientations..

Ragging, brings a meaning that freshies will be bullied by the senior students or committee members in any high-profile councils or societies, such as the Student Council, during the orientation running period..

Letters written by freshies themselves, said they were being bullied with commando-like routines, such as duck walk or run around the field..

Scoldings and harrassments were also mentioned..

Commando-like routines are just a mere matter..They were also having insufficient sleeps, where the freshies were given tasks and activities in the middle of the night..

That left them merely LESS than 4 hours sleep, continuously for a week or two, where usually orientation would be a 2 weeks event..

They have to endure the raggings and couldn’t concentrate in lectures and tutorials when all the classes had started..

I DO BELIEVED that these raggings were mostly,though not all, are conducted by the MALAYS.!! Yeah, you heard me..I’m not trying to be a racist here..

I, as a pure Chinese, LOVE to be friended with Malays, A LOT..Sometimes I find them much more friendlier than any Chinese..

But in this case, NOT~!!

I myself as a student of Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), where a whooping 92% are Chinese (in my wild guess), didn’t faced any raggings in the campus..

Most Chinese senior students are willing to help out the freshies..

To make this statement true and absolute, I, as the ex-Form 6 Council President (ahem~) of Cochrane Road Secondary School didn’t abused my authority power to bully or done any raggings aganist the freshies..

I had done some activities, which they thought kinda lame and silly..But in the end, they enjoyed it and the ice had broken between the Upper Sixers and Lower Sixers..

Ragging has to be stopped or this custom will be continued to live on forever..

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Pan Mee @ Eiffel Restaurant..

Related topic : Pan Mee @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

It’s Pan Mee reviews again..This time at Eiffel Restaurant at Yew Lek, beside Yew Lek Payathin there..

*Taken from ShaolinTiger‘s, which he snatched it from April Cherrie‘s*

Well, it’s not up to the expectation as recommended by ShaolinTiger..Okay..Perhaps we ordered the different styles of cooking.??

But then again, like I said in previous entries, different people have different tongue with a different taste..

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Although it’s not that nice, we still finished it because we were so damn hungry..

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Bee Yan, Diane, Justin, Lum, Weng Soon, and I, unanimously give the Pan Mee at Eiffel Restaurant with a 2/10 rating..

Now how’s that.? Looked kinda suck eh..Like I said, different people different taste..Ang moh has a different tongue, chinese has a different tongue..

Okay-lah..Besides the Pan Mee, there is also other things in the menu..

Such as Fried Rice, Noodles, etc etc..

We ordered these Fried Rice of different ingredients..

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*Salted-Fish Fried Rice*

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*Roasted Pork Fried Rice*

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*Otak-otak Fried Rice*

I would these 3 Fried Rice a better 5/10 rating..

And oh..Before I end..I love the Chocolate Shake..

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*Chocolate Shake*

It’s very well ‘shaked’ and it’s very chocolate-thicked..Not like those watery thingy you get at mamak stalls..

Redbox Evening Buffet..

On Sunday evening, Hikaru, Kiss, Nick, Deral, Lipau, and I went to Low Yat Redbox for the Redbox Evening Buffet..

The buffet costs RM 40++ per pax..But Hikaru, Kiss, and I possessed a coupon each, which enabled us to enter for free..

The buffet package served dinner from 6pm-10pm, and supper from 12am-4am..

Long story short..The food was just so-so..The only good thing was we get to sit there and sing the karaoke for a fatiguing 8 hours.!!

Per pax gets to order 2 drinks cost RM 12++ for the whole session..More drinks, more payments..

Less talking and more showing..

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*Hikaru with the buffet sticker*

One has to stick that sticker on his/her shirt to clarify that he/she is under the Redbox Evening Buffet Package..

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*Waiting for the time to come*

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*Choosing songs and drinks*

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*Here’s our first attempt*

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*Looks little.?*

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*Our second attempt*

On our second attempt, it’s just about 7.30pm..

The dinner served fried rice, sushi, spagethi, hams, DIY steamboat (Fat Man Steamboat style), ice cream, etc, etc..

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*Game playing for Redbox Buffet patrons*

The Redbox staff (right) was explaining the whole thing about the game..

It’s just a simple “Throw The Hoop Into The Cone” game..

The player who hooped-in the most hoops (out of 5 tries) will get a mystery prize..

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*Randomly being called based on room number*

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*A patron trying out his attempt..We have 5 hoops for 5 tries*

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*Porridge for supper*

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*Corn Cream soup*

The supper served porridge, fried noodle, corn cream soup, etc, etc..

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*Redbox Goodie Box*

I got this Redbox Goodie Box for participating in the stupid game..

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*The things inside*

An online game starter pack, with some other stuffs..

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*Redbox Car Shades*

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*Redbox pen, Martell pendant, Redbox notepad (underneath the Martell pendant)*

That’s all for the Redbox Evening Buffet review..

Nothing special..The only best thing is you get to sing the karaoke for a whooping 8 hours.!! 

We are planning for a 1 Utama Shogun get-together dinner this weekend, most probably on Sunday..

Who want to tag along.? Just simply E-mail or IM me..

Eason Chan – Jui Kai Suin Yau

It had been a while since my last lyric entry..

In conjunction with Eason Chan’s Get A Life Concert, which will be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Malaysia on 26th of August 2006, I’ll be posting some of Eason Chan’s lyrics..

So now that is no longer available, I found another website that has chinese songs lyrics with pinyin (translation)..

The lyrics come in GIF format..So I have to generate the whole file to a webhost and upload it here..

Just click on the thumbnails and you can enjoy singing together with the lyrics..

My first “Get A Life Concert” Lyrics Fiesta..

Jui Kai Suin Yau (To My Friend) ,from the album Life Continues EP 2006..

*Page 1*

*Page 2*

Lyrics courtesy of

Eason Chan – Jui Kai Suin Yau

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